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Notoriety Criminal
A /
Author /u/FlashyAmoeba (capes)
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Baltimore)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Status Deceased
Other names Gan Jiang
Reddit Sheet
Aces High F | Lady Fisto D+ | Ventus Dracon C

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Equipment and Resources


Skills and Specializations




Then we had Merlin. Nice guy, the eldest on the original team. He was Chinese, originally worked as a white-collar, something with insurance he said. He was a tinker and we loved to have him. He made armor and small weapons like swords. Made the whole team matching armor and weapons. When we had all the team in matching uniforms everything seemed to come together. They were a team, a real team. Wanted to originally call himself by the name Gan Jiang. Some ancient blacksmith from Chinese myth. The image department didn’t like it, wanted a snappier name the kids would recognize. Merlin was much easier to sell, He passed back around 2012 from a stroke. A terrible loss for the city of Baltimore.