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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/RelapsingThinker (capes)
Civilian name Quincy Macintosh
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born (2002-12-09) December 9, 2002 (age 20)
Seattle, Washington
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Kami is known hero apart of the team Vanguard and the creator of Freedom Gate. His specialty isn't clear but it is known that he is tinker who has the capabilities for Virtual Reality.

Character Sheet


He has fiery red hair with bright emerald green eyes alongside a mass of freckles that span across his face from one dimple to the other. His face is a little rounded. He has a skinny build and is medium height standing around 5’6” in height. He normally wears a black pair of glasses.

His costume consist of a blue scarf, blue jeans, a black metallic backpack, black katana, and a blue shirt.

Equipment and Resources

  • Zipties
  • Cell Phone


Hero Academy

A VR world which is synced to his tech and can be accessed with his grimoire.

  • Appearance: There are two forty story buildings that have bridge connecting the two buildings forming a capital H. Each building covers the same area as a traditional school would. There is also another building that is behind the main one forms a capital A without the line between the two sides. The windows of the building is slightly tinted green ,and around the buildings there are trees scattered around. There is a paved path that leads from the doors of the school to the gate. The gate is closed with concrete walls. The gate is also part of concrete fence that surround the entire school. The world has a day and night cycle that is set to match the outside world.
  • Abilities:Kami has coded this world to allow for Blue Bird to be able to manifest within this world. Blue Bird comes from Kami like a aura then forms into a floating ghost behind him similar to the way it forms in real life. Blue Bird is also incapable of moving more than six meters away from Kami. This world also has safeguards built in that decrease damage from anyone within to only bruises, shallow cuts, and slight burns no matter how intensive the attacks are. This ,however; doesn’t decrease the pain from these attacks.

Blue Bird within this virtual world has added abilities that have a name and are based around lighting

Raging Thunder Cannon: This move takes ten seconds to charge and is released from the mouth of Blue Bird in a blue energy beam that explodes in electrical energy upon contact. This attack releases voltage similar to lightning ,however; it will not damage a person enough to kill or do much damage outside a few burns and paralysis for five seconds.

Lightning Speed Cruiser: This a rapid wave of electricity charged punches by Blue Bird. The electricity is only as strong as a taser and the punches are comparable to that of a UFC fighter. This attack also only lasts for fifteen seconds. This attack requires for Blue Bird to be right up in front of someone and while its active Blue Bird can’t leave its position.

Omega Eagle Soaring Roaring God Bazooka Canon Blade: This is Blue Bird’s final attack. Upon activating this ability the sky grow black with lighting and thunder rampaging through the skies. Blue Bird reaches up to the sky and and massive pillar of lighting rips through the sky and into its hand forming a blade that is as big as one of the school buildings. Then upon Kami’s command it brings this blade down at his opponents. This attack explodes in what could be similar to a nuclear bomb tornado of electricity. This attack once it has landed triggers the failsafe that shut down the world which kicks Kami and the other person out of it.


Kami's signature tool and creation which he uses as his main form of attack.

  • Appearance: Active: A male figure with long sky blue hair and a crown that has emerald green gems of varying shapes and sizes. His arms, legs, and the top portion of his chest is covered in a blue feather patterned armor. The lower half of his chest shows off his ten pac abs.

Passive: When Blue Bird isn’t activated, it is a cloud of nanobots that are housed within a black metallic backpack. This backpack is in sync with his grimoire.

  • Abilities: Physical Capabilities: BB is as strong as an average human in durability and strength.

Flight: It naturally leviates off the ground ,however; its speed of movement is limited to average human running speeds. It also can’t move more than 6 meters away from Kami.

Sensory: Kami is capable of seeing what BB can through a small screen projected out from his grimoire.

Four Leaf Grimoire: World Magic

This is Kami's hub which allows for to access all of his VR worlds and his other tech.

  • Appearance: A thick cobalt blue book that has intricate designs across the front and back of the book. The front cover’s designs come together in the center to form a four leaf clover. The pages of the book are colored to look like they are aged and there is complex coding that is inscribed across the pages. This coding moves and changes at what appears to be random.
  • Abilities: This book works as a new replacement for his helmet. It is linked with all of his tech and allows him to operate all of it through it. The text on the pages is actually coding that tells him the general condition of his gear and his VR worlds. It does have a projection function which will provide video and images of his VR worlds and whatever BlueBird is looking at.

Jets: It also has small nanobots that mixed in with the cover to provide a small jet system which allows the book to float to him when it leaves his hands.

Durability: The book is fairly durable as it can take a decent bit of a beating. The pages are difficult to tear out also.


This is Kami's VR headset and costume in one.

  • Appearance: A cobalt blue scarf that has silver feather designs across it. The inner part of the scarf is laced with tech that has dim blue glow and similar coding to what is written in his Grimoire.
  • Abilities: His scarf has a built in neural adaptor that allows for him to sync up in his worlds similar to how his helmet worked. It is also linked in with his pack that allows for him to control BlueBird in the same fashion as before.

Something new that he has built in is a small hard-light projector that is only strong enough to project a thin layer about as thick as skin over his face and hair. This allows for him to make a lot of cosmetic change to his facial appearance like: making his face appear cartoony, draping his face in shadows, and making his hair and eyes change colors.

Durability: It’s tough and can stop most knives ,but a low brute could rip it easily.

Black Bird

This Kami's "full power" or his demon form as he would call it.

  • Appearance: A ghastly pale male figure with short white hair that barely hangs down to his ears. Inbedded in his head are three rubies that pulse with some sort of dark energy. There is a long scar across his face that cuts through one of his eyes leaving that one hidden behind a bloody red eye patch. The other eye has a wide black iris that nearly over takes the whites of the eye. He is dressed in a black suit of knight armor with black feathers around his neck expect for the front. The chest of this armor forms the design of crow with its mouth open. The eyes of the crow are ruby red.

Black Bird is triggered when Kami draws his sword from its sheath. This will cause it to override his pack and cause it to be summon instead of Blue Bird. This also causes Taka to change Kami’s face so its shrouded in darkness with only a piercing red eye shining through.

  • Abilities: Black Bird unlike Blue Bird doesn’t have any physical abilities. Its abilities tie into its ability to control Kami through the use of nanobot strings or so it seems. The strings are just there for looks as Black Bird’s true abilities manifest within its VR world that is activated on Kami upon its summon.

Sensory: Black Bird is capable of seeing the world outside which works as direct feed to its VR world. It can also see from both eyes even though their is eye patch over one.

Durability: Normal human durability

Akuma no yami no ōkoku

This is world is directly connected with Black Bird.

  • Appearance:[world]
  • Abilities:This world alongside Black Bird is capable of simulating people into the world. The simulations work as a real time copy that moves in sync with the people who are being simulated.

BlackBird within this world was programed with one main ability and an extensive combat abilities based upon the anime’s Kami has seen. The main ability that BlackBird possess is its control over Kami’s movements. This control is fine and capable of making Kami perform complex motions that he wouldn’t be able to do on his own. The combat skills are a mix of Sasuke, Zoro, Ichigo which gives him Kendo on the level of a veteran swordsman. His hand the hand combat is taken from Goku which allows for him to use Southern Dragon Kung Fu to the level of a trained martial artist.

This world is programmed with the stationary safeguard turned off. This means that Kami will move forward and around in the real world if he moves in the VR one.

Eternal Mangekyo

  • Appearance:The [design] is looks like the bot in the top left corner. The coloring of the varies depending on which program is active. Blue Bird is blue and white and Black Bird is red and black.
  • Abilities:Mobility: The now upgraded Mangekyos are capable of moving across surfaces to get to a target’s spinal cord or head. Once they have found the areas, they dig into the flesh and commence the uploading of their mind into a VR world. This link is near instant ,and requires the outside assist of someone to break the chip or remove to take them out. While within the world, all of their senses become unresponsive to our world and only to the VR world.

Durability: These are durable enough to require something like a hammer or a really hard stomp to break.

Strength: The bots are capable of digging through light mesh ,but any sort of armor or thick clothing it is unable to get through.

Duration: One hour before the VR will shut down letting the person out of it.

Skills and Specializations

He is a ameatur at swordsmanship and is a decent hand to hand fighter. He is rather clever when it comes to thinking on his feet when in danger. He knows a decent bit of Japanese ,but its riddle with mistakes as he has only learned from watching anime and using google translate.


He views the world as a story that revolves around himself and because of this, he has this sense of invincibility and bravado in dangerous situations. He also has this preconceived notion that he is the hero and everyone against him is a friend waiting to be pulled out of darkness. He has a very big value in friendship ,and is willing to do anything for his friends. His generally kind albeit narcissistic personality does a 180 when the lives of people ,who he deem his friends, are put into danger. He becomes vengeful and cruel with very little restrain of his actions. He will not kill though as that goes against his hero mentality. Quincy is also a bit of a ambition geek who strives to become the best and strongest hero.


Kami is a Magi x Limit Tinker whose specialty revolves around Virtual Reality. His tech has a wide but cohesive range. He can build fully interactive VR worlds, create markers that turn a area into a VR landscape, implants that can link people into theses worlds that he has built, and create realistic projections of himself that he can sense through.


Quincy has always dreamed of being a hero since he was a child. However, he didn’t look up to the heroes that were in the world he lived in. He thought the heroes that existed in anime were true heroes. He respected their resolve to never give up no matter the danger and their sense of comradery that they shared with their friends. He wanted that resolve and friendship. He wanted to be that hero that he kept seeing over and over. This began his obsession which started off innocent. He would run around with his arms behind his back through his neighbourhood looking for people to save and friends to make. This gained him a lot of odd looks, a few ass kickings, and a friend whose name was Gareth .

This obsession only grew as he got older ,but he didn’t have the same results. Middle School was rough as most of his school friend who had thought he was close to started to avoid him. They saw him as being cringy ,but his friend Gareth stuck by him. Gareth did try to get Quincy to tone down ,but Quincy didn’t feel as if he needed too. He had his best friend and he would gain more like Gareth. High School grew much worst for Quincy. He was actively avoided by most people and even Gareth ,his one real friend, was always finding ways to distance himself from Kami. He did consider altering himself and he made a effort to let Gareth know which got him his friend back. Then when it came for Sophomore year, he thought he could do it. However, the ideal and fantasy burned bright within him and looked for a way out. It was the first day of school and he saw Gareth with a group people. He walked normally over and resisted his urge to let the people around him know of his dream. This was until someone brought up college and got everyone talking about what they wanted to do after high school. That flame burst into a wild fire and he became his old self once more.

He told them about how he wanted to be a hero that saves everyone and doesn’t go back on their word no matter what. As he ranted, Gareth reached his boiling point. He shouted at Quincy which shut him up right away. Then he let Quincy have the truth to how he felt. He told him that he was a childish retard who will never accomplish anything. That his dream was one of a fairy tale and that Quincy needs to grow up because no one likes him. Through this sudden information ,that in the back of his head, he knew to be true tied with the fact it was coming from his best friend. He triggered at his fantasy shattering right before him. Once it was over Quincy had a smile on his face and silently around to Naruto run to class.