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Notoriety Criminal
E / +
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Esra Arslan
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None
Status Deceased
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

None so far. Fresh trigger.

Character Sheet


Her rough skin, calloused hands and bagged eyes aren’t the first thing you notice, it’s the intense look that seem to cut through you, that recognizes and dismisses your bullshit for what it is. That’s what you notice first.

Lean, she’s almost always dressed in no-nonsense practical clothing, her hair kept to mid-neck length and usually bundled in a tight ponytail. You’re more likely to see her in steel-toe boots than heels. Skin that’s light caramel in tone, dark hair, rich brown eyes.

Equipment and Resources

Barely getting by. An early 2000s Chevy sedan, less than $100 in the bank.


Survival Suit

  • Appearance: A black rubberized shell, a thick transparent frame for the face, this is a rigid container almost reminiscent of swaddling cloth, appropriate in size for a two year old. An off-yellow fluid surrounds those inside it.
  • Abilities: Places the person in a state of almost perfect bio stasis, nearly time locked while they’re inside, a hundred years could pass and you wouldn’t be able to tell. Anyone inside is unconscious, does not breathe, does not have a heartbeat or any other vital functions.

Sleep Poison

  • Appearance: On it’s own, a silvery liquid. When placed in a liquid it takes on the same color and clarity as what it’s mixed in. Odorless, tasteless. Works on introduction to the bloodstream or by ingestion.
  • Abilities: Acts as a paralytic and almost a ‘living preservative’, slowing biological functions to a crawl, with heart rates, breath rate, electrical activity of the brain and other elements of normal bodily function to far below normal. Think Juliet, Sleeping Beauty, etc. This is completely safe, and in fact it is nearly impossible to overdose on it. A massive dose can cause at most two hours of this state. It is an extremely quick acting poison, symptoms appearing in seconds rather than more ‘realistic’ time frames for non-tinker poisons. At lower doses, the effects are far less pronounced. Slowed perceptions of time, lethargy, disorientation, shortness of breath, confusion are possible. Subsequent applications can cause additionally enhanced effects until the person goes to sleep.
  • Note: Several vials are carried in concealed pockets of her costume.


  • Appearance: The mask has an ivory-colored veneer over steel, the face vaguely feminine and appearing slightly sad. The suit covers her from her toes to her jawline and around the back of her head, repeating elements of faux-ivory, stainless steel and black plastic creating a slightly inhuman feel to the costume.
  • Abilities: It artificially augments the stamina of it’s wearer, making it almost impossible to feel fatigue from physical exertion. Does an excellent job of insulating the wearer from ambient temperature changes, electrical shock, dangerous acids. It’s significantly less effective at protecting from ‘directed’ temperature changes, struggling to compensate for the disparity in temperatures in specific places. (It’d be fantastic serving as a fireman’s uniform, it would not be nearly as effective against a focused beam of heat or cold for example. Small razor like blades can be deployed on several spots on the hand with a gesture, a small reservoir of her Sleeping Poison hidden in the gloves coats them. Able to apply a small dose should she slice and dice someone up. These blades are designed to create shallow cuts, a method to introduce the poison, not to kill someone. Frequent usage of steel in the construction makes this quite sturdy.

"Uhhh what're those guys from Game of Thrones? Faceless Men? I don't know, something like that."

  • Appearance: See Abilities
  • Abilities: Overlays "Tangible Images" on Kismet, letting her create pre-set identities/images to switch into. Only works for people her size and shape or larger. Voice change included. Replicates different clothing textures, skin temperature, even pulse and sweat and all those little details. You can't actually remove things from this preset image, body hair that was plucked wouldn't be, you can't kick off shoes, things like that. Requires a good chunk of work to prepare one - she can't just become a doppelganger of someone on the fly. Doesn't compensate well for things that would change someones appearance. Hair will blow in the wind, you can get red in the face and cry and all that, but if you were splattered in mud, given a punch that would form a big bruise, had a glass of wine spill on you, it isn't smart enough to accommodate that sort of thing and would 'short out.' Takes 5 second to get into a form, getting out is instant.

Skills and Specializations

Good with power tools and a welder, DiYer, a former national guard veteran with a tour in a combat zone. Used to love cooking, never finds the time for anything that isn’t a basic slapped together meal nowadays. Bilingual in English and Turkish.


You do what you have to to get by. People should treat each other well, but don’t expect others to do the same. Pick your fights carefully, but the ones that you choose should be till the bloody end. A mentally tough person whose willing to get involved to solve a problem, who defines themselves by who and what they’d sacrifice for.

There’s an expectation that other people will behave badly, that others aren’t as moral or well-intentioned as she is. Her missteps are genuine mistakes or necessary transgressions, while others mistakes and questionable choices are the result of maliciousness. A bit prone to conspiracy theories.


Trigger Type: Single Natural Trigger

Begins with a narrow field of specialty, but can expand it at a cost. While within their initial field They can build things related to that field (Described below separately from the actual power). However, should the field prove insufficient for their needs they can expand into an additional field, at a cost increasing based on the conceptual ‘distance’ of the specializations. For purposes of explanation, the power described below will use a a specialization that they do not currently possess. For ease of understanding, the side effects of gaining a new specialization (Referred to as a Move going forward) will fall under Minor, Moderate and Severe. These side effects describe the closeness of their new specialization with their old one, with more similar specializations having less major effects.

When they gain a new specialization, it is based off of a prior one as a starting point. Moving from the base ability of Cold Rays to Heat Rays, or from Cold Rays to Cold Generators is a Minor move, as these concepts are closely related. Moving from Cold Rays to Time-Slowing Bombs is a Moderate move (Conceptually the character considers Cold related to Slowing, a Raygun and a Bomb as both weapons). Moving from a Cold Ray to Autonomous robots is a Severe move, as they have conceptually almost nothing in common to the character. Once they have moved from Cold Ray to Time-Slowing Bombs they could branch off from Time Slowing Bombs to Personal Time Slowing Devices for a Minor move, along with all other moves. They are able to combine specializations to produce Tinker Tech without making a Move, E.G. they could combine Cold Rays with Time Slowing Bombs to potentially create a Ray based Time Slowing effect. Eventually this character will have a plethora of fairly focused specialties to work within.

In other words, they start at specialty A, can move to or skip over (at increased penalties) the related specialty B, and then arrive at C. Then they can combine gear from A and C, making something reminiscent of what could be achieved with B. This is balanced by the prices that have to be paid for researching a new specialization. For every new Specialization, they will suffer at least one thematically appropriate, permanent mutation or mental alteration. A Severe Move additionally calls for a potentially catastrophic action or tinkering done during their Tinker Fugue State, potentially with lethal outcomes for Kismet. Their Tinker Fugue States are particularly intense, and in a Severe Move they may make creations they didn't intend to.

These mutations can be big or small, examples being glowing veins, horns sprouting, their teeth being constantly replaced in a shark-like fashion with needle-like dentata, changing their bones to becoming soft and rubbery when pressure is applied to them. Mental effects can be extremely varied too, changes to aggression levels, alterations to how they process the world around them and much more.

While there can be some benefits to the mutations and mental alterations, they as a whole are negatives that will slowly destroy their life, sanity and humanity as the shard takes over more and more.