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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Topesc (capes)
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
Status NPC
Height 7 ft (210 cm)
Weight 350 lb (160 kg; 25 st 0 lb)
Reddit Sheet

A newcomer to Ashton, having lived in the city for roughly two months. Any notoriety that he has is either from his extensive criminal past, or his imposing appearance. Known to be a cape, due to the fact that he's a C53, but he hasn't had an opportunity to use his powers within Ashton as of yet. Mostly just has a rep as a bodyguard, bouncer, and general lowlife.

Character Sheet


Lunch is incredibly tall --standing at nearly seven feet with a straight back, and weighing nearly 350 pounds-- heavily muscled, and supremely ugly.

His body is covered in bony nodules, especially on his shoulders, elbows, knees, and knuckles. His body hair is more alike to short quills, taking the form of long, coarse hairs. His hair is matted, almost dreading in some places, sticking together in big cords. His hands end in clawed, five-fingered hands, while his feet more closely resemble those of a bird or reptile, ending in three-toed claws.

However, the most striking feature of Lunch is his head, which is skeletal in appearance. His head more closely resembles the skull of a bear or other large terrestrial predator, with huge incisors and large molars. His eyes are set in a similarly skeletal fashion, with two small pinpricks of yellow light serving as his eyes.

He has a few tattoos scattered over his body, mostly on his forearms and hands, along with several large pieces on his legs and back.

He speaks with an accent that is most similar to a deep, gravely Bayou drawl, on account of his time spent in the Baton Rouge area. However, due to his altered biology, his speech has the unfortunate quality of sounding like it's being spoken through clenched teeth.

His favorite article of clothing is sweatpants. He probably owns like 3 pairs total. He washes them every 4 months by hand. Prefers to blast his bare chest if possible, will occasionally throw on a jacket of some kind if whatever job he's working requires it. Probably doesn't own a single shirt.

Has a pink bathrobe that he wears when he's home alone. It has likely never been cleaned.

Equipment and Resources

  • A shack on the outskirts of the industrial district. Includes a chicken coop and kennel for his dogs.
  • 12x chickens, 1x rooster.
  • $500. Hidden under a floorboard in his shack.
  • The aforementioned clothing. Varies depending on the job.
  • 4x Dogs. Named Marie, Helena, Loius, and Cesar. All mutts. Rottweiler-something else mix. Can understand basic commands from Lunch.
  • A pair of gold grills (the kind for your teeth) from his old boss in Baton Rouge. Wears them for special occasions or nights on the town.

Skills and Specializations

  • Good at cards, especially poker. Has a weakness for gambling in general.
  • Speaks Lousiana Creole, and French, to a lesser degree.
  • Sings sometimes. Isn't good at it. His favorite musician is Screamin' Jay Hawkins.
  • Proficient in hand-to-hand combat, primarily by virtue of his size. Has eight years experience of kicking ass.
  • Eats anything.


Goal-oriented, cash-motivated. Sort of fratty. Simultaneously thinks he's incredibly ugly and believes he's beautiful. He can be charming at times, but not for long, and usually by accident. He prefers to be blunt about most things. He has a bit of a temper, but he's gotten better at keeping his anger in check recently. He strongly favors the direct approach, and doesn't like planning things out too much. He's hungry for personal gain and success, and doing nothing for too long doesn't sit too well with him. John Wayne if he was trailer trash and had no morals. And bad teeth.

His moral compass points one direction, and that's towards himself. Everything Lunch does is in his own interests, and if there's one thing he fears more than anything, it's being manipulated or played for a fool. If anything will make him fly off the handle, it'll be someone trying to pull a fast one on him or double cross him.


Lunch's body houses a small pocket dimension, which can hold up to 3000 pounds of matter.

He can add things to this pocket dimension by 'inhaling', where he issues a powerful wind from his mouth, which he can control the strength of, as detailed below. Matter that can be picked up by this pull is immediately pulled to Lunch, and is swallowed by him, where it's stored in his pocket dimension. Something that is too big to be pulled simply suffers the effects that the pull would normally have on it, essentially being stuck in a wind. If the object gets broken apart by this pull, then it gets inhaled as normal.

Once something is in Lunch's pocket dimension, Lunch can change how it is structured. He can break things down to dust, change the shape of objects, increase or decrease their size, and so on. So long as it can physically exit his body through his mouth, he can make it. He can then fire these objects out of his mouth, reversing the pull to allow him to fire objects out at the same gale-force speeds. He rarely creates large projectiles like this, preferring to fire highly abrasive clouds of dust, or rapidly inhale and exhale air to stagger people.

Pull/Push Wind Speed Max Angle of Cone Max Distance Covered Maximum Time of Use Notes
0-25 m/s 180° 60 ft 60 sec Light breeze to a strong wind. At max strength, can snap twigs and leaves off of trees. Would require someone walking against it to lean into the wind to stay more steady.
26-40 m/s 90° 40 ft 45 sec At max strength, can peel off roof shingles, break larger tree branches, and force moving vehicles to swerve.
41-65 m/s 45° 30 ft 30 sec Roughly equivalent to a F2 tornado. Can tear apart weaker structures, like the roof of a frame house. Given time (10-15 seconds), can snap a tree or telephone pole (not uproot them). Could move people around fairly easily. Can force moving vehicles into a skid, and can even move stationary light vehicles.
66-90 m/s 15° 20 ft 5 sec Similar to an F3 tornado. Can damage stone walls, throw people into the air, and move even stationary heavy vehicles.

Case 53 Physiology Increased strength, similar to what you would expect from a seven foot tall pile of muscles. Base strength similar to a world-class powerlifter. Boasts increased endurance and stamina, at the cost of not being particularly dexterous or agile.

The coarse hairs on his arms and chest can be scratched off, similar to what a tarantula does. The hairs aren't particularly sharp or anything, they're more like pine needles or steel wool than blades.

Lunch's most notable physical enhancements are based around his head. He can unhinge his jaw, like a snake, enabling him to consume things comparable in size to basketball or something similar. He also can bite incredibly hard, able to dent and crunch up most metals. His teeth don't so much cut as they do crush, although his incisors could probably punch a hole in thinner metals. Something like a metal street sign would be easily chewed up with one or two bites.

His nostrils and mouth are ringed with bone plates, which provide some degree of protection.

He can digest almost anything, and boasts a considerable immunity to poison and disease. The inside of his mouth and throat, and presumably his whole digestive tract, are incredibly durable, able to consume substances that would either kill or badly injure normal beings. Something like boiling water or even an acid wouldn't bother Lunch too much. He can eat almost anything, and doesn't seem too bothered by taste.