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Notoriety Criminal
D / $
Author /u/Scrublord_Koish (capes)
Civilian name Steve Briggs
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationShaker (Thinker, Trump)
Born (1995-01-15) January 15, 1995 (age 28)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Memento E | Natalie Howard D

Several shaker fields have started appearing around the city, some of the people having been in the area close to these fields disappearing or coming out with weird stories of claustrophobic hallways, a black and white cape with a tv for a head roaming said halls.

The PRT has released a statement in which they designated the perpetrator as 'Hysteria', and have been taking measures to bring them in.

Character Sheet


Hysteria is a tall man with short, wavy brown hair and green eyes. Generally looks a bit skittish of fearful of his surroundings.

He doesn't own a costume, per say, mostly just a mask and some equipment to keep himself safe.

Equipment and Resources

  • A couple of masks
  • A sharpened knife
  • A couple extra phones with all the necessary numbers put in, in case one breaks when his powers are used.

Skills and Specializations

Decent runner

A little skill with a knife

A degree in medical chemistry

Can quickly see everything a place has to offer or quickly reading and remembering something he has seen.


Hysteria is a fearful person, tending to keep his head down. He hates the name and villain designation the PRT has given him, quietly resenting them for it.

Steve is also only a recent immigrant to the US, leaving him with very little knowledge of how things work there.


Hysteria can summon a dome of approximately 10 meter radius centered upon themselves.If inside of a building, it will instead reshape and shrink or expand to fill the inside of the building instead.

Any people, Hysteria himself included, in the area when it forms/entering the area will be transported to a random spot in his pocket dimension. The pocket dimension is what feels like a seemingly endless set of claustrophobic, poorly lit hallways and rooms, remeniscent of an abandoned insane asylum.

This pocket dimension is inhabited by hostile, nightmarish creatures attacking anything they come across, eachother included. Each of these creatures are based off of a cape Hysteria fears or used to fear. Either knowingly or unknowingly.

These creatures will have a similar, if more monstrous appearance than the original cape, as well as a copy of their cape's power with the scarier parts accentuated. (Same strength, just aesthetic changes.) If Hysteria is unaware of an individual having a power, he will not gain a copy. He has to have seen the power in action/be aware that the power exists for a monstrous copy to be created. Should the individual be a tinker, their copy will have their 'main' set of gear halfway fused to their bodies, with minion oriented tinkers being able to spawn similarly distorted minions.

If anyone besides Hysteria kills one of the creatures, it will respawn at a random point elsewhere in the pocket dimension, typically the opposite end. (Essentially eliminating them from the event unless it drags on for longer periods of time.)

The pocket dimension has a few exits, marked by doors with a green glowing sign reading 'emergency exit' above them, causing them to appear outside of the zone. Should Hysteria go through the exit or die within the pocket dimension, or if everyone else gets out, the zone collapses immediately.

If the field dropped via Hysteria leaving, he and anyone else will be returned to their previous positions. If everyone left, Hysteria and the escapees will be returned to their previous positions and he will be unable to summon his field for the next 10 minutes. If the field was dropped because of Hysteria's death within the field, everyone will be returned to their original positions in the same physical state they were in. (Deaths being reverted in this case.) Hysteria will be knocked out a minimum of ten minutes and up to an hour depending on the severity and mental trauma of the death. Regardless of how an individual left the field, anyone who had injuries and is still alive when the field is dropped will have themselves restored to their pre-field health over the course of a minute. Wounds this way leave a 'scar' only the person it's on or Hysteria can see.

At base, the cape does not have any special abilities within the zone besides of a sort of 'minimap', giving them a vague awareness of where to go and if a creature is nearing, though not which. Should Hysteria kill one of the monstrous creatures, he will gain a copy of the power they had at half strength and some physical similarities until the field is dropped. The more are absorbed like this, the more distorted Hysteria's mental state becomes, until he becomes another monster in his world, roaming around, fighting and trying to kill whatever he comes across. (Warping becomes noticable at 2, mindless monster stage at 5) No one except for Hysteria may gain copies of the powers.

Should it be unclear what the strongest point of the power that is to be halved is, or the power is a form of an 'absolute' (Damsel, Ironclad beetle), then it is instead discussed with the player what is to be halved.

Hysteria has a single monstrous copy as a result of his trigger event.

Captive Audience:

Captive Audience is a human master, being able to bestow upon himself or an unpowered individual a projection hovering over their shoulder on touch. This projection will either aid the person it is put on or puppet their movements.

Regardless of aiding or puppeteering, the projection will be one of two possibilities. A brute oriented one that can stop a handgun bullet and is approximately four times as strong as the average adult. And a fragile ranged oriented one that holds a bow that fires jagged arrows coming out of a cloak with many eyes, granting 360 degree vision.

The monstrous form of this cape appears as a man in a black and white suit, his head having been replaced with an 80s era television in the same colors. Generally seen holding a cane made out of bamboo and with a boater had on top of the tv.


'Just a few drinks', his friends had told. This is what's tradition in America.It was a fat fucking lie.

After the third, he had found himself passing out, waking up in some ruined looking building with a man in a blue and red striped suit with a TV for a head looking down at him. His heart had sank as he recognised the man in front of him as a cape.

The man had explained to him the nature of the 'game'. He and his men were going to hunt him, to be killed or turned into a puppet when caught, depending on his performance. They were even going to give him a minute of a 'head start'. How nice of him. And should Steve find the exit? He could go free.

He had so many questions of course, quickly dying in his throat as the tv-headed man started counting. He set off in a run.

That minute passed far quicker than he had thought, and soon he found himself running for his life and hiding in rooms behind broken desks. His heart beating what felt like a dozen times every second as he tried to escape with his life.

Then he saw it, an emergency exit lit with a green sign above itself. Nothing had ever felt as beautiful to him as that sign.

He tried the door, and his hope died a quick death as he found the other side barricaded, the sound echoing through the halls.My, my. You did better than I had expected. Captive Audience's voice came from one of the hallways nearby. You've earned your spot as a puppet in my service.

There was never an exit to this place. They just wanted him to have hope.