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Notoriety Criminal
C /
Author /u/TheTowerIV (capes)
Civilian name Donovan Revere
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute Changer Striker
Born (2001-02-14) February 14, 2001 (age 22)
Sacramento, California
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Evolutionist D- | Lovelorn C | Night Howler B

Character Sheet


Civilian: Donovan is a handsome young man. Not a supermodel, but could have been popular in school. Is about 5’7’’ in height. He is half Spanish and half white. Hair is a combed dirty blond, eyes a light teal, and has long eye-lashes. He always wears light colors like white or pink, mixed with his youthful appearance he gives off an innocent vibe.

In Costume: Lovelorn wears a fancy self-tailored suit that has a flamboyant design and heart emblems all over. It has a small fur trim with a pink shirt underneath.

The mask is made with scrap metal, painted black. With eye holes that amplify the green glow from his eyes. It’s mouth is in the shape of a grin showing his real mouth underneath.

Equipment and Resources

  • Battle Batons: Made from metal poles that are spikey all over, even the handles. For two reasons: It activates his main power slightly, and enemies can’t steal them.
  • Slicer Bracelet: An arm bracer that has a blade on the inside, if activated it slices Lovelorns arm to draw blood. For the main and mover abilities.
  • Radio Scanner: Allows him to listen in to local police comms in order to intercept crimes.
  • Multiple Walkie Talkies: For Talking on walkings, and communitating through puppets.

Skills and Specializations

  • Tailoring and Crafting: The original Tinkering, builds his own weapons, toys around with his puppets, and fixes his own suit. Just need the time and supplies.
  • Charming: He’s cute out of costume. Like the guy you’ve always wanted. In costume he’ll act a little less cute.


Despite being heroic, he still has morals that are not to be desired. Often goes hard onto other capes if things escalate. When a robber pulls a gun, he’ll get close to reversing their kill shots.

Has a gentlemanly code. He tries to be polite and does not bring harm to those he views as attractive, but if they fight or insult him he will hold back less on them.


Trigger type: Natural Cluster Trigger

Main Power (Black): Brute/Changer Striker

Immunization: Whenever Love takes damage, he gains a weak resistance to that specific type of damage. When gaining resistance, he generates temporary mutations that are often painful. The longer these mutations last the more significant and effective it becomes. His well-being suffers from prolonged usage. After a moment of not taking any damage then he will slowly regress back to human and along with the damage reduction. Includes a minor regeneration when regressing, but not while taking damage.

Each post where Lovelorn takes a specific type of damage, advances their resistance by one step (or roughly 10%) to a maximum of 100% (Immunity) and every two turns without taking a specific type of damage reverts you back down one step (again 10%).

Mutations include:

  • Bludgeoning: Surface of skin slowly turns into an oobleck like substance that is hard to hit with blunt force.
  • Piercing: Skin starts crystalizing, deflecting any bullets or long arms.
  • Slashing: Grows lines of metal sword breaker prongs along edges of the body.
  • Fire: Skin becomes a cloth not unlike asbestos. (Doesnt cause cancer)
  • Electricity: Shoots out tendons and attaches to the floor to act like grounding wires.
  • Cold: Body starts to give itself freezerburn and appears to look like bad gangrene.
  • Heat: Skin becomes charred and blackens with ash.

Corrosion: When in physical contact, Lovelorn can sap an enemies strength and stamina, this is non-lethal but very fatiging and dehydrating. This effect also triggers when impacted by a power-based ranged attack, or when touching a powered construct (Force Field, Hardlight weapon, etc)

Secondary Power (Black/White): Striker (Brute)

Symbiosis: Lovelorn can 'heal' himself by transferring a wound to a humanoid enemy (which transfers to the same spot). Transfering a wound to another person requires 5-6 seconds of unbroken contact, while transfering it to one of his minions is is instant upon touch.

Secondary Power (Black/Blue): Striker (Master)

Spawn: Creates a one sided portal from striking a surface. A visceral liquid pours from the spot that produces an incorrect clone of Love. Body and clothes show signs of decay, most of the time they are missing significant body parts. The undead clones can obey simple orders, and act on their own in a manner consistent with 'Night of the Living Dead' Zombies. None if missing a brain, and have zero durability. Can be killed with one solid hit that would cause a wound.

Can have up to 10 undead clones exist at a time. Upon death they become a pile of ashes. Take basic orders from him, and cannot do really complex ones.

12 second cooldown (2 turns) between summoning each zombie.

Determine missing limbs of clones by rolling a dice/a dice bot:

1 (Head) 2 (Left arm) 3 (Right arm) 4 (Both arms) 5 (no changes) 6 (no changes) 7 (both legs) 8 (Head and an arm) 9 (head and both arms) 10-12 (no missing limbs)

Secondary Power (Black/Red): Mover

Sanguineous: Can manipulate blood that is outside of a living organism (their own or others) and can telekineticly control it, able to wrap themselves in it to carry themself through the air at a max of 50mph. Very little offensive potential.

Secondary Power (Black/Green): Master

Invade: Creates a small vine-like, cyst creature that attaches to a non-living humanoid object. It integrates with the object to turn it into a puppet. Can have around 5 at a time. Have a small increase to the durability of the object and have average lifting strength. The body may be tougher, but the cyst is a weak-spot. If the cyst is broken then the puppet dies. They take direct orders and perform them with their best effort, and are able to direct undead clones as a chain of command.

Cluster Mechanic: Once every 7 days the members of this cluster will be shunted into a dream room. While every member will be forced to enter, there is nothing preventing any member from simply leaving after the connection is established. Powers cannot be used in the dream room, and no actual changes to the real world can be made via actions inside the dream room.

The dreamroom resembles the vacation cabin that the the cluster triggered in, like a snapshot of their surrounding at the moment of their trigger, straying more than 10 feet from the outerwalls of the cabin is impossible, as what resembles a storm acts as a impassible barrier, glimpses of a hazy humanoid sillouette can occaisionally be seen deep inside the storm, but this is simply a part of the scenery.


Ashton's heroes had pulled through, Plague Doctor's plot to eradicate the city had been thwarted, just in time to restore the people's faith in the local parahuman population. And like so many other people, one group of friends had chosen to celebrate.

Isabelle was the rock that held the group together, sure there were other friendships among the group, but Everyone had Isabelle in-common, and she was the right kind of person to deal with the various personalities when they clashed on occasion.

It also happened that Isabelle had relatively-wealthy relatives, the kind of relatives that had holiday cabins in the mountains, despite only using it once every decade. And lucky for them Isabelle had somehow convinced her Aunt to let them spend a week there for 'We aren't dead' celebrations. A small road trip into the mountains later, and they were set to have a good time.

Food, Drinks, Board Games, some old game consoles, and good company meant that things were looking good. Although there were a number of cabins in this stretch of wilderness, Isabelle's Aunt had said the Properties were abandoned, which was fine, it meant they could be as loud as they wanted without complaints from the neighbors.

Things had gone well at first but all good things must come to an end. In the aftermath everyone could pinpoint when things had changed from a fun vacation to something entirely different. It had all started when the Weather had taken a turn for the worse.

Nightmares had plagued everyone's sleep. Things started subtly. The atmosphere had grown odd, filled with anxiety, and distrust. Old grievances that had been long buried and forgiven had come to the forefront of everyone's memory, feeling fresh and raw.

Personal belongings were misplaced and moved, and no one would take credit for snooping in each other's belongings, only adding to the distrust. People would swear that they had heard the others whispering about them from the other room, but this would be denied. The wind and rain were a constant presence outside the large cabin.

Isabelle was suffering from near-constant nosebleeds, and others were getting headaches, this had initially been chalked up to the higher atmosphere up in the mountains.

One morning the presence of a skinned and flayed deer lying in a puddle of blood in the living room had changed things dramatically. The changes were more overt now. The weather was like a hurricane outside, and yet the cabin was intact, the power was functional, although the TV and radio were static, and the cell service was flopping between zero and one bar of service.

The hallucinations were more blatant, voices, howling, feelings of dread. Someone or something was tormenting them. Why? Had one of them done something, and simply dragged the whole group into this fate?

They couldn't escape, the likelihood of calling for help was slim with their cell service this spotty. Isabella had taken things the worse. her eyes were frenzied, she said they deserved this. She was manic, this had the effect of actually calming the group, as they prioritized watching out for their mutual friend.

They took shifts to sleep, and the nightmares were worse than ever. Whatever limited sleep they had was shattered when They heard the front door open, the howling wind entering inside, as Isabelle stepped out into the maelstrom, only for her flesh to be flayed from her body by the unnatural wind and rain.


The form of the cape was now visible, The group trigger had stunned the killer, his power requiring concentration, and time to ramp up. The presence of five very traumatized, very angry new parahumans wanted retribution for the death of their friend, and the torment he'd caused them.. His fate was sealed.

After the events. Lovelorn secluded himself away from the group and often worked inside the now abandoned cabins. He spent the year making his puppets and taking down minor villains.