Marie Kino

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Marie Kino
Notoriety Criminal
F / ?
Author /u/Tiamat-of-the-sea (capes)
Civilian name Marie Kino
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger (Brute, thinker, Striker)
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Atalanta E- | Marie Kino F?

Character Sheet


She is a blonde haired brown eyes 17 year old girl, she tends to wear a long cloak, with a loose t-shirt, typically depicting a random anime character typically. She has decently long shorts that reach down to her knees, she wears knee high boots mainly because she likes them and having something sturdy to kick someone in the face with is useful. She doesn’t bother with much of a cape identity, spending most of her time with the ears, tails and the sharper eyes.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 3

Skills and Specializations

  • Art
  • Color Patterns
  • Basic First Aid
  • Predation
  • Rock Climbing.


She's a playful girl, especially now that she doesn't have any body issues. She's willing to do whatever to have fun if it doesn't hurt innocent people or good people. But running around and playing in the city as well as dropping on criminal's heads. It was really fun to do so


Trigger type: Natural

Power: Her full jaguar form appears to be a black furred, seemingly alien jaguar, the first noticeable difference is the fact it has four eyes, each one with solid colored whites, with her base coloration it's a black, the second is the fact it has six legs two sets of front limbs. Its fangs are sharper and barbed than all terrestrial creatures in the genus of Pantherid. Physical dimensions are still mostly constrained to the shoulder height of her form.

The paralytic venom tends to take affect after 30 minutes causing near total paralysis of limbs. It also possesses a tracking compound. However after its affect has started the body has Her back set of eyes posses highly accurate vision, as well as a broader color vision then humans possess. Her forward set posses thermal vision, though not nearly as acute as her other set of eyes. She's also easily blinded by sudden changes in temperature. She exhibits strength nearly 4x that of a normal jaguar when keeping to the same body size as one. This improved strength is all around the board, carrying capacity, bite strength, everything that is correlated with muscle strength has been improved.

The most impressive part of her power is her control over how much she transforms and the autonomous partial transformations when she's in danger it would be hindered. Her fur posses the ability to change its color and some of its patterning. This isn't invisibility but a decently advanced pigmentation shifting.


Amelia Kino looked up from her bench, pulling her jacket closer. The bullies always made fun of her for being fat and not having any muscles, for not being able to fight back. At east at the zoo they mostly left her alone. The bullies had left the area she was in, probably to go look at some other animal, and she pushed herself up going up to the edge of the pin that the jaguars were kept in."That must be nice." She spoke looking down at the spotted creatures her hand reaching down into the cage. Someone shoved her from behind causing her to be slammed into the bar of the fencing. Her hand retracted and she pushed back against the stronger and larger girls growling. She was done! Who cared if she was fat. Who cared if she wasn't muscled! Who the fuck cared. She twisted away from their hands slamming a fist into their face.She heard her teachers calling her, but she was done with this. Her mom loved her true, but even her mom tried to get her to exercise, to change how she looked. She climbed up onto the ladder kicking off at the teacher's hand trying to pull her back down. She fell forward her weight nearly dragging the teacher over with her, her face hit the concrete of the wall. She rolled over holding the bloodied nose. She didn't want to be a predator to look good. But, If they wanted her to eat them, she could oblige. |


She went to middle school, she got bullied for not being fit and being slightly fluffy, not even overweight, due to the feminine body standard being set so high. She got bullied mostly, though she did do art and played some videogames. Her mom was nice taking care of her. Until she triggered, and their Christian heritage demanded they kick her out. Though they were nice enough to give her three thousand dollars to survive with, in cash which was nice. She didn't bother with a secret identity, or getting a costume, she like the dumb child she started out as spent it all on sweets and food without thinking of the consequences, which led to a period of time where she slept in her jaguar form, this had the dual benefit of actually keeping her clothes relatively clean and gathering people who kept giving her food, even if most of it was disgusting it helped her until she matured and got back on her feet and started making enough money to support herself. Now three years later she has an apartment she doesn't have to pay very much due to the benefits of cape protection, clothes, and is taking highschool classes on line. So life for her is relatively good.