Neptune Striker

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Neptune Striker
Notoriety Criminal
Author Daverod (capes)
Pronouns He/Him
Civilian name Karl Worthwol
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Denver)
Age 43
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Nashoid
Trigger Type Second Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

White skin tight body suit, with two blue shoulder-pads. A blue cape flows on his back, designed to be practical in combat and also to be maneuverable without getting in the way, which is often the case when making tight, sudden turns, especially during flight. Wears light blue gloves to better protect his fists when punching.

Civilian Appearance

Karl Worthwol stands a 6 feet 7 inches tall, and possess a heavily muscular frame built up from both his powers and years of physical training. His hair is long, thick, and combed over, with an S curl often hanging from the front head and onto his forehead. When his powers aren't activated, one would notice his eyes are an unnatural light blue.


"One of the few rare parahumans who embody classical heroic traits; Striker is a humble, brave and compassionate warrior of justice who does not hesitate to answer above and beyond his call of duty if it means he can save more lives. Neptune Striker is courageous, charging head first into any dangerous situation without hesitation.

He also never backs down from an altercation, often preferring to grit his teeth and fight through the worst of it if he was still physically capable of doing so. Given this nature, he can be quite stubborn to a fault. Extremely compassionate and caring-- Striker enjoys being as charitable as possible--donating large sums of his Protectorate salary anonymously to charities and orphanages.

Skills & Training

  • rained and Experienced Hand-to-Hand combatant
  • Basic First Aid
  • Basic Understanding of Laws and Legal Procedures
  • Masters in Chemistry
  • Basic Radio Operation

Resources & Wealth

Well off middle class apartment with basic amenities.

  • Senior Protectorate Hero Salary
  • Honda Civic

Equipment & Gear

  • Zip Tie handcuffs
  • PRT Comms (with NUCLEUS encryption model)
  • Flash Light
  • Medkit
  • Police Baton
  • Pocket Utility Knife
  • Police Standard Handcuffs

Parahuman Power

Karl receives his power by tapping into a certain pool of energy situated at an abstract core (possibly his shard). When Karl uses up the powers in this pool, his physiology begins to alter, giving him his super strength, flying speed and durability, turning him into Neptune Striker.

You can visibly see him activating his powers when his entire eyes turn completely white. Neptune's power isn't limitless and pushing it will drain the pool of energy quickly, rendering him powerless when the pool becomes empty.

Striker's desperation to save has unlocked a new power within, the ability to make constructs akin to a green lantern, using the energy that fuels his breaker state.

The energy manifests externally as a formless blue blob, and awaits for Neptune to create constructs with it. It cannot pass through solid objects in the blob state nor can it pass through objects while a construction has been created.

Neptune's constructs can form simple objects with non moving parts. This includes things such as swords, shields, spears, daggers, and even armor. However, things like cages or anything too big are very difficult for Striker to make and often shatter very quickly.

The strength of the constructs vary depending on Striker's desperation to help someone out from a dire situation. In a really bad situation, the strength of the construct can go as far as tanking a couple of rounds from an M4 Assault Rifle.

In a situation where the threat level is low, the constructs shatter very easily, tanking a maximum of two 9mm rounds before breaking apart.

Striker's constructs can only move a maximum of 20 feet before disappearing.

Striker's constructs also have a Trump element within it; the ability to deal adaptive damage. After contact with the constructs for 7 seconds, the constructs adjust its energy type until it has the appropriate energy type that the person making contact with is specifically weak to, so Striker may fight on an equal footing. For most people, the constructs are just solid. For example, Brutes that rely on armor, they will find their armor weakened to the point where Striker can deal damage. For Tinkers, the constructs emit electricity that would be kind of devastating if you were having prolonged conflict with Striker.

Of course, considering Neptune's breaker state fuel is outside of his body, his main body is extra vulnerable. Striker sees a nerf in his base strength, capable of lifting only a maximum of 2000 lbs when his breaker energy is in his body or as armor. When his breaker energy is used as a construct the construct can lift 2,000 pounds, but Striker loses his enhanced strength. His durability reduces immensely too. A bat swing to the back would leave Neptune crawling on the floor with a semi-serious back injury. His only hope of defense is to either keep his breaker energy within his body or to form a protective armor for his body. His flight speed is also drastically reduced, achieving a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour.

Background & Trigger

Trigger Type: Standard Second Trigger

"Karl Worthwol lived a quiet life as a Chemistry teacher for his local highschool. One night as he was heading home alone after drinking with his friends, he heard the pained cries of a student being assaulted by several vicious thugs. Despite being heavily intoxicated, Karl's instinct to protect kicked in, and he courageously stepped forward to confront them. He was outnumbered, easily taken down, and now had a mob of thugs turn their violence towards Karl. As he was being beaten, the small vestiges of his bleeding student entered his blurry vision, and the need to act began to grow. Something awakened inside him, granting him a burst of extraordinary strength that cracked the concrete beneath. Karl got up, as if he hadn't been beaten to a bloody pulp, and quickly dispatched the assailants that were dog piling him moments ago. He returned home after making sure his student got to a hospital safe and sound, not thinking much of the night. After the incident, Karl experienced strange physical changes - immense muscle aches, spasms, and the sensation of having bouncy legs. His eyes even bled and occasionally turned entirely white. Initially, he dismissed these 'changes' as a product of his imagination. But as the week progressed, the changes became undeniable. Overwhelmed and fatigued, Karl suddenly fell into a deep slumber lasting three consecutive days. Upon awakening, he discovered something astonishing - he could fly.

Second Trigger: An infamous villain had decided they wanted to throw every aspect of the unwritten rules out the window and begin killing indiscriminately as a final act of defiance before being put down for good. The villain had launched an attack at hospital, slithering their way to the children’s ward, which Neptune wasted no time responding to. Arriving first on the scene, Striker was quick to the ward, but the villain had held several children hostage, demanding that Neptune exchange his life for theirs. Pinned and desperate to save the sick kids from the suicidal lunatic, Striker agreed to the demand. And as he walked towards what he was certain was going to be his final moment on Earth, the desire to act built up to a fever pitch, resulting in his second trigger.

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