Ice Dancer

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Ice Dancer
Ice Dancer.jpg
Ice Dancer without her mask.
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/LizzyB1t (capes)
Civilian name Carrie Vancourt
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker (Mover)
Born (2004-06-25) June 25, 2004 (age 18)
Brainerd, MN
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Ice Dancer is relatively new to the Devilfish scene, seemingly just appearing and not making a major splash for herself yet.

Character Sheet

Public Information

Brand new on the scene and not having done much of anything mostly seems more like she is just stretching her wings than actively pursuing a goal. She has stopped a few fights between normies that really anyone could have handled.

Physical Appearance

A slight waif of a girl, she stands at a menacing five foot three (Five five with her ‘skates’ on!) Her ‘costume’ is simply a figure skating outfit with a domino mask, which accentuates her white hair that she leaves in a distinct twin tail style while working.


“It’s not so awful to help out, but it’s nice to be helped out too!”

Ice Dancer doesn’t know quite what cape life is going to bring for her, and that makes her nervous. She is terribly uncertain of herself at the moment and just trying to find her footing. She could spin either way given her circumstances and just needs a push to find a direction.

Generally she is somewhat excitable, likes to joke around, and enjoys life when she can.


Wealth Level: 3 A few sets of clothes, a messenger bag, and lives with her mom in an apartment.


Cell phones - A burner and a personal

Homemade costume


Skating! - Regularly placing in regional competitions, Carrie is known for her no nonsense clean transitions and quality triple toe loops. Gymnastics - She participates to keep her more limber for her on season of skating and doesn’t compete. Her floor routine is rather excellent.

Fencing - Keeping up with the spirit of athleticism, she used to do tournament fencing in the Kingdom of Northshield in the SCA.

First Aid - All of her sports ventures have kept her well apprised of what to do with stabs, sprains, breaks, and the like.

GED - Had to graduate in order to continue to compete at figure skating.


Trigger type: Single, Natural

Hyper cools (-200 c) an area, approximately the size of an ice rink, and creates ice out of ambient moisture (or water) that freezes (slows, wounds, etc depending on exposure time) those who are hit with the initial cooling and makes the area difficult to traverse. Hooray slippery ice. The cold generated from her own power doesn’t seem to bother her.

Ice Dancer can manipulate the ice in her field within line of sight to hold some form: Making walls and rudimentary armor for herself with the power, though they do melt as normal once she leaves the area (Any heat based effect would melt them appropriately even were she there)

The second aspect of her power allows her to traverse this ‘ice’ at a greater rate (often by making ice blades on the bottom of her footwear), approximately 3x normal speed (20 mph/ 32kph > 60/96) and she becomes more graceful on the ice, dodging a bit easier.


The local tough decided to hurt some easy targets. Ice Dancer surveyed the field, frowning. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, but she also didn’t want anyone to be hurt. Time to test this stuff out!

The ground in front of her freezes up, the air splitting and pooling, the wisps of liquid nitrogen evaporating from her path, and she was moving too fast for her own good. Crashing into the big guy in what would probably have broken her ribs had she not covered herself in ice first. The big guy hardly flinched.

“You should all get out of here before this idiot hurts you!” She panicked at the other people, who tried to get away, but the ice was fouling up their ability to run. “Be more concerned about yourself,” He said as he stabbed at her with his knife. She nimbly ducked out of the way, looking at all of the civilians again, “Go!” As she felt herself get hit. Hard. She had just wanted to stop the fight and get the people out free and clear. She hadn’t wanted to hurt anyone. Even a quick application of that much cold isn’t a good time. The thug dropped. Shivering. The people still in the area nearly all had frostbite. Ice Dancer was fine.

As she skated away the knife fell out of the ice she was still encased in. “Oh.” A frown breaking through her excitement at having done something good.


Carrie grew up in a decent home in Pequot Lakes, MN. Right on the water of Loon Lake. Lovely house. Good family. They let her do what needed doing for sports and she did well. In the Winter of 2020 her whole world broke and grew.

She was prepping for a competition, alone. Skating and practicing on natural ice. Harder to work with, but more rewarding results. Every bump, every groove, every crack in the ice a new opportunity for failure and growth. Until her dad’s truck careened into the ice off shore. Until it went under. Carrie skated hard for the truck as it sank. The broken ice getting more and more difficult to manage. By the time she made it there the truck was all but completely under. She dove. Carrie broke the window with her skate, and got her dad out of the vehicle, held his unconscious hand, tried to bring him up. She bumped into the ice. Again and again. She was running out of breath. She should have been faster. She should have gotten there sooner. She could have. Could have. Could…

The ice floated to the surface and carried her along with it. She was fine. She was okay.

Her father’s death left the family in debt. She and her mom sold the house and moved to Devilfish. Hoping.