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Necroplast nomask.jpg
Unmasked and Undamaged
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/Grailsippycup (capes)
Civilian name Brandon Perez
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute
Born (1998-07-14) July 14, 1998 (age 24)
Unknown / Estancia, New Mexico
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Color Man C$ | Galaxy Rider D | Necroplast D-

Necroplast is pretty much a simple vagrant cape-for-hire. His appearance is publicly known, as he hasn't put much effort into concealing his body. He usually attempts to cover his face, though the dangerous roles he takes in combat combined with the indiscrimination of his power's effect have forced any mask he obtains to fail in its function oftentimes. Though he does continue covering his face, this seems to be done more-so because 'It's what capes do,' rather than any genuine attempt at preserving a secret identity. He tends towards urban environments, and the telltale sign of him being in a location previously is the presence of empty pockets of space where something solid used to be. Though known for criminal activity, his committal to his own personal code over the conflicts of heroes and villains have kept him from notable success.


Assigned by the PRT to Rescue Team 5, Necroplast accompanies Retcon, Witness and Buckler to a multi-story school to evacuate survivors. Acting mostly as distraction in conjunction with Buckler and Retcon, the team succeeds with no casualties, largely thanks to Retcon's healing power and Witness' leadership of the support troops. Necroplast sustained heavy damage during the battle, the metal he 'borrowed' from the air base to utilize in his body replaced with chunks of glass, dirt, concrete, etc. He seemed unfazed by the events of the day both physically and mentally on the ride back.


Necroplast receives an alert to the Reclaimer appearance and subsequent attack on Imperial Street against Protectorate Tinkers: Zipdash and Magnum Opus. Shortly after arriving, he falls victim to the Reclaimers pretending to be civilians caught in a shaker field and is shot. He then proceeds to kill one by stabbing them in the heart with lead claws, stealing the shotgun and attempting to shoot the Reclaimer Cape in a white bodysuit. He misses the shot from being shot in the face himself and retaliates by pouncing on the culprit and killing them in the same manner. Exposed to the shaker field for too long, Necroplast groggily flees, frustrated that he couldn't help as much as he wished. He assists with the cleanup after the Reclaimers flee and receives a $10,000 bounty for his actions. The Kevlar vest he was given by the Devilfish Mafia was absorbed by cracked ribs, bullet wounds and various other wounds.

Character Sheet


Light brown skin, soft facial features when visible, shaved face, short dark brown messy hair, toned physique. He often doesn't bother with more clothes than he has to wear, often seen in an undershirt, shorts and any mask he can get his hands on at the time. As he's moved further and further north, the colder climates have forced him to wear warmer clothing. He still tries to keep the material thin if possible. Stands at 6'2" (187 centimeters). Usually weighs around 182 pounds (82 kilograms).

Equipment and Resources

Wealth: 5

Usually only carries around various metal knives on his person. At times, he will bring a backpack full of metal bars and scrap to prepare for a conflict. He travels with a pack of essentials and a burner phone.

Has accrued favors with randomly chosen people, anything from helping with groceries to saving their lives. Although he usually asks for something simple like a cigarette to use as payment if someone was dirt-poor, favors work if they had even less, or Brandon was in a hurry. Brandon has no intent of calling most of them in, but he still has numbers for people in his hometown: Estancia, New Mexico. Most of the people that owe favors are along the arbitrarily chosen path over the country he's travelled in his time as a mercenary, and maybe only one or two has any significant weight(these will not help him in Devilfish).

*Mafia Employment as of March 21, 2022: $1,000/week

*Glock 43

*Kevlar Vest(Absorbed)

Renting a home west of the Port near the waterfront for $900/month since April 7, 2022

$10,000 bounty for killing unpowered Reclaimers.

Skills and Specializations

A medium familiarization with street-level criminal operations.

Mixed Martial Arts training and talent, ranging from Boxing to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

High pain tolerance. Likely built up from constant years of fighting and power-motivated self-harm.

Oddly lightweight drinker.

Fairly amenable business disposition and intra-team rapport.


Necroplast doesn't put too much stock into self-reflection. An "it is what it is" type, he often takes any job he can get within the unwritten rules' parameters. Usually utilized by employers as a living shield, he acts much like a simple thug doing a job. When between jobs or traveling, he often mingles with local civilians, offering to do small favors for those that need the help. Despite this, he seems to be a solitary soul, any partnerships or relationships ended by neglect or distance unless purely business-motivated. He tends to have a temper and gets into fights when extensively provoked(especially when he knows the other person does not have powers that overwhelm, bypass or counter his own). Necroplast seems to have no delusions of grandeur or ambitions beyond creature comforts, extending into his attitude toward his power and skills. He knows his worth and doesn't oversell it, often giving credit to others when doing so doesn't affect a paycheck. Necroplast has been throwing himself into conflict since he was a child, apparently finding some comfort in it and his seeming affinity for the simple jobs and fights, seemingly unable to avoid conflict entirely despite his obvious caution against being caught unawares with results similar to the extent of his trigger event.


Trigger: Single, Natural, First-Generation. Brute

Whenever bodily tissue is damaged, his body automatically pulls the closest non-living solid material into the appropriate wound. The material being absorbed is compressed and compacted as much as possible to reinforce and seal the damaged part. The powered material retains the qualities of the material used to patch his body. If insufficient material of a single type does not seal a wound, then the next material will be pulled instead. This entire process is instantaneous.

On skin, this seals the break in skin and imbues the 'power scar' with the qualities of the used material. For blunt trauma, it can replace cracks in bone, or even replace shattered portions of bone. For soft tissue, it replaces ruptures in muscle and organs. As the frequency and severity of damage inflicted increases, so too does the material used on a relative scale. This behavior has caused Necroplast to survive fatal damage, although sometimes temporary complications have arisen for more complex body parts such as vital organs. This causes him to be supremely protective of his skull, for fear of brain damage with 'complications.'

The rules on what materials the power utilizes for Necroplast's body extend to Tinkertech. Because of the nature of his power, gadgets and contraptions will lose their integrity, causing them to lose functionality as the materials that comprise them are stolen away. Tinker-modified materials will retain their qualities when incorporated.

Necroplast also seems to be able to exert a minor 'shaping' to the materials absorbed during the process, able to create shapes and small weapons, and even modifying the texture. This process is difficult to do multiple times in succession, so things like fully automatically fired bullets will simply be incorporated flatly as his focus is broken up over multiple instances of damage..

In terms of recovering from wounds and the 'scars' his power leaves, his body heals at the normal rate a human being could. Exceptions apply for vital organs and dismemberment, though such superhuman recovery takes a great deal of time similar to normal damage. His power sustains his humanoid bodily form for as long as it takes to heal the wound, and only removes the 'scar' material when the part is healed and renewed.

Thinker Aspect: Necroplast ‘feels’ material not currently living, able to envision form and intuitively know function on vague levels(such as ‘conductive,’ ‘soft,’ ‘flammable,’ etc.). This sense extends to materials within 5 feet of Necroplast. The extent of knowledge depends on amount of focus given at the time, but more pressing information such as size and speed will be observed more easily; Like how a baseball flying by would be easier to detect than a nickel flying by or than a stationary baseball in range. More focus would be needed to, for example, parse out the insides of a smartphone to find ‘conductive’ material rather than just registering the case or frame as ‘hard object.’ The sense extends to his body, but limitations are removed for the most part. He would register traits such as ‘low melting point,’ ‘radioactive’ and ‘explosive’ almost instantaneously after being absorbed.


Brandon Perez was born in New Mexico somewhere and left on the steps of the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home. He didn't like to cause trouble at home, but went looking for it on the streets. Getting into fights and hanging with the wrong crowd, you name it. At fourteen he simply left and never came back, wandering the country and doing odd jobs, the fights of his life getting more and more serious and dangerous. He triggered at 18 in a brutal turf war in Illinois, but didn't seem to change his behavior on the surface. This is his story, and he seems content with that. He's been moving north recently, and figures that since he hit the border, maybe its time to make something a little more sustainable before he really can't handle the cold... or finally eats dirt.


It was supposed to be a simple brawl. One side would beat the hell out of the other and they would be free to lick their wounds and come back another day. What it wasn't supposed to be was a fucking war. The first gunshot cracked, igniting the storm of metal and blood that came after. Brandon didn't even have time to get his own pocket knife before he was gutted by 6 inches of stainless steel. His guts spilled out, and Brandon was left to desperately try and hold them in, pooling crimson beneath him. The kicking boots and shoes kept him from ripping off his clothes to staunch the wound, bruising a dying man. The last things he remembered were his knuckles turning white with the strain of pressuring the wound before white-hot lead was fired into his spine. He woke up entirely fine, in a hole where the street used to be, his abdomen lined in concrete.