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The Magician
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/RelapsingThinker (capes)
Civilian name Dev Noban
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationThinker, Striker
Born (2003-04-07) April 7, 2003 (age 19)
Philadelphia, United State
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Dev is Asian American descent with pale skin that is layered with freckles on his face and shoulders. His silky black hair is long enough for him to keep it in a ponytail but when let down it hangs down to his upper back. His eyes are a charcoal grey in the light while outside of it it just appears to be black. His build is more slim leaning on a skinnier side which isn’t helped by him being on the taller side. His height is around six feet depending on what shoes he has own and if his hair is tied up.

His outfits consist of slightly oversized t-shirts and denim jeans with his color scheme being light blues, soft greys, and whites. His is also fond of hoodies, especially those with graphic designs based around clouds.

His costume consists of this suit which in his pouch he keeps his gear. His mask is a simple white jester mask with jovial expression and his eye holes are filled with tinted glass. He uses a different voice when he is dressed in costume. The voice is a bit deeper and formal.

Equipment and Resources

  • Zipties
  • Military-Grade Taser Gun
  • Pepper Spray
  • Binoculars
  • Ward Issued Phone
  • Encrypted Laptop with Protected Case
  • Orange Slice Candies

Skills and Specializations

  • Talented Ballet Dancer
  • Skilled Storyteller
  • Practiced Voice Actor
  • Extensive Forensic Training


Dev is curious to a fault with him enjoying the concept of learning more. People peak his interest the most as he enjoys finding the little things that builds a person up to being who they are now. However, he does hold himself back with a rule that he made after a mistake. The rule is no spoilers which means he won’t use his powers on people outside of his case. He genuinely wants to learn about people ,and sees his power as cheating. It also brings reminds of the stalker that plagued him if uses his power like that.

Also due to that event, he can be rather childish with his very whimsical way of explaining things and how he handles social encounters. However, there are moments where this facade breaks which is around May 15 and when his space is invaded without asking. He becomes harsh and lashes out people around him. Many times he has been pushed to his edge where he almost used his power ,but he still hasn’t broken his rule since he made it. Usually after these breaks, he is very apologetic and introverted.

The Magician and Dev are names that have slowly became more intertwined. Due to Dev triggering early in his life, he has basically gone through puberty as a cape. This has made him have a harder time separating the two as he seems himself as both figures. The mask isn’t a mask anymore ,but rather a second skin for him.


Magician is a post-cognition based Thinker whose power manifests as stylized cards.

Dev’s power is based around the invoking of memories and printing cards that store those memories. When Dev comes into physical contact with an individual, he forces them relive significant events from their life. These events are warped to prey upon the insecurities and fears of the individual. While this is happening, Dev’s power “prints” out a stylized card based around that event. Upon looking at the card, Dev can relieve an accurate variant of that event.

However, each successive strike with his power requires Dev to spend more time in contact with the individual before another event-reliving can be prompted. This starts at five seconds which each success raises it by five second for that individual. Also an individual can be pulled out of the effect of his power by being struck by something or someone.

Minor Power Details

  • His power gets a new event each time he strikes an individual with power
  • The stun lasts 1 minutes with each successful touch reducing the time by 25% (1min -> 45 sec -> 33 sec -> 25 sec, etc)
  • He can only have 5 cards on an individual with the max amount of cards he can have is 20 at a time. This also caps his stun and time to trigger his power at (19 secs and 25 secs)
  • Once he gets a new card at max, it replaced the oldest one. This also means that as an individual's card is replaced the time he needs to touch them is reduce by five seconds and time they are stunned is increased by 25%.
  • The memory warping is only temporary with the effect fading once the person comes back too.
  • The order in which his power gets memories are from less to greatest significant.
  • He retains these cards after view them and go back to them.
  • The card’s durability are that of normal playing cards.
  • Art Style that cards are based around.


The internet and computers have always been a big part of childhood especially after his parents divorced when he was nine. His father was given custody due to his mother wanting to start a new life. This reasoning was kept from by his father in an act of protection. It also made his father wants to do more for him out of fear of being a failure. This lead Dev to getting a personal computer soon after split alongside the freedom to do what he wanted for the most part. This lead Dev to becoming heavily involved in internet culture which he mainly dealt with fanfictions. This lead him to create his own stories and concept ,but mainly meet people who found his work. He would respond and converse with most people in his comment sections would consistently comment on all of their posts and even make stories of their own that Dev followed.

He eventually came to trust Holly ,and they would talk over a messaging app where he shared everything about himself with them. This included things about his school life, his situation with his father, and where he lived. After a few months of this back and forth, Dev started to notice things as he would walk back and forth from school. Their was that strange feeling of being watched when he out in public which slowly build into paranoia. This was because sometimes when he was talking with friends, he would notice a similar looking man around and looking in his direction. He wouldn’t tell his dad about any of this ,but he would let Holly know which always seemed to fix the problems he stated.

This would build up for nearly a month and a half. It was when he was heading home that he noticed that similar figure trailing a good distance behind him. Each turn he made, the person would follow a bit after he did them. This paranoia that had accumulated pushed him to rushing home while he called his dad to which he got no answer from. The panic began to build as he entered his house locking the door and heading into his room. He immediately locked his door and went to his computer where he attempted to message Holly. He also didn’t get a response for them. He tried one more time to call his father. As the phone rang, he heard the back door open and the sound of footsteps following. Then the footsteps stopped with the attempted opening of his door. He mumbled to himself hoping and wishing his father would answer but all he got was a voicemail and knocking at his door. He went to call 911 ,but as he heard the person pick up answer him. He saw a notification from the messaging app that was from Holly.

“Dev, open up”