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Nina Banner
Nina 1.webp
One of Nina's Cosplays
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Gozly_Kat (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Nina Banner
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationThinker
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Diana Baker F | Grand Moth D | Hunter and Prey C | Nina Banner E

Their civilian identity is know to constantly be cosplaying, they were once even arrested for being thought to be a maid of dishonor.

Character Sheet


Another Cosplay
Yet Another Cosplay

Nina is bald, having shaved her head to put wigs on more easily. She wears contacts, and usually wears a lot of makeup and outfits similar to cosplays, so on different days she can look like completely different people.

Equipment and Resources

A lot of make up, wigs, and various cosplay like outfits. Home made of course, although with the assistance of her power they are Professional grade.

Skills and Specializations



Self Sufficient

Yes if you believe it.


Nina is obsessed with being perfect, she will and can change how she acts with her power. But one thing that is constant is her almost physical need to be perfect.


Nina is able to ping off of people, able to know what they think her to be. She can then take those ideas and similar to Uber is able to gain skills/act like how the person things, but for skills it is increased. Someone thinking she's a good swords woman would make her a master.

She can ping off of any person near her to see their version of her own perfections before taking it. She can only take one person's version of perfection at a time. Her ping is the person she is pinging off of's line of sight, she can keep the skills forever until she pings off of someone new.


When Nina was six her father walked out, leaving her to take care of her mentally ill mother. She had to quickly learn to take care of herself and her mother. Being a child she still yearned for her parents' affection. She waited every night for her dad to come back home when she wasn’t getting her mother whatever she wanted. A couple local churches helps her with her money problems by using money they collect and giving it to her. She used this money to get whatever her mother wanted, as well as the basics of what is needed. The local churches also payed her bills. She eventually got her mom a large amount of dolls and figurines, which she payed attention to more than her. She broke her over the years, why couldn’t she be perfect like her mothers dolls? This line of thinking caused her to trigger, she could see how to be perfect in the mind of her mother. She could be perfect! The first time going outside was horrible, she could see how to be perfect, but everyone wanted her to be perfect. Each of them is something different, she couldn’t be perfect! SHE COULDN’T BE PERFECT! SHE NEEDED TO BE PERFECT!