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Memento 'costume'.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Christie Dawson
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Hierarchy (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker
Born (2002-02-17) February 17, 2002 (age 20)
Devilfish, USA
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Hellgate E | Memento E | Natalie Howard E

A teenager in wannabe anarchist apparal has been spotted going around the alleys and back roads of town. Occasionally carrying small game with them and avoiding confrontation, but always carrying some variant of tinkertech firearm. Some deeper searches on the internet for tinker weaponry supposedly allowing for the tinker to be contacted.

Character Sheet


Christie has shoulder length brown hair tied into a tail. A faded wine-colored coat shielding her from the elements somewhat. She practically screams 'homeless' to anyone looking.

While in her 'cape identity', she puts on a black cap and pulls up a greyish scarf. She doesn't own much else to protect herself with.

Equipment and Resources

  • Wealth Level 3
  • A workshop in a poorly isolated house owned by Phix
  • A blanket
  • A backpack filled with clothes
  • Phone
  • Pocket knife


Skills and Specializations

  • The ability to stay calm while trying to wrangle idiots/kids
  • Can similarly stay relatively calm when yelled at
  • Managing their time
  • A large of experience with basically every household task
  • Okayish at making hunting traps like tripwires and snares
  • Scavenging
  • Mediocre at butchering game
  • Being able to move quietly
  • A decent shot with their tech


Christie is a very self sufficient person. Having been forced to grow up rapidly. She does have a caring side, but is willing to take zero bullshit from anyone these days. They also have rapidly gained an aversion to authority. Especially those that try to use said authority over her.


Memento is a focal tinker focused around cores that can produce a near infinite amount of semi stable powered matter. And while they aren't required to, this is expressed mainly in devices that create or use single use items made mainly or fully of said powered matter because of their temporary nature.

The material's base qualities:

  • It is an oily viscous liquid up until exposed to oxygen. Quickly solidifying to gain most of the qualities of basalt, with about half its weight.
  • It will remain stable on its own for about a day, before warping, then disappearing in a flash of light.
  • The matter becomes an excellent conductor when heated above 500 degrees celcius. And can be manipulated via a sufficiently strong electromagnetic field.
  • Once heated above 1000 degrees celsius, it will glow white hot, and when impacted/impacting/pressurised with with the force of about a regular person's punch, it will explode with a force similar to nitroglycerin.


Christie grew up as the oldest sibling of a family of six. Her, three younger siblings and her parents. Her father was fine, if a bit absent with how he was often off at work.

Her mother though? 'Lazy entitled bitch' would be putting it lightly. She made Christie do everything. Cleaning the house, doing the dishes, looking after her siblings? All her job while their mother watched tv. And on top of that, she had to finish every single chore before she could start doing anything for school. So she'd sometimes just not have time or energy for homework, then arrive at school the next day, completely exhausted. Which started to get especially bad once more of her siblings grew up into teenagers.

Her grades took the hit from all the extra effort she had to put in, which in turn got her berated more and more often by her mother.

She wasn't even surprised when she managed to collapse from exhaustion during exams once.

Knowing that she quite simply wouldn't be able to survive college and taking care of 5 people at once, Christie instead got herself a part time job. And for the first time in years, the workload was bearable. Hell, she could even save up a bit to buy herself something nice!

So she decided to treat herself one day as a reward for her own work. (Since her mother obviously wouldn't.) A nice lunch followed by going out to get herself a small necklace. A little silver thing.

The first thing her mother decided when she saw it was that Christie had stolen it. Apparantly it didn't matter if it was money that she had earned, all money in her bank account apparantly automatically belonged to her mother instead.

In the resulting shouting match, something broke in Christie. Barely even noticing anything had changed as she went upstairs to pack her belongings. Her mother on the phone calling the police and reporting her for theft and apparantly also assault when she came down and stormed out of the door. Not that she'd hit or even pushed her. It wasn't until sitting down at a friend's place that she realised that something had changed.