Neptune Striker

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Neptune Striker
Neptune Striker, an American Hero.
Notoriety Criminal
A /
Author /u/DaveredRoddy (capes)
Civilian name Karl Worthwol
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBreaker Brute, Mover
Born (1979-04-17) April 17, 1979 (age 43)
California, United States.
Status NPC
Residence Mayview Suburbs
Height 6 ft 7 in (201 cm)
  • Jacob Worthwol (father)
  • Sheila Worthwol (mother)
Reddit Sheet

Neptune Striker is a veteran Protectorate hero who hit the scene in 2008 and has fought crime for the PRT for 10+ years. A former chemistry teacher now turned hero, Striker worked for the LA Protectorate until 2018 where he was forced to transfer from the Los Angeles Protectorate to Ashton due to a series of events that occurred in San Francisco. These events are now highly classified and kept under the wraps by the bureaucrats of the LA PRT. Very few are entirely knowledgeable about these classified events, and it is assumed information regarding it is suppressed so as to maintain the integrity of Striker's career, as many PRT higher-ups consider Neptune Striker's contributions to the PRT too valuable to drop easily. Rumors suggest that the incident Striker was involved in resulted in the murder of 18 Wards under Neptune's supervision by a vicious villain group.

One of the few rare parahumans who embody classical heroic traits; Striker is a humble, brave and compassionate warrior of justice who does not hesitate to answer above and beyond his call of duty if it means he can save more lives. His Brutish powersets are incredibly useful in that regard, as it allows Neptune Striker to endure heaps of damage and still remain standing, much to the chagrin of Ashton's many villains. His sacrificial nature has no limits, as even the prospects of death does not faze Striker who has brushed past it several times in his career. If he needed to trade his life for many more, he wouldn't hesitate for a single second.

The veteran hero is especially protective of children. Their relative innocence resonates within Neptune's soul and Neptune gets the overwhelming feeling to protect this innocence no matter what. This desire to protect is what eventually caused Neptune to trigger when he needed to save his student from the unrelenting assault of a group of muggers.

Striker now works tirelessly in the Protectorate of Ashton, trying to live with outdated heroic ideals in a modern cape-era where such ideals cannot thrive.

Character Sheet


Neptune Striker, aged 29. Neptune still retains this face after the facial surgery he received from Fiber due to severe damage caused by notorious villain Pipsqueak.

Tall, olive-brown complexion, bulky and has wavy brown hair with a small curl in the front.

He wears a white skin-tight suit highlighting every bulge in his body and has a blue phoenix insignia emblazoned on the center of his suit. Has a blue voluminous cape that isn't as obstructive as many people think it is. Wears two blue metallic gauntlets that are specifically to protect his hands.

Equipment and Resources

  • A glove
  • His Protectorate salary

Skills and Specializations

Karl is knowledgeable in chemistry, as he has a masters degree in it which he acquired from the University of California- Los Angeles.

Neptune Striker's 10 years of fighting for the Protectorate has made him an adept hand to hand combatant. His fighting style integrates several aspects of Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Krav Maga. His repertoire of fighting moves conjoined with his super strength makes him a deadly fighter.


Neptune Striker is courageous, charging head first into any dangerous situation without hesitation. He also never backs down from a fight until justice is served in some capacity. Given this nature, he can be quite stubborn to a fault. This can be seen with the Ozone incident where he continued to have an altercation with the villain despite the villain retreating from the scene, nearly killing the hero and his co-worker Rosebud.

Extremely compassionate and caring-- Striker enjoys being as charitable as possible--donating large sums of his Protectorate salary anonymously to charities and orphanages. He especially donates to orphanages because of his immense affection for children. He spends a lot of time around children, using his day off to help the patrons of the Fresh Hope orphanage of Ashton take care of the children as a civilian. As a hero, he helps these children by giving them signatures and merchandise of heroes they idolise thanks to his connections to the PRT. He does whatever it takes to see the smile upon children's faces.

Striker love for children extends to the Wards. He occasionally holds training sessions and tries his best to mentor his teenaged cohorts who simultaneously handle the pressure of their heroic work and the adverse effects of puberty.

Being a hero of justice, he is surprisingly willing to give second chances to criminals if they truly show remorse for their actions. This is seen when Neptune Striker was willing to conversate with then outcast former Ward Kobold, who wanted to repent for her actions by fighting to become a true hero to the people.


Karl receives his power by tapping into a certain pool of energy situated at an abstract core (possibly his shard). When Karl uses up the powers in this pool, his physiology begins to alter, giving him his super strength, flying speed and durability, turning him into Neptune Striker. You can visibly see him activating his powers when his entire eyes turn completely white. Neptune's power isn't limitless and pushing it will drain the pool of energy quickly, rendering him powerless when the pool becomes empty.

Striker's desperation to save has unlocked a new power within, the ability to make constructs akin to a green lantern, using the energy that fuels his breaker state.

The energy manifests externally as a formless blue blob, and awaits for Neptune to create constructs with it. It cannot pass through solid objects in the blob state nor can it pass through objects while a construction has been created.

Neptune's constructs can form simple objects with non moving parts. This includes things such as swords, shields, spears, daggers, and even armor. However, things like cages or anything too big are very difficult for Striker to make and often shatter very quickly.

The strength of the constructs vary depending on Striker's desperation to help someone out from a dire situation. In a really bad situation, often ones involving children (whom Striker deeply loves), the strength of the construct can tank a couple of rounds from an M4 Assault Rifle.

In a situation where the threat level is low, the constructs shatter very easily, tanking a maximum of two 9mm rounds before breaking apart.

Striker's constructs can only move a maximum of 20 feet before disappearing.

Striker's constructs also have a Trump element within it; the ability to deal adaptive damage. After contact with the constructs for 7 seconds, the constructs adjust its energy type until it has the appropriate energy type that the person making contact with is specifically weak to, so Striker may fight on an equal footing. For most people, the constructs are just solid. For example, Brutes that rely on armor, they will find their armor weakened to the point where Striker can deal damage. For Tinkers, the constructs emit electricity that would be kind of devastating if you were having prolonged conflict with Striker.

Of course, considering Neptune's breaker state fuel is outside of his body, his main body is extra vulnerable. Striker sees a nerf in his base strength, capable of lifting only a maximum of 2000 lbs when his breaker energy is in his body or as armor. When his breaker energy is used as a construct the construct can lift 2,000 pounds, but Striker loses his enhanced strength. His durability reduces immensely too. A bat swing to the back would leave Neptune crawling on the floor with a semi-serious back injury. His only hope of defense is to either keep his breaker energy within his body or to form a protective armor for his body. His flight speed is also drastically reduced, achieving a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour.


Karl Worthwol was an ordinary member of the community he used to live in. Born in California Los Angeles, he lived a fairly normal life with two loving parents who supported him and his ambitions to become a teacher. Eventually he got a chemistry masters degree from UCAL Los Angeles and became a teacher at the age of 27. He lived a fairly quiet life in LA; hanging out with his friends on Friday nights, talking about the transfer of electrons between a non-metal and a metal element with his students, spending time boxing at a local gym to keep himself fit. Karl could not even fathom he would be entering the cape scene at all.

His quiet life would change one Friday night.

On his way home after drinking with his friends, Karl saw one of his students get assaulted by a group of ragtag thugs. Karl was incredibly drunk, yet he forced himself to re-gain his awareness to do whatever he could to protect his student. He rushed into the group of thugs, ready to take them on all at once. However, he was outnumbered, and Karl was easily overwhelmed.

Two thugs restrained Karl while a third continuously jabbed him in the stomach. His student was getting beat up on the side. They were both going to die. Karl needed to do something fast. He needed strength. He needed to get out of this restraint. He needed to overpower the thugs.

He needs to do something otherwise a parent would lose their child! He has to protect...he has to...he-...

Karl howled loudly, as something inside Karl awoke. A power in Karl that made him feel less human and more god like. Worthwol violently made the two men restraining him collide their skulls into each other, before flying- yes flying- to the group that were beating his student senseless.

After that Karl didn't remember much after that. He only knew that his student reached home safely, and he slept for three days straight.

When he woke up, he started feeling things. Over the course of the week, Karl began to feel immense muscle aches and spasms. Not only that, he felt like his legs were pogo sticks waiting to jump the second he walked a step. In addition to all this, his eyes would bleed whenever he exerted himself in a strenuous physical task and he could have sworn he'd seen his sclera and iris turn completely white at certain times. Karl initially refused to believe anything happened to him, and passed off the memories of the night he saved his student as something doctored by his alcohol afflicted mind.

But the week tired Karl out. Feeling fatigued by the sudden changes in his body, Karl just dropped on his bed and fell into a deep sleep for another three days.

When he woke up, he found himself flying. Also, his entire eye was completely white.

Karl understood that he had triggered and did not waste time joining the protectorate at the age of 29. Through rigorous training, he discovered his powers have an activation switch which when he taps into, turns his eyes ghost white whilst making his body bulkier and tougher at the same time.

Serving the Protectorate for 10 years now, Karl enjoys his new job of protecting citizens and fighting for what is truly right especially in the cape scene against people who have become mad with their triggered abilities.

He plans on staying in Ashton and serving the Protectorate branch there because LA has become quite difficult for him to live in for many reasons. He wants a fresh new start.