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Notoriety Criminal
A /
Author /u/PM_ME_UR_SIMURGH (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Eva Fuentes
  • Rogue
  • Villain
Affiliation The Clinic Staff (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationTinker 5, Stranger 2
Born (1998-02-16) February 16, 1998 (age 25)
Ashton, Washington
Status Deceased
Residence Jade District
Nationality American
  • Cesar Fuentes (younger brother)
Reddit Sheet
Asbestos C | Astrohaunt B? | Knockoff F? | Misfit A$ | Retcon E | Zettai C?

Character Sheet

Approver Shimme
Mod Much_Howl


Lamplighter as her villain identity, Epitaph

Whatever she looked like originally, that's long-gone. She wears the skins and faces of anyone and everyone, as it suits her. However, at present she does have a favored form for her civ and villain identity.

Equipment and Resources

Her primary resource is her office located near the southern boundary of the Jade District, where she keeps all her tech and lives. In addition, she has "an arrangement" with the county coroner to ensure any of her tech that ends up on the slab is returned to her.

She also has a pair valuable assistants: one Steven Robertson MD, and Ms. Karen Martinelli, who both work at her office and assist with operations and business ventures (Dr. Robertson and Ms. Martinelli both have Shards implanted (see below)).

She has about $100,000 in the bank at present.

  • Epitaph Costume - Best described as biker ninja. Will help out in a knife fight but won't do much against a large-caliber gun (rating II-A on the chart)
  • Weapons - In her costumed identity, she carries a sword and several throwing knives (some of which are coated in potent paralytics, strong enough to take down a not-Brute in ten minutes). She also keeps loaded pistols in her desk drawer and bedside table (Smith and Wesson 500 magnum, because if she has to shoot someone they'd better stay fucking down), and occasionally takes one of these out with her if needed.
  • Transportation - Her civ ID has the world's least-ominous vehicle, a leased Prius. On the other hand, she keeps around a custom-built bike for villainy purposes.

Skills and Specializations

She's gotten pretty decent with her sword and throwing knives. Out of necessity she's gotten some skill at acting and emulating mannerisms.


Eva is a bit of a split personality. In her lab, she's dedicated, obsessive almost to a fault, almost but not quite giving her a mad scientist vibe. However, in costume, she takes that same obsessive nature and turns it into ruthlessness. Once she has a goal in mind she'll stop at nothing to achieve it, even if it means becoming a monster.


(Trusted Power)

Lamplighter is a Tinker specializing in the art of preserving human consciousness. She is able to create implanted devices that store the human consciousness for safekeeping in case of death. In addition, this lets her transfer them between bodies. Note that all the following technologies comprise the entirety of her hours.

Shard Construction Pipeline

  • Appearance: A bunch of futuristic-looking tooling and Tinker bullshit, set up in her workshop.
  • Abilities: She uses this technology to create her Shards. It has no other functionality. Maybe she can club someone with a futuristic wrench or some shit idk.
  • Duration: It takes about one week of labor (and $5000 of material) to create a Shard. She can make unlimited shards, limited by time and money.


  • Appearance: Each Shard is a small metal chip, a couple inches around, that is implanted at the base of the neck. If populated with a consciousness, it will glow faintly in a color corresponding with that consciousness.
  • Abilities: A Shard stores the entirety of its owner's consciousness inside itself, including all thoughts, memories, and knowledge. If the owner is killed, their consciousness can live on inside the Shard so long as it is not damaged (Shards are pretty sturdy, but they won't hold up to a firm stabbing or a bullet). The Shard can then be implanted in another host to take it over, or interfaced with a computer to live in VR. Once someone is Sharded, their consciousness is permanently stored inside the Shard, and will only die with the Shard, even if in a host.
  • Duration: Shards last indefinitely without maintenance so long as they are implanted into a living person. Outside of this, they will last about a month in the environment before beginning to decay. Decay at first consists of random memory loss, but as it progresses it will begin to result in personality changes and diminished mental faculties. After six months, it will no longer be recoverable. If a sleeved Shard is hit with an EMP, it will cause the host to have spasms and seizures for one (1) round.
  • Notes: With a limited production rate and a price tag around $10,000, these aren't exactly going to be given out like candy. Schrödinger doesn't get one either.

Also, it's worth noting the shard doesn't copy the consciousness, it moves it (so you can't have duplicates, sorry!), leaving the original body in a vegetative state with no higher brain function. she can only install shards in humans or humanoid c53s (needs a matching nervous system), and that installing a Shard will overwrite the brain, destroying the host's consciousness if it wasn't backed up. Any powers the Sharded person has will move with them after a delay (we will roll for this, and simulating conditions similar to the patient's trigger event can bring this time down). You can't gain, lose, or transfer powers this way.

The Library

The Library
  • Appearance: A dimly-lit room in her workshop, kept chilled and to the proper specifications for indefinite preservation of loose Shards. The walls are lined with card catalog cabinets, in which Shards are stored.
  • Abilities: Allows for safe archival and storage of a Shard outside of a body.
  • Notes: This room is kept snug and tight at all times, both for security and to maintain the proper environment inside.


  • Appearance: A large chair with electrodes and wires to be placed on someone. Think the chair-things in The Matrix, crossed with a comfy armchair. There are two in total, one in Lamplighter's workshop and one in the visitation area of her office.
  • Abilities: These chairs allow interaction with Shards in a simulated VR environment. All systems are networked together, in effect allowing two people and up to five unsleeved Shards to exist in a single environment. The setting is determined and controlled by Lamplighter, and while it can be very realistic, small details may be off due to limitations. Nothing that occurs inside the VR will reflect real-life injuries, but everything will feel real. It takes about an hour of Lamplighter working to hook up a normal person, but Sharded people and loose shards can be set up in mere seconds.

Lamplighter Surgical Center

Lamplighter's office and home