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Marceau in Costume
Notoriety Criminal
E / ?
Author Spamdeserus (capes)
Pronouns He/Him (out of costume) They/Them (in costume)
Civilian name Timothy Lyons
Alignment Hero/Rogue
Affiliation None
Age 22
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver Nashoid
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger, second gen from Mother

Publicly Available Information

Power Description Marceau has been observed to be able to turn Object they touch invisible and control them afterwards, probably via Telekinesis.

Miscellaneous Info Marceau has just recently been sighted in Denver, with previous appearances all over the major Cape playgrounds.

Marceau publically advertises their Detective Services in the Denver Post and has gotten good reviews on Yelp! so far. Marceau has been observed to speak, but chooses to very rarely speak.

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Marceau wears a Mimes Outfit, Striped Shirt and Black pants, a Black Beret on his head, Dress shoes, and obvious Body Armor sewn into the costume.

Occasionally they carry an Umbrella or a Notepad on them, but as soon as they let go of those items they disappear.

Civilian Appearance

Timothy is not very special in his usual appearance. 5'11, with Blond short hair and greyish Blue eyes, almost always wearing Turtlenecks, and if it gets too hot for those, the pale arms and Legs of someone who has rarely seen the Sun without a window make it obvious that he was a recluse.


After triggering Timothy took a nosedive in trusting people and he is still very careful around new acquaintances. He is measured and guarded when interacting with the Public, rarely showing himself to civilians if he can avoid it.

While in costume He takes care to not permanently Injure Criminals and Villains, but the occasional broken Bone is inevitable when hunting bad guys.

Skills & Training

  • Decent driving Skills
  • Very good at Chess
  • Good at Baseball, bad at every other Ballsport
  • rudimentary understanding and fluency in French

Resources & Wealth

Timothy holds a very small Apartment, which he keeps in good shape. Most of his Equipment is held on his person, although he also keeps some of it in a Big Chest he got from his father when he moved out.

Equipment & Gear

  • 2 Cheap Burner Phones
  • Costume
  • A 2.3" diameter Ball of Steel
  • 15-20 Darts
  • Several Throwing Knives
  • A 3 Year old Basic Level Smartphone
  • Several Daggers
  • 20-30 Shuriken
  • several Caltrops

Parahuman Power

trigger type: single standard second-gen trigger (decease mother)

Marceau is a Striker/Thinker able to turn objects invisible on touch and Puppet those objects via a sort of Telekinesis.

While invisible Marceau has an intrinsic understanding of Items he is controlling, letting him hit with enhanced accuracy when attacking with them.

His power is always active, even in his sleep and he carries parts of his equipment on him all the time to not accidentally making things invisible he doesn't want to.

Due to his understanding of affected Objects he also has a very limited form of Post-cognition regarding items he is affecting, like knowing who held it last.

Marceau's power makes them a well enough shot that he can hit an unmoving target with 10 out of 10 projectiles, but a moving target drops to ""Good chance to hit someone"" assuming they don't powers that make it more difficult to land a hit.(IE: extremely skilled but not superhuman)

If he is not actively keeping things from turning invisible, at which he is pretty good, he will turn stuff invisible by accident.

His variety of Post-Cognition is putting together Clues that surround the object he is affecting. Seeing if a Gun was the Murder weapon, if a knife was tossed into the stormdrain, or if it lay there for several months already. He could understand that a cigarette was smoked by an armored Mook, who was standing watch at a heist, but not identify the person themselves in a lineup The longer the timeframe he wants to get a feeling for the more abstract the informations get and he gets the equivalent of Thinker Headaches on even short timeframes, if he actively tries to get more abstract info.

As long as he can affect an Item with his telekinesis he can keep items invisible, outside of the range of his telekinesis items take 30-60 sec to turn visible, heavily shortened in combat. Usually in Combat an Item he throws (I.E Shuriken) turns visible before it hits it’s target.

As long as Items are affected by his power/ Invisible he is innately aware of their relative position to him, supported by his Thinker aspect. It basically gives Him the ability to feel where in relation to him Affected Items are.

The absolute reach of his Telekinesis is about 12-15ft, but he rarely uses more than like 5-6 for fighting, as that is the range where combatants can easily be tricked into mistaking melee attacks for ranged attacks and vice versa"

Background & Trigger

Tims Memories of his Mother were hazy, as she died when he was but a toddler, but Stories and Pictures gave him an idolized Picture of her in his head. Tim loved his mother, even if he had had no own memories of her.

Then, on the day after he turned 16 his father told him that his motherr had been a Cape, showing him her old Costume and Gear. He brings out Newspaper clippings of Tims Villain Mother using her Invisibilit. Powers to steal, kill and of her eventually getting caught.

He says she only did it to support the Family, how she never meant to hurt nobody, but in Tims Mind everything races. His beautiful and graceful mother, the woman he looked up to and adored his whole life long, a Villain, a cape, a murderer.

In this moment he broke, his mind still racing, his hand on his most valued possession, a Locket with the face of his mother. The Moment he triggered he understood, she tried to do her best, but he had to better."

(Optional) Misc Lore Snippets

Parahuman Intelligence Report

Note: The following information has been transcluded from the PRT Online Information Services SAGA Database. For more information, please see your PRT-InB point of contact.


Parahuman Intelligence Report
DEN-2023-6d18 2023-05-03

  • Subject ID: Marceau
  • Classification: Blaster/Stranger

Subject possesses ability to turn objects they touch invisible, gaining Telekinetic control over those objects within a short distance around them. Invisibility observed to stay for somewhere between 30-60 seconds after end of exposure to telekinesis. Observed Range somewhere between 4-7 ft. Seems to have an Arsenal of minor weapons in their vicinity constantly invisible.
Per Classification SOP. Consider Subject armed and dangerous at all time.


Psych Evaluation

Subject has repeatedly been observed avoiding Confrontation with PRT-Forces, preffering to flee instead of getting in contact even after doing Heroic Duties. No Altercation with PRT or Protectorate have been documented, no negative Information could be attained from other Field Offices. Subject has in the Past advertised themselves as "Detective Marceau" although no official Licensing could be found.