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Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/Melodic-Harp (capes)
Civilian name Darlene Mason
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker, Shaker
Born (1990-03-18) March 18, 1990 (age 33)
Palm Beach County, Florida
Status NPC
Other names Loop
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


When in civvies, Darlene dresses somewhat decently, a pair of neatly-ironed trousers, donning a turtleneck and a brown tweed jacket, somewhat like a man or a particularly formal woman. She wears glasses.

Her costume is meant to show a sense of heroism and selflessness. It is a body-hugging spandex suit in white with a green chevron on her chest and a visor that leaves the lower half of her face uncovered. The helmet she wears is ridged on the sides with a silver ring-shaped protrusion.

Equipment and Resources

  • A single-bedroom rented apartment midtown.
  • A mobile phone with a post-paid cellular network connection.
  • An old laptop.
  • A mountain bike
  • "Work" Phone (Burner Phone)
  • Homemade Costume.
  • A pair of gloves made of steel wool and ceramic plating.

Skills and Specializations

  • Teaching.
  • She can sing and play the piano.
  • She can sew his buttons on.
  • She can also cook pretty well.
  • Speed Reading.
  • Writing essays, articles, etc.
  • Research.
  • Long-term planning.
  • An admirable and empathetic emotional supporter.


Darlene's trigger has changed her worldviews in many profound and interesting ways. Looking back on it is painful to her, but try though as she might, she cannot get past the experience. The mark it has left on her is visible. She cares deeply for children, often flying into rage when they are threatened. She is normally a calm and collected person and likes spending time by her lonesome.

As Loopsy, she is almost always seen smiling and talking to civilians in costume, helping old ladies or children cross the street. While she is a bit resentful that she isn't like her fellow heroes who have flashy powers or a noticeable following, she never lets that dim her smile as she helps out in her community.

Darlene, on the other hand, is more of a reserved, scholarly woman with an austere aura about her. Ever since she had to resign from her post as a Middle School teacher at a local school, she has never had the chance to feel normal again, not that she is normal, of course. She moved to Miami after the attack on Lake Shore Middle School and her subsequent resignation, currently writing articles online for students and teachers. Her work on Collaborative Learning has earned her a reputation in the teaching sector of her state.


Loopsy is a Striker-Shaker with the power to create fields on touch. Loopsy creates a circular flat field that behaves like a carousel. Objects (including people) trapped within the field are incapable of leaving it. These objects move in circles, orbiting the center of the field. They begin slowly, at around 10 meters per second, in velocity and accelerate over a few minutes (around 10 to 12 minutes) to 80 m/s.

When Loopsy touches the field again, the circle breaks and pushes people within the field away with an explosion in the center of the field. Loopsy herself is immune to the field but not the explosion. She can also direct the explosion away from the field and cause the people within the field to get pushed to the center and clump together.


When the High Court announced that there would be no reparations paid towards the young teacher who was horribly maimed in a workplace accident, she had risen up within her community and gotten a few people together to protest against the verdict. A few of her own friends and colleagues had shown up in support. In a rare move, the Mayor's daughter had come along joined by a few of her fellow students from the University. About a hundred-and-fifty people had shown up in all. She had arranged, with great care, some banners, homemade cupcakes and punch among other things.

It was going smoothly, almost peacefully, even. They simply stood in defiance at the gates of the court and people quickly gathered. She didn't personally speak to the press, but the daughter of her city's mayor admirably handled the situation, crediting her for this protest against the unjust treatment of teachers in horrible work conditions. There were some other issues raised as well. The depressingly low income of Public School teachers and the lack of good healthcare infrastructure and even how there was no safety from unruly students for teachers.Things were going fine...

Until they were not. Some absolute idiot had gotten riled up, possibly due to a lack of "interesting" things happening and took it into their own hands to cause a riot in the back. It quickly spread and she found herself scrambling for control. At first, it was just a general rowdy behaviour. Shouting and cussing among other forms of verbal assault.

Then some other idiot began throwing rocks. The police began rounding them up and things began turning awry. Everybody could see how this was degenerating into the mother of all riots. She felt the judgmental stares of the cops as they closed in, holding riot shields and batons. Tear gas and BB Pellets were shot/thrown. She choked and felt her eyes burning up as she found herself in the center of all this chaos.

She reached out with her arms as she was crushed under the tide of people, trying to claw her way through but unable to...She felt the crushing guilt of having all these good people caught up in this drama. She felt fear and dread at what lay await if she were arrested. All the goodwill she had built up. She would be publicly shamed due to her own actions...

She triggered within the riot.

Thankfully, it all turned out well after that, somewhat. They let her go with a warning and she resigned from her school. It was a disaster that left her with something. A shitty compensation, but she could work with it.

She registered as an independent hero with her local PRT and began helping around, learning how her powers worked and pushing it to the limits. While she trained herself, it was no less grueling but it left her a better person than before.