Midnight Carnival

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The Midnight Carnival is a recently formed mercenary group lead by the enigmatic Ardhanarishvara, and seems to comprise a bored group of vaguely trashy capes with the twin goals of fucking around and making money via contract work. While they have no notable scores, jobs, or accomplishments at the time of writing, they are currently putting a lot of effort into advertising and planning some robberies.

Advertised services include robbery, espionage, info-brokering, planned heists, extortion, and emergency assistance. While they have not explicitly offered their services in preforming a hit, it may be useful to note for the future that Ardha has extensive experience with assassination and one could try to solicit said services with a hearty helping of audacity and cash.

Current group resources are fairly scarce when compared to their peers, yet does one really need all that much to have a successful career in freelance assault? The Carnival has a few vehicles, a small amount of startup capital, several business cards, a knife collection easily numbering in the triple digits, and some very bougie firearms pilfered over the course of Ardha's lengthy conwoman career at their disposal.

To contact the Carnival, consult their business cards (posted at various bars and bulletin boards around town) and simply call their secretary (who may or may not be Ardha under a psuedonym).