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Notoriety Criminal
D / ?
Author /u/LifeIsaRPG (capes)
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Hal Mickelson is a pretty outspoken advocate of tinker rights and transhumanism. Those in the community would know who he is or at least heard of him. But those outside of the community probably don't know who he is or know him as that tinker rights guy. If he was searched online links to youtube videos of him giving speeches or pictures of him at rallies would pop up.

Huntsman is less known, there have been a few reports of Huntsman defending tinkers from PRT arrest but there have also been reports of him taking down villains. The most well known and detailed report of Huntsmen is when the PRT was called in to stop a cape fight. The following report would state that Huntsman was assaulting Reclaimers as they attempted to assassinate a local tinker.

Character Sheet


Orion Armor

Physically Hal is lean not built like a bodybuilder more like a runner or martial artist. He is a mix of Irish and Filipino giving him jet black hair and slightly tanned skin.

In costume, he wears a large cloak and lightweight custom made armor/helmet. The color of the armor is a dark metallic gray while the cloak on default looks like a dark desert tan (see comment sec for more detail).

Equipment and Resources

  • Wealth level: 6
  • Large box van
  • Repair garage
  • Mechanical tools


Name: Orion’s armor

Character: Huntsman

Appearance: The armor is a gunmetal gray that looks very formfitting and light. The headpiece is a full helmet with a darker gunmetal cover where the eyes would be. Attached to the armor is a cloak with a large hood.


  • Armor: This armor is non-tinker tech, but it is lightweight and durable (type 2-A).
  • Helmet: This helmet is completely custom made and full of tech.

Artemis Program: The helmet has multiple sensors built into it to boost Hal’s tracking ability. When Hal turns on the Artemis Program, he takes a scan in a 125-degree cone in front of him. This, in turn, will highlight tracks and footprints as well as other trail clues. It cannot pick up erased tracks and tracks that are more than a day old (Think like an upgraded version of Bloodhunter's ability from Apex). If it's a completely concrete place and there's no possibility of leaving a track. Then that's that, nothing will pop up the program is great at following a trail or finding one but if there are no traces it is what it is. On the other hand, however, if Huntsman enters a place where tracking is possible but heavily populated. Then the program will pop up all that info more or less obscuring everything, but if Huntsman knows eaxctly what he is looking for or even a general idea he can sort of start to filter out the useless info then go from there.

Diana Program: When the Diana program is activated, he is able to connect to the sensors/eyes to his animal creations.

  • General abilities: The helmet has a built-in voice modulator that makes his voice sound digitized as well as a built-in gas mask.

Chameleon Cloak: The cloak is made of metamaterials that are able to shift camouflage pattern and color to better suit the environment. This doesn’t work in the way that it reflects the surroundings making a sort of invisibility cloak. But instead, it can analyze the surroundings and shift to a camo pattern/color to better suit said the environment. Think like army camo patterns or things to that effect. Duration: Until broken or upgraded.

Name: Ranger bow and Quiver Character: Huntsman

Appearance: The bow looks to be a recurve that black with gold trim. From a distance, it looks like a normal bow but upon closer inspection, this bow would look advanced with technology built into it. Along the grip of the bow would be 4 buttons and near the arrow, rest would be a range finder as well as a red laser sight. The quiver would be the same black with gold trim upon closer inspection the quiver would appear to be two parts the main quiver then a sort of cap near the bottom.


  • Bow: The bow is one of Huntsman's greatest creations it is his pride and joy. The bow has been reinforced making it very durable but lightweight (metal baseball bat). It also has been modified to have a draw weight of 250 lb. but have it so that a person can pull back the drawstring with relative ease. Another feature of the bow is that when snapped forward while twisting the grip the arms of the bow will snap forward and lock creating a sort of Bo staff. But if the bow is snapped back and grip twisted the arms will collapse making it easier to carry and travel with. Along with said grip of the bow are 4 buttons. These buttons send a signal to the quiver so that it can pop up a section of trick arrows making it easier for Huntsman to access/grab. It should also be noted that the bow has been outfitted with a laser dot sight as well as a range finder.
  • Quiver: The quiver can hold 40 arrows and has 4 platforms near the bottom each platform has 10 slots meaning that it can hold 10 arrows. The platforms can raise and lower at the push of the button from the bow.

Duration: Until broken or upgraded.

Name: Omega Mk1 Character: Huntsman Appearance: Omega looks to be a cybernetic dog with a light urban camo frame. With red glowing eyes and large metal tail. Omega stands about 3 feet tall and 6 feet long from nose to tail. When out and about with Huntsman clipped onto Omega is a doggy backpack carrying extra arrows and other supplies. Abilities: Can do everything a trained hunting dog can do but is slightly faster and more durable than a regular dog. Omega can also carry out any task a police dog can do such as sniff out drugs/bombs or track someone down. Equipment: Omega gets equipped with a doggy backpack when out with Huntsman. · Normal quiver of normal arrows · Binoculars · First aid kit Duration: Until broken or upgraded.

Name: Trick Arrows Character: Huntsman Appearance: Arrows with odd heads. Abilities:

  • Target arrow: Upon contact will adhere/clamp onto a target then release a high-pitched frequency. This will “paint” the target and make them a priority target for the drone.
  • Beartrap arrow: Head is replaced with a mini beartrap upon contact the bear trap will clamp onto the target.
  • Grapple arrow: The head of the arrow is replaced with a three-pronged grapple claw. Attached to the arrow is a rope. Upon contact, the bow will start to reel the rope in pulling Huntsman along.

Duration: Until broken or upgraded.


Skills and Specializations

  • Public speaking/speeches
  • Archery
  • Hunting


Hal is a deep believer in transhumanism as well as tinker freedom. He truly believes that the way forward for humanity to overcome and evolve is through the help of tinkers and technology that they could create. So he has devoted to his life and soul to see this dream of this better world made reality. He sees the restrictions set upon tinkers by the PRT and the government to be injustices. Also while he may be a zealot of tinker freedom Hal is not blinded enough to believe that everything tinkers make will be good but in his eyes, the benefits far outweigh the risk. It should also be noted that Hal does not hate the PRT he understands their existence and the need for them. But belives their stance and regulations on tinkers are far too harsh and unjust. On the other hand, he hates the Reclaimers and what they stand for and has vowed to oppose them.


Binary Tinker, Specialty: cybernetic animals/hunting

Huntsman is a binary tinker with a specialization in creating cybernetic animals and a specialization in hunting.

Cybernetic animals: Huntsman can make the cybernetic equivalent of any animal that can be found in the world. He can also customize and augment said created animal, for example, adding eyes that can zoom in and take pictures or making an animal bigger/smaller than it is in real life. Also while Huntsman can create any animal he excels in creating natural predators due to the binary overlap with hunting. The base range for each animal to operate at peak efficacy is 300ft but an animal can be made/upgraded to operate outside of that range.

Hunting: Huntsman can create advanced tinker tech hunting equipment. Examples of things Huntsman could create include a tinker tech bow/arrows and lightweight camo armor as well as other normal hunting equipment.


Backstory: Hal Mickelson grew up very close to his mother his dad passed away at an early age so it was really just him and his mom against the world. It was a struggle growing up but his mom did his best to be there and provide for Hal, this, only strengthened the bond between him and his mom. When they had the time they would hunt together as a way to spend time with each other. It was hard emotionally and finically but they had each other and that's all they really needed. When Hal was 17 his life got suddenly flipped upside down. His mother got into a pretty bad accident and triggered thus changing their lives forever. His mother became a tinker cape with a specialty in woodworking and woodworking tools. Instead of becoming a hero Hal's mom instead decided to become a rouge and use her new powers to work and sell her creations to make a better life for her and her son. So she set up a little shop near the local forest selling beautiful works of art. She tried to sell sets of wooden armor, but the local PRT upon hearing she wasn't going to join their ranks put sanctions and kept a hard watch on her to see the things she made. This frustrated Hals mom but accepted it Hal, on the other hand, was very angry about it seeing his mom being restricted like this. So Hal started to go to online forms about transhumanism and go to protest against the PRT finding allot of like-minded people. Next thing Hal knew he wasn't just nodding along at protest now he was shouting and waving signs, he was online posting forms about how tinkers are the way to the future. He became fully immersed in that community and that movement he was a young and rising voice in the community. This, however, drew attention to himself not only by the PRT but the Reclaimers as well. So deciding to send a message and strike fear into the community the Reclaimers took action. Hal was walking home when he caught a whiff of smoke on the air and could see a slight plume of black smoke rising into the air coming from the direction of the shop his mom had set up. Hal felt a deep sense of dread in the pit of his stomach and took off running towards it. He arrived at the little shop on fire and to a group of men in black masks throwing Molotov at the shop. Hal would suddenly stop staring in horror at the shop, upon a quick look around he would see 3 badly hurt masked men with large wooden stakes protruding from their bodies. As Hal stood there in a shell shocked state one of the masked men turned and spotted him "HEY THERES HAL MICKELSON GET HIM" The man would immediately start sprinting towards Hal with a few others running with him.

Trigger event: Hal galvanized into action would take off into the forest running as hard and as far as he could. He could hear the shouts of men behind him but he didn't look he just kept running. Eventually, the sound of chase faded but he still kept running until his body collapsed and he fell to the forest ground. He curled up into a ball exhausted and weeping scared for his life and worried about what happened to his mom. When he woke he began to head back towards his home but stopped scared that those men could be there waiting for him. Afraid to go home and unsure if the masked men were still on his trail he moved in deeper into the forest. Losing both his way home and in a way himself shifting into a sort of survival mode mentality pushing everything back, he didn't need for survival because it was easier than facing it. Hal went on like this lost and alone scavenging and hunting for food but alive for days then those days turned into weeks before to long even time was lost upon Hal. During this blur of time, Hal ran into a wild bobcat and oddly enough by offering it food was able to befriend it. Hal depended on the Bobcat for that base human need of companionship and the bobcat relied upon him for free food. That bobcat became the highlight of Hals's life to him life was pretty shitty but least he was alive and he had a friend. Then winter struck and things went from bad to oh god I'm gonna die out here, Hal struggled to stay warm but more importantly, he struggled to find food. Eventually, things came to head Hal had gone several days without food, he knew that if he didn't get food soon he was gonna die and that the time to get out of this damn forsaken forest had come. So weeping and shaking he killed the bobcat scavenging it but it was at this moment he triggered.

Hal eventually made it out of the forest and was found by an old couple who took him to the hospital from there he spoke to the police and even a PRT agent. From them, he learned that the attackers were taken down by a local PRT hero and it was found that the masked group had ties to the Reclaimers. He also learned that while the local hero was able to take down the masked heroes he wasn't able to save Hals, mom. After the news caught a whiff of Hals story reporters were clamoring for an interview and so he told him. That, in turn, caught the attention of the transhumanism/anti tinker regulation groups that Hal was originally apart of. They offered Hal thousands to come and speak at rallies so unsure of what to do with his life and strapped of cash he accepted. This launched Hal onto a huge platform and so by day he would speak and lead rallies then by night he learned/explored this new power beginning to build. So that the next time the Reclaimers decided to come around the hunted would become the hunter.