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Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/Baka2k10 (capes)
Civilian name Cindy Kopiera
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker (Blaster 5, Mover 4)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Mockingbird has been a Ward for over a year now. She's been in one Endbringer event in a significant way, and was a figurehead in the arrest of Violet Knight, leading her to be one of the rising stars of the Ashton Wards. Some would describe her as ambitious, others would say she's zealous as a hero.

Outside of her heroic life, she is Cindy Kopiera, a cosplay enthusiast and head of the Wards Anonymous-NW Chapter fanclub. An eager cape nerd, often sporting a t-shirt from the Protectorate gift shop. Recently she has taken to wearing simple chokers and a flannel shirt as a jacket.

Character Sheet


Equipment and Resources

  • Wealth 4
  • Standard Hero Kit (Zipties, Handcuffs, Commlink, Panic Button, etc)
  • Small Knife tucked in boot or somewhere else along her person.


Cindy's tinkertech once revolved around impersonating capes by cosplaying as them. As of her second trigger, she no longer impersonates the cape, but rather the source. She is unaware of the finer details of her power, only knowing that these altered forms are representations of the person

  • Broodmother Shard:
 A fractal ball the size of a small car, hovering in space, its surface a writhing and twisting swarm. Through the gaps only an endless expanse of more of this swarm, the beings within growing larger and more definite. One could dive within and travel a million miles and still have not scraped the surfaces of its depths. Little droplets of the swarm are constantly "dripping" from the reality, and when the ball is hit, huge clumps of swarm break off to twist and writhe into whatever's in their way.
 In this form she would be able to give empathic commands to the swarm of dripped creatures, things like "Attack" "Defend" "scatter" nothing complex as the shardvatar isn't Broodmother, merely a representation of her shard made manifest.

Skills and Specializations

Even before her trigger, her obsession with heroes was beyond par. She frequently studied parahumans, their powers, their day-to-day activities. She painted miniatures of them, bought all the games, she is a trivia hound. She also knows how to play the piano to some degree, having been taught by her mother.


Originally Cindy suffered from Imposter Syndrome around the other Wards and Protectorate members. She feels, often, that she doesn't have a "real power". She's extremely eager to prove herself as a response to this and has broken protocol on more than one occasion to do something to try and stand out. She is constantly seeking praise and attention from higher ups, and is absolutely eager to watch them do "heroic things" (even if it's not that heroic) to the point of installing spy equipment ("for power research I swear!")

With recent changes, the constant failings of those she held in high esteem, she's begun to dislike the Protectorate. She feels that they no longer represent the ideals she once believed they did and seeks to shift them towards a more heroic stance



Cindy's deeper connection to her own shard has granted her a new way of mimicry. Upon studying a cape, she gains an innate understanding of... something. She doesn't know what it is, but she knows it's a frequency. Upon reverse engineering it and applying it to her tech, a transformation occurs. No longer subject to cosplaying as capes and impersonating their powers, she instead transforms into an avatar of their shard.

  • This requires working with the player ooc to understand the character's shard
  • If she targets a multi-trigger, she only gets the primary shard, not any of the secondaries.
  • Second gens follow the same rule and she becomes the avatar of the main shard (if any)
  • The Shardvatar may not have the same powers as the person she's targeting, it's more shard side instead of cape side.


Even as a little girl Cindy always had an obsession with superheroes. Her bedroom is lined with action figures, posters, and other memorabilia gathered from years of watching Protectorate Heroes, Wards Anonymous!, and other television series. Part of her even wished that she could be in one of those situations where the heroes came in and saved the day. Tragically she got it. A well done cosplay of the local Ward Captain, the heroic Versitiligirl at the time, ended up with a case of mistaken identity and a bullet through the lungs. The video of her torture still shows up on the internet from time to time and serves as a constant reminder of her trigger event.