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Nova while in her 'space' breaker state.
Notoriety Criminal
D / +
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Sophie Lawson
Alignment Villain
Affiliation House of Mirrors (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker
Born (1999-01-02) January 2, 1999 (age 24)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

Were caught on security camera in their 'space' breaker state while St. Amelia's hospital was burning down and is the current main culprit. Former member of villain group 'The Burnouts'.

Character Sheet


Equipment and Resources

  • Wealth level 4
  • Some phones and energy bars.
  • A halfway decent motorcycle (stolen)

Skills and Specializations

  • Okay-ish at drawing. It actually looks like what she wants it to.
  • Knows a lot about astrology. Constellations, names of stars and such.
  • Pretty decent liar.


Sophie does not believe that the world around her is actually real, and through that, has the attitude that nothing will matter anymore once she gets 'out'. That she just has to deal with it and try to enjoy herself until that day comes.

While in her 'Space' breaker state, she also becomes very inclined to take the easiest path in any given situation.


Nova is a breaker with the ability to replicate celestial phenomena. This manifests in a few ways.

Space: This is the base state when turning into their breaker state, and if not actively holding onto the other forms, Nova will return to this state. While in this form, Nova and things she is carrying experience lowered to no resistance from gasses and liquids if wanted and can do the same for gravity, down to half. The objects need to actually be held or carried, and anything doing so indirectly will be unaffected. (Say, tying her up with rope and holding onto that.) Nova does not need to breathe while in this form. This allows for easy buildup of running speed and long jumps, as well as the carrying of heavy objects. While in this form, Nova becomes more inclined to take the path of least resistance in any situation, becoming stronger with any power use.

Stars: Her form turns bright, and looking directly at her will cause damage to the eyes if done for too long. (Noticable damage starting to occur after 15 collective minutes.) While in this form, her touch is hot enough to start melting through steel at a slow, if steady pace. This effect is manton limited. The heat can also be expelled outwards, steadily heating the area up to a 10 meters radius from herself to around 600 degrees celsius, setting fire to easily flammable materials. This heating process halves in speed for every two meters further away from Nova. Starting at 50 degrees celsius per second at point blank to 1.5 degrees celsius at the very edge. Once an area has reached the maximum temperature, the heating of the rest will speed up as well by an approximate 5% per meter of the 'zone' at maximum. This form is slows Nova down to about half when used in an attempt to stabilize the star within, but after a while, starts to become more and more fragile, decaying faster if the heat is sent outwards.

Nebula: Her form turns into a cloud of brilliantly colored dust and hydrogen. While in this form, Nova is blind, but has a vague awareness of the movements of nearby gases. Not how much or which, just that it's happening. (A running car and a person breathing would be the same) This form moves itself by igniting small amounts of the hydrogen it is carrying, slowly being replenished over time. These ignitions can be used to attack someone, given that she knows where they are, but there's not enough dust to sandstorm people. At most annoying sand in the eyes. If all the hydrogen is used up, either for movement or through being ignited, Nova will be unable to move her dust until more hydrogen is created. At least half of the dust most collect together again for Nova to reform. The further Nova is spread out, the harder it is to form complex thought. Until all that remains is the instinct to reform.

Black hole: Her form turns pure black, as does the air a few inches from her 'skin' with light being drawn in. Nova also starts to draw in objects lighter than herself. Objects worn or carried by people are protected from this pull. (Objects lighter than her are not pulled in until the appropriate mass has been reached.) The speed at which this draw occurs is based on Nova's weight relative to the object being pulled. An object a hundredth of her weight will practically fly towards her, a tenth would be dragged along the ground at a rapid pace, a quarter would find itself dragged slowly, half wouldn't move unless on a slippery surface, round, on a cart, etc. And finally, at close to equal weight, the pull is neglegible. When an object touches Nova's body while in this mode and is below her current weight, the pull will heavily intensify, breaking the touching pieces off if needed. People can try to hold onto objects that are being pulled in, but this will obviously become harder the more mass she has, relative to the object. Half of the mass pulled into Nova's body while in black hole form is added to her own, her form's density increasing as appropriate. As mass increases, so does the difficulty at which Nova can move her limbs via a steep increase in inertia. If this form ever reaches a weight of 2500 kilograms, Nova is forced into her supernova form as the black hole collapses in on itself. While out of black hole form, mass decreases at a rate of half a kilogram per second. (Taking about 80 minutes to return to base weight if just under the 2500 kilogram cap.)

Supernova: If Nova goes into the supernova form, either voluntarily, or by going past the weight limit on the black hole, she will turn a pure white over the span of 15 seconds, after which she will violently expel a shockwave, followed by a large wave of heat. This initial shockwave is strong enough to knock over cars within a 50 meters radius from herself, and the secondary heat wave will rapidly heat anything up the area within line of sight and within 30 meters of herself up to a maximum of 2000 degrees celsius. Normal transfer of thermal energy applying outside of that radius. (I do not mean actual line of sight. I mean 'if there is no cover between something and her'.) Finding solid cover to hide behind, fire resistant gear and other measures of protect apply and will drastically lower the effectiveness of both the initial shockwave and the accompanying heat. (If someone were to start running from the initial moment of the supernova form starting, hide being a corner, etc. they would at most be knocked down.) The heat from the supernova, both from the 'line of sight' heat, as well as all the heat transferred into the area will die down after 20 seconds, leaving Nova exhausted and locking her out of any form besides space for several hours.

All form swaps have to go between Space, needing a few seconds of 'cooldown' when swapping back to Space before swapping to the next with the exception of Black Hole -> Supernova when forced into it.


Sophie always knew that this, the world at large, wasn't real.Her parents, the job she had, all of it wasn't real. Somewhere out there, it's all being simulated. It might even be a game for the people running it. How else would something as ridiculous as parahumans exist? Then one day, she got run over by a car. Yeah, it hurt briefly, but then she experienced the real world for the first time. It was beautiful, it felt great. She felt real for the first time as she ran across open fields and watched the star filled skies for what felt like hours on end. And then Sophie woke up in a hospital bed, her limbs feeling like they had been filled with lead and few nurses staring down at her. A coma, that's what they told her. And she finally woke up this morning. Stuck back into the simulation. She screamed as her body turned into a starry void, then lit up with blinding light, the bed she had been lying on starting to catch fire as well.