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Lag Switch
Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/FoolishScotsman (capes)
Civilian name Cid Parkins
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Ashton)
Status NPC
Residence Downtown, Ashton
Nationality Scottish
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Reddit Sheet

Cid has not used his power much beyond his trigger but has made his services public, offering the effects of his power at a cost. For details see this reddit thread.

Character Sheet


A fair-skinned Scotsman who moved to the Americas in his teens, Cid sports a thickset build with an unhealthy amount of fat on his bones. Measuring at just over 5’8” with rather dull looking brown hair and the eyes to match he struggles to stand out in a crowd, looking rather ordinary. However, the accent he brought across with him has the opposite effect, his deep and croaky voice making it especially memorable. Cid generally wears dark clothing; black t-shirts, grey or blue jeans and grey or black loafers. Upon closer examination, you might notice many pale sharp scars running up and down the entirety of Cid's arms. These accompany many several larger marks on his chest and a large patch of unnatural looking flesh over his abdomen.

His cape personas costume consists of an old black suit which doesn't quite fit and a blank white mask that covers his face but leaves the rest of his head and neck exposed.

Equipment and Resources

  • A small 1 bedroom apartment downtown, a five-minute walk from the nearest endbringer shelter.
  • A large supply of canned rations and various other supplies such as; first aid, blankets and water
  • Around £1000 in savings
  • A red moped stored in a nearby lockup.
  • A black business suit with a blue tie and black shoes.
  • A blank white mask
  • A small taser and a can of pepper spray.

Skills and Specializations

  • Several dated first aid certifications
  • Licensed to drive HGV, Cars, and Bikes.
  • Graduated from High school


Paranoid; Terrified of the unknown and constantly worrying. Once upon a time, Cid was a carefree and motivated individual, willing to work any job as long as he got his pay at the end of the day. Unfortunately, his trigger changed him drastically, instilling fear of any and all possible danger outside his apartment. Cid spends all his time at home keeping to himself and socializing with the few friends he has online. He doesn’t trust himself or his power out in public, fearing a repeat of what happened during his initial trigger.


Trigger type: Natural Trigger, First Trigger

By touching someone and activating his power Cid can grant them invunerability for 1 hour. During this time those affected by his power are immune to most forms of harm and thus extremely hard to kill. However, once this time has passed any injuries or harm that the affected person would have received during the period are inflicted upon them.

This invunerability doesn't stop attacks completely. To an attacker it would still look and feel as if their actions effected you normally, but without any wounds appearing. Imagine trying to attack an extremely powerful regenerator with a normal resistance to damage, As your weapons pierce, slash, crush, etc the wounds are healing so quickly you don't see any damage being left behind.

  • A stab would puncture flesh and drive as deep as you could normally push it into the body, however the victim wouldnt feel the wound and once the knife was removed no wound would be visible.
  • A slash from a blade would follow the path through your body it normally would, acting although it does hit and feel the resistance of flesh and bone, but at no point would the blades path show any damage.
  • A punch would hit your chest and stop unless the punch was done with enough power to literally punch through you, in which case the fist would pierce your form.
  • A bullet would still burrow into or pierce you and follow its original path with the effected velocity, leaving no wound in your flesh.

There are a few rules to the use of this power that Cid knows about:

  • Cid cannot use this power on himself in any way.
  • Can apply this power to ten people at once, never tried beyond this.
  • Can only apply this power to a living organism
  • Cannot adjust the duration of the power, It's always 1 hour.
  • Any injuries sustained before applying the power remain throughout the duration of the power.