Neptune's Revenge

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None yet
Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/MinaPunisherofKnees (capes)
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (2019-08-05) August 5, 2019 (age 3)
Off the coast of Kiska Island, Alaska, USA
Status NPC
Other names whalesong.wav
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Character Sheet


Equipment and Resources

Skills and Specializations

In addition to a knack for survival that would make Bear Grylls jealous, he possesses an incredible and innate understanding of marine related fields, such as

  • marine biology
  • nautical navigation
  • oceanography


A surprisingly spiritual individual when it comes to Nature, bordering on animism. Having spent more time in the water than on land, he finds the pollution and environmental destruction he has encountered to be horrific, from over-fishing to the Pacific Garbage Patch. He seeks to stop this, by whatever means necessary, from sinking fishing ships, to destroy anything pumping toxic material into the ocean.

Still trying to understand what he is capable of, Fisher has sought out fights with the most powerful creatures of the sea to test his strength. He has yet to hunt the most dangerous game. For now.


Trigger type: C53 Coven

Fisher can detach the long claws on his fingers and produce a length of incredibly sharp & lightweight wire from the tips of his fingers. While it is connected to him, through twists and pulls he can hold it in place or send it to where he desires. On land this amounts to little more than some control over the trajectory of it when thrown. However in water and similar mediums it becomes radically more effective, capable of making the precision turns and twists needed to chase down a fast moving target or weave a net. The wire cannot exceed 200m in length.

His claws possess an abnormal sharpness and durability, slicing through up to 50mm of steel with ease. The same is true for the wire, which is able to hold amounts of weight that would snap a mundane length of fishing wire. The claws are lined with burrs each phasing in a few millimeters into whatever surface they hit.

If a wire was sliced through, it will take up to a week to regrow the claw itself. If he can is able to obtain the claw itself, it will heal and fully reattach itself after only a day or two.

Case 53 Physiology: - His body is adapted to life in the various environments present in the Ocean; and his body borrows much from the various predators who make their living in these depths. This includes Pressure, Heat and Cold Resistance, to endure environments from the frigid waters of the Arctic, to the Hydrothermal vents in the deep sea, along with a suit of minor abilities borrowed from these creatures.

  • Color change. While naturally a blue color, the scales on his skin can rapidly shift color
  • Bioluminescence: just beneath the surface of his skin and between scales are sets of bioluminescent cells capable of producing light in the 1 cm - 10 nm range.
  • Bioelectricity: Using the same cells that produce light to emit electricity, which conducts readily along the fishing wire. Using this charge he is able to produce a voltage up to 1kV for an extremely short period (100ms at a time).
  • His skin is lined with tough cells, forming a biological armor. whilst proving surprisingly durable, able to withstand, after a frightening fight, the bite of a hungry Humboldt Squid. Between his cells are collective of cells that convert his bodies chemical energy into other forms, such as electricity or light. Comparable to type IIA body armor/ a very strong stab vest.
  • Instead of hair, a set of tendrils reach out from the top of his head, each one carrying special sensory organs that detect things from changes in water pressure, to the electrical current of living things, along with sending and receiving sonar signals akin to the senses of the dolphins and sharks. This has a functional range of 200m in water, 20m on land.

Possessing notable superhuman athletic capability, for example, swimming and diving at speeds of up to 25 m/s, though these extreme speeds are more for bursts and ambushing prey. For long distances he can average about 15 m/s of pure swimming, ignoring any other exertions with the time frame.

This isn’t to say it’s all beneficial however. His increased sensory capabilities leave him vulnerable to high intensity light and sound, and just as he is able to detect the hum of electric currents in life, the strength and intensity of those in modern technology are overbearing and tolerable in short periods at best.

Additionally, just as Fisher is well adjusted to life under water, above the sea things are a different story. While he can breathe air, it’s far less efficient and inhibits much of his other faculties. Without water as a medium for sound or his other senses, it’s more difficult for him to understand his surroundings, making functioning on land disorientating. After going out of the water, he has roughly 20 minutes of fighting time in him before he becomes significantly weaker, with his strength, wires, etc becoming drastically reduced.

Thanks to a quirk of his mind, he can communicate with aquatic/amphibious life in a rudimentary fashion, particularly with larger/more social marine animals. This isn't to the level of controlling them, but able to understand them and get information from them.