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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/spider_dream23 (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Civilian name Josh Tucker
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationThinker
Born (1992-09-17) September 17, 1992 (age 30)
Status Lore
Reddit Sheet
D D- | Dst D$ | F C+ | Fun D? | Refrct C | TM C* | T D+ | Trk E-

Indie Hero, friendly with the public but not that well known, even with his charismatic personality and good looks, Mindsight prefers to avoid too much attention. Was somewhat more famous in the past.

Character Sheet


Caucasian, 2 m height athletic and fit build, tanned skin, blue eyes and short black hair.

Armored grey body suit, with a helmet and visor leaving the mouth visible.


Charismatic and kind, tends to be playful and easygoing with acquaintances as well as enemies. In the past he had a history of being overconfident and cocky, a womanizer using his reputation to get what he wants, his cape life more for the attention than anything else. Often getting in trouble because of his addiction to gambling.

Nowadays, Josh knows that he is only a small fish in a big pond. Still trying to help but for less selfish reasons. He keeps himself fit and does pay attention to his appearance but still he is more of a loner. Shallow connection to his neighbors and fellow heroes but not much of any actual friendship.


Combat/Social Thinker

Mindsight can read those who pose a threat to his physical integrity. Able to access and learn skills from those he views as a threat. Any damage, or injury increasing his ability to peak into their head, to predict their next move and act on weaknesses. Reading someones emotional state and intent, responding to certain insecurities linked to the glimpse of vague memories he saw.

He will know if his opponent lost someone important, habitually fucks up with certain things, or broke their right leg some months ago.

With each opponent he is able to adapt new skills.

Additionally, Mindsight’s power comes with slightly enhanced focus, the ability to reorganize ones own memories and suppress distracting thoughts as well as a resistance against most mental attacks. Able to recover from mind altering drugs, being knocked out, or anything that could hamper his thoughts/distract him from the task at hand.

In a fight that would mean, a punch to the face won’t delay his attacks, pain would be ignored and any surprise will be acknowledged without hampering his next move. He can recall anything considered important while discarding less ‘useful’ knowledge.

Besides that he is naturally adept at close combat and acrobatics.


Kept captive by Transient not long after his trigger, probably a few months now. People who know him, belief he died in a gas explosion, leaving traces of matching DNA and some bodily remains.

In reality he is being kept in one of Transients hideouts, regularly drained and kept in an almost comatose state, drugged or sometimes just as an involuntary sparing partner and other entertaining activities….

Initially being used to help Transient in his recovery concerning his mental state(on the advice of someone Transient encountered very early on and may even consider a father figure), just a useful tool, to deal with his damaged mind caused by his trigger event.

Additional Info

Transient won’t get any real power from Mindsight, at least nothing that would affect his current powerset or any RP situation.