Karma Chameleon

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Karma Chameleon
Karma's costume (Sans Halo)
Notoriety Criminal
X /
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Alexis Carter
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Furies (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStranger (Mover
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

A Stranger/Mover. Short range blink teleportation and some kind of emotional manipulation / and or information relay interference power.

Character Sheet


See above

Equipment and Resources

  • Pepper spray
  • Cell phone
  • Cash on hand

Skills and Specializations

  • Former Air Force that had been qualified to fly F-18 variants, a couple Cessna trainers.
  • A Master’s in Aeronautic Engineering, A paper published in a respected journal.
  • Air Force Basic Training, Officers Training, a high school and college involved in JROTC/ROTC - the whole hog.
  • Reasonably fit, jogs.


Determined and ‘goal oriented’, has enough dedication to follow a multi-year plan given that there’s not some kind of extreme discouragement.

A generally positive outlook, given to jokes and tricks at others expenses. Mean-spirited at times.


Karma Chameleon is a Master/Stranger and Mover with a power in two parts.

The first part is a global effect with which nobody is able to convey negative opinions, pejoratives, accusations of wrongdoing etc towards Karma Chameleon. This does not actually change someone’s mind, but they’ll stumble over any attempts to say an unkind, or even just generally negative thing about them. A Hero coming up to them while they were robbing a bank wouldn’t say “Stop Villain!” they would say “Stop… you person!” Note that if the person stopping them truly believed that being a villain wasn't a bad thing and they weren’t using it pejoratively then they could absolutely call her a villain… but that’d be kinda weird for a Hero.

This power can be ‘focused’ in two stages. Upon going into either Focus mode, she will blink teleport to an area that isn't being observed within eight feet of her.

The first stage of Focus directs this global effect, where it’s actively dispersing hostile intentions. Someone wants to just kick Karma in the head, and now there’s just no real desire to.

For the second stage of Focus, targets in eyesight OR that they’re in combat with (you can’t be invisible or hide behind a wall and become immune to her effect) will have their hostile intentions not removed, but instead redirected. One moment you want to punch her, the next you want to punch the person next to you - note that this is not the same as forcing Cape A punch Cape B, rather it redirects the hostile intention.

So, two tenuous allies that are barely able to put their differences aside might have a breaking moment and turn on each other, or the capes might decide that a Brute ally of hers is the target that they really want to hit. Two Heroes punch each other in the face, but after the initial confusion they probably don’t keep it up.


It was always your dream to become an astronaut, and now it was finally happening! Admittedly, not under the best of circumstances - you were worried that your ex might try and pull something while divorce proceedings happened - but it wasn’t something you were going to give up.

Well turns out you were right to be worried. Within a week there were allegations that you’d assaulted her, with filings that existed juuuust long enough to be recorded for the divorce. Bullshit. Your step-son doesn’t call or say hello and you realize that you’re being cut off. You start worrying about what she’s doing, saying about you when the big one hits, some kind of FTC complaint that you’d ‘hacked’ their bank account - the one that was jointly listed, that you had the freaking password too! She must have tipped off some journalists because next thing you know, the New York Times is running an article entitled ‘World’s First Space Crime?’, and now NASA and the FTC are ‘investigating’. Oh, she’d outed you on a national level too, which was absolutely not something you were ready to deal with either… Your career was probably over too. NASA wouldn’t want an astronaut with this kind of baggage.

Realizing that you were trapped up on the ISS for months while your bitch of an ex was torching your life just to get an edge in the divorce proceedings, understanding that you had no way to defend yourself from her attacks or from the gawking public, you trigger.