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Medic Costume.png
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Brimseye05 (capes)
Civilian name Iyashino 'Shino' Ichigeki
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Unknown)
PRT ClassificationBlaster, Striker
Born (2004-06-05) June 5, 2004 (age 18)
Oakland, California
Status NPC
Other names Shino
Reddit Sheet

In grade school Shino’s grades were excellent. Straight A student. Around fifth and sixth grade her grades slowly began deteriorating. Nothing more notable, average to lower end student, seemingly trudging through life like everyone else. Progress reports from teachers professed a nameless worry over the quality of her home life, dismay that her grades had dropped, that she was more intelligent than her grades lead one to believe and might benefit from applying herself a bit harder in her studies or perhaps being tutored. There never was a change of stance from the parents, not wanting their daughter to spend more time at school than she was already as it would be inconvenient to their schedule's.

A few years ago Shino was admitted to the emergency room at the local hospital, along with her parents, all reporting various degrees of withdrawal symptoms. The diagnosis was a strong opioid dependence. More victims of the cape Paracelsus addictive power. The family was eventually moved to a detox center in another city to avoid the worst of the media’s attention.

Character Sheet


5'3 Straight black hair, amber eyes, olive skin. Slim athletic build. (Does not yet have a costume)

Art by Akami230, this is how I picture Shino to look, only with black hair.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 3

  • Traditional bow
  • Light leather gloves
  • Leather arm guard
  • Composite toe waterproof boots
  • Street cloths/bandana to help protect identity,
  • Backup composite bow
  • Back up small hand held cross bow.

Skills and Specializations

  • Archery, proficient aim as it was a childhood past time.
  • Cross bow, is a new tool and she is still learning it's intricacies. A little slow, awkward, handling this weapon.
  • Basic First aid. i.e. pressure on wound to stop the bleeding. Keeping an injured person still, unless in immediate danger.
  • CPR.
  • Cooking


Most of the time optimistic mindset, sensitive, caring and devoted to those close to her, given the time to grow close. However, has suffered from timidity, shyness, nervousness, withdrawal from those she cares about, suffers from ptsd, needs continual therapy. Often quiet, calm, steady, sympathetic, down to earth, enjoys down time. Grateful for moments of silliness, ridiculousness, teasing, games to ease the building tensions of the world.


Trigger type: Single natural trigger, bud of the villain Paracelsus

Strikes that promote healing and limited regeneration. Fires healing 'arrows' and 'darts' at point blank and short range and to a lesser efficiency, long range. In every case some form of additional pain is required to promote healing, for instance a bruise might require a pinch, a broken leg would definitely require more force to fully heal the wound.

The bow and crossbow help her to focus her 'arrows' and 'darts' as a familiar physical projectiles. If without her bow or crossbow she could still heal but the projectiles take on odd shapes, blobs, hearts, balls, stars.

'Arrows' and 'Darts' make more efficient shapes that are able to travel farther, faster. The arrows and darts glow with a teal light as does what ever she is using when her powers are activated. i.e. her hand, a baseball bat, a random object she picked up off the ground.


Shino’s life was lovely for the most part until her parents were ensnared by Paracelsus and eventually she was too. She’d never seen her parents so devoted to a priest of any church as much as they became to the Father. It started off innocently enough. Attendance on Sundays as they usually did to one church or another, but soon the Father requested more and more devotion and contributions and volunteer work, and her parents gave it.

Soon they had very little money to buy groceries and other necessities. Not that they starved, the congregation and the Father would have never allowed that to happen to his faithful. Soon their whole family was enjoying the riches of a congregation of devoted followers of Paracelsus.

They were a family of good people devoted to bringing in more and more sheep for the Father to enlighten and teach of his ways. Until it all ended. Suddenly and violently taken from his family, the Father was gunned down from behind.

Even in the midst of their mourning the congregation was struck down by harsh symptoms that doctors later attributed to an opiate dependency.