Ironclad Beetle

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The Ironclad Beetle
He approaches, The Ironclad Beetle!
Notoriety Criminal
F / -
Author /u/DaveredRoddy (capes)
Civilian name Jackson Myers
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Unknown)
PRT ClassificationBrute
Born (1976-12-21) December 21, 1976 (age 46)
Status NPC
Other names Beetle, Beet, The Ironlad
Reddit Sheet

An imposing Brute that powers through pain thrown at him. What motives The Ironclad Beetle has are pretty unclear. But, one thing is for certain, his resolve is as unbreakable as his invincible armor. Nothing impedes his way!

Character Sheet


When not covered in his armour, Jackson Myers is a 6 feet 2 inch tall Caucasian man of an average build, short-cropped greyish-black hair, a killer silver beard, blue eyes, and wrinkles

Equipment and Resources

Is a bit of a mechanic and knows some boxing (Southpaw Slugger) he has learned from all the bar fights he's been involved in.


Stoic, quiet, and blunt - this mentality had been molded to become what it is after being a part of a biker gang for many years, before leaving his chapter after a series of incidents that lead to the demise of his beloved wife. After the incident, his mentality has been somewhat worse, either being unnecessarily sarcastic or completely insensitive to those around him.


Upon the activation of his Breaker state, Beetle gets wrapped inside a 7 inch thick, heavy armor of a black unknown substance that provides nearly absolute invincibility to any and all incoming damage. He cannot be harmed, projectiles, bombs, energy-based attacks (i.e Radiation), wave-based attacks (i.e soundwaves, electromagnetic waves), and any exterior sources of damage. Beetle is susceptible to internal damage however so if a cape can cause hemorrhage or somehow burst a lung then he's dead. The Beetle is also very vulnerable to mental and emotional attacks. The hard exterior of his armor doesn't protect him from infuriatingly poor shitposts.

The Beetle cannot easily flicker between his Breaker state and his normal form. He needs to wait 3 minutes before re-activating the armour.

Also, Beetle's breaker state does not last forever. Myers can sustain his form if he receives pain from damage inflicted on him. He does not feel pain in his Breaker state. Rather, the sensation is converted energy that allows him to sustain the Breaker state. The more painful the attack, the more energy he gets, and the longer he can remain in his Breaker state. If a nuke hit Beetle, he could last in his Breaker state for a year.

-A punch would give him 1 minute of energy.

-A bat or a melee weapon attack will give him 2 minutes of energy.

-A gunshot wound gives him 10 minutes of energy

-When not in his Breaker state, Myers passively generates energy in his power-bank that allows him to stay in his form for 5 minutes.

Myers grows 7 feet tall when in his Breaker state and becomes 300 lbs heavier.

As imposing as he may be, he isn't very strong. Sure his punches could break a nose or two but he can't carry cars with one hand. He's also VERY slow in this form. His immobility causes him to turn off his Breaker state to escape from tight situations.

The best way to beat Beetle is to not beat him at all. Like seriously, don't fight or engage him and wait for his form to turn off gradually. Also, tying him up or stalling him would do the trick. Outpacing him is also incredibly easy.

Overall, he has a lot more weaknesses than it may seem. You can beat him if you're very smart about it.


Jackson Myers grew up the worst way possible, with a drunkard father and without a mother who died when he was 7. He didn't love his father very much and he didn't care for school either but developed a ceaseless passion for motorbikes and biker-gangs. He ran away from his home and became a part of his area's Chapter at the age of 18, whereas an Associate he would go around doing odd-jobs and drinking beer with his fellow brothers. At 21, he started getting involved in his gang's criminal activity, by taking part in a liquor store stick-up. He would go on to perform more crimes for his gang and would work extremely hard to earn the respect of his brothers.

One day as his chapter was having a beer party at their clubhouse, Jack met a beautiful girl, an outsider who attended the party for fun, by the name of Melanie whom he fell deeply in love with. Melanie was a perfectly normal girl, who grew up with both parents with a picket fence and a family sedan, who studied at a university, got good grades and aspired to be a Journalist. She was nothing like the dumb biker skanks that regularly came to the clubhouse. Since they were complete opposites, they were perfect for each other and soon they fell deeply for each other.

Myers would spend more time with Melanie than with his brothers, and he'd do whatever he could to support her through her journalistic career.

Eventually, she got a job, and Myers couldn't be happier for her. But the issue with this though is that Melanie wanted Myers to be clean, to start anew. His outlaw life wouldn't be accepted by her journalistic peers.

Myers had to choose between the brotherhood that accepted him or the girl who he loved so very much.

He decided he'd leave his brother's on a good note, by doing them one last favor before quitting the brotherhood. Myers was tasked to assassinate a prominent rival gang leader. With tremendous difficulty and hardship, he completed the task successfully and was free to live with his girlfriend who he proposed very soon.

They became a happily married couple. Myers worked at a garage as a mechanic while his wife worked as a journalist for her local newspaper.

On their 5th wedding anniversary of Melanie surprised Myers with a very special gift, A Harley Davidson 1983 XR-1000. It's an extremely rare and expensive bike which Myers was surprised to see when Melanie gifted it to him. He asked her how she could afford the bike with her meager salary as a weekly column writer for an obscure newspaper company. She replied that she'd been saving up for so long just for him, working extra long nights to earn some extra money. and that she kinda felt bad that she made Myers leave his brothers for her, so she wanted to make up for it.

Myers asked why. Why did she have to go through all this trouble for a bike Myers never really needed? It was a boyhood fantasy to ride the bike but it definitely didn't seem like it was worth the trouble to make it a reality.

She giggled and simply replied

"Because I love you, silly"


Everything had gone well for Myers in the years that came. He had a lovely wife who he sired two kids with, he had a stable job as a bike mechanic, they were going to send their kids to college...things were looking up for Jacky. Everything should have gone well.

But alas, fate has other plans for Myers.

You see, biker gangs keep hold of grudges for a very long time. If a beloved brother gets murdered, you can damn well be sure that the brotherhood will never forget the killer.

In the dead of the night, a group of bikers close to the leader Myers had killed invaded his house, kidnapped him and his wife, and slit the throat of his children who were very young at the time.

They took him and his wife to a warehouse, planning the myriad of ways to torture Myers in the worst way possible.

First, it was physical. They tortured him and his wife; beating them with bats, cutting them with butterfly knives, and pouring acid on parts of the body.

The physical pain wasn't enough though. The bikers wanted to hurt Myers' spirit too. They needed a way for Myers to understand the pain they've felt emotionally when their brother had been killed all those years ago.

Jackon knew what they were going to do next and pleaded they not lay a finger on Melanie. He pleaded for his life in exchange for Melanie's. She was innocent and didn't deserve any of this.

His pleas fell on deaf ears.

One by one they proceeded to violate Melanie all while Myers watched in tears. The screams of his sweet wife Melanie tore his soul asunder, as the bikers made him watch every second of the terrible unspeakable crime unfold before his eyes.

The screams were getting louder and louder. Myers was starting to get numb. His mind was on the verge of total collapse.


Something else happened.

Something so very different. As if, a dark part of Myers' soul had been awakened from dormancy.

It was calling out to him, crying to be let free, desperate to let it consume him and all of his pain. All he needed to do was to pull the trigger and it would free him from all the physical pain he had felt throughout this ordeal.

Myers didn't want the burden of this pain. He wants to get rid of it in any way he could. And so he did pull the trigger.

The Birth of the Ironclad Beetle

Myers grew taller than he normally was. His body was covered with a strange black armor with large spiked shoulder-pads. He wore a helmet whose visor had three thin slits for vision, with sharp horns poking out from the top of the helm and arching to the back.

His arms were covered with serrated coarse gauntlets and he could feel his footwear change into heavy metallic greaves that scraped the ground like nails on a chalkboard. A sizeable crack could be seen in the middle of his chest, emanating some uncanny yellow energy from an unknown source. Wisps of black smoke reeked out of the sides of his armor, providing a physical representation of Jackson's pain and rage. Overall, his new appearance had created a very frightening image of a man who was literal a shell of his former self.

The bikers stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to Myers. They were very confused.

Myers tore free of his constraints that no longer fit around his new body. He grabbed the throat of the nearest biker and violently swung him down into the ground, before using the sharp ends of his gauntlets to impale the biker's throat.

They were all alarmed now and reached out frantically for their firearms.

The biker's would soon learn that their bullets did nothing to kill the monster before them.

Myers approached his assaulters slowly but menacingly. They continued to shoot at him, unaware the bullets were only empowering him even more.

The Ironclad Beetle grabbed the barrel of one biker's gun, pointed it straight into his head, and prompted him to shoot as many times as he liked.

The biker did shoot.

It did not have an effect.

Myers threw a hard punch to the biker's face, knocking him out cold. He then violently stamped the biker's head, using the crushing weight of his armor with full force, until the unfortunate biker's skull was nothing more than a grotesque mixture of meat and crunched bones.

Once he was done, he stood very still. He allowed all the remaining bikers to absorb what had just happened... and what was going to happen to them if they didn't run.

They all screamed in fear and ran for their bikes.

The Beetle attempted to chase after them, but he was too slow to catch up.

His form slowly deteriorated, and Myers was human again.

Human enough to realise that his wife was no longer breathing.