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Huntress Crowe
Heroic Costume, brooding not included
Notoriety Criminal
A / -
Author /u/Baka2k10 (capes)
Civilian name Zoe Rodriguez
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationMaster, Brute
Born (2002-10-30) October 30, 2002 (age 20)
Ciudad Jaurez, Mexico
Status NPC
Other names Zombi, Lich Queen
Reddit Sheet

Huntress has been a member of the Ashton Protectorate going on now for three years. For a decade prior she had spent time as the villain "Zombi" who was wanted for numerous crimes but was given a second chance after she had finally been caught.

As Zoe, she's a known recluse living in some manor in the woods. When she's in town she's often hitting up the music club scenes in her trendy goth fashion.

Character Sheet


Equipment and Resources

Protectorate Salary + Supplemental Income from Funeral home and savings from villainous activity

Beyond being a Ward, Zoe also owns...a funeral home. The Protectorate watch that like a hawk knowing full well what she's capable of. She also doesn't have to worry a lot about the same financial obligations such as food, or heat, and that allows her to save money. Zoe owns her own home, the land surrounding it....and a well constructed Doomsday Shelter underneath it all.

Standard hero kit stuff (Zipties, burner phone, etc) she also has a basic first aid Kit (Compact, kept inside the cloak)


Subdermal heat dist....something something, Persephone came up with the name.

  • Appearance: A series of implants spaced throughout the body, they're about the size of a large bandage. They are located underneath the skin and are nigh undetectable without prior knowledge of where they would be located.
  • Abilities: When activated by the passage of blood, they help distribute heat across her body. If touched, Zoe will have the same body heat as a normal human person that is certainly not a zombie. She does not activate these while she's Huntress or otherwise performing cape duties

Metal Skull

  • Appearance: Tinkertech skull, courtesy of Persephone
  • Abilities: Protects the brain. Prevents someone from being able to head shot her and call it a day. Extremely durable.

House of the Dead

  • Appearance On the outside the building looks like a relatively unambiguous Villa, as far as a large Villa would be considered unambiguous. Inside it would still look like a regular home save for an abundance of cameras throughout the house.
  • Abilities (Infastructure) Each wall is 6 inches thick. Inside the walls of the building are massive continuous slabs of obsidian with a weave of titanium rods and wires throughout the slabs. The obsidian allows the structure to absorb most energy attacks without issue, up to temperatures of 2,702 degrees Celsius at which point it will begin to melt. However the obsidian is designed to shatter when hit with heavy force, the titanium weave acting to hold all shards together to retain that shape of the structure. As the obsidian shatters the walls will become more and more efficient at withstanding heavy physical blows.
  • Abilities: (Security) All of the doors of the building are Coded to the DNA of whoever Zoe adds to the system, preventing the doors from opening at all to uninvited guests, and all windows are made of a bulletproof resin material. Inside the building is a series of small deployable turrets that run on the buildings power which fire off arcs of electricity at intruders at a rate of once per 10seconds, each shot designed to stun on hit.
  • Abilities (Bunker) The Building extends into a bunker connected to the catacombs. The building has all of the amenities that Zoe's original home had, including a large spacious freezer, a section for a garden and extra space for large gatherings. The entire building runs on a massive ion generator located inside the bunker, allowing the building to run autonomously for up to 2 months, even if disconnected from the power grid. Inside the bunker is also the in house computer that runs all of the security measures in the building, allowing Zoe to access the systems to do whatever she needs to.

Skills and Specializations

Zoe has a natural talent for singing and dancing. She spent a lot of time entertaining herself as she grew up. Her particular favorite is the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.


A lot of unresolved issues were dealt with in trip Mexico during her Protectorate tenure. Zoe has accepted her past and is striving to be better than the person she used to be. She's a bit calmer now, but can still feel that creeping anger at the side of her vision that threatens to take over should she lapse


Revitalization of Necrotic Tissue

Zoe's ability to reanimate and alter dead cellular structures allows her to apply a "Zombie" template to anything once living. She herself always counts as a "Zombie" for all intents and purposes. She can apply this template to both humanoids and animals. If the creature has enough of a nervous system, it can act with a sort of autonomous way allowing her to create Zombie Minions. Null affects return the creature to normal and in the case of Zoe, forces her into cardiac arrest as her body has spent too long in it's breaker state. As a side note she is immune specifically to prions due to her power forcing her to have strange dietary requirements on a regular basis. If she begins to control too much, she becomes less coherent and more instinctual. As the "horde" of zombies grow, she becomes animalistic and feral in actions. She's capable of going a bit over what she used to and be okay, but it's a thin line between normal Crowe and Berserker Crowe.

Zombie Template

  • Can communicate with Zoe emphatically. (If Autonomous)
  • Does not need to breath or sleep.
  • Does not feel pain
  • Immune to effects of diseases, though they can still carry them
  • Immune to poisonous effects
  • Weakness to Fire.
  • If the creature has a nervous system (mostly intact brain) can become an autonomous minion. Without it, Zoe must focus on animating the dead flesh. Should the central nervous system is destroyed (e.g Headshot) the creature loses it's autonomy. In the case of it being Zoe; Death.

Zombie Upgrades

  • Fresh Flesh: Aka Skin Suit: This makes the creature look life-like or absolutely horrific in appearance.
  • Pangolin scale skin suit: The skin will be covered with small, leathery scales that have a bit of shine to them. This is designed to be light weight and extremely durable, further increasing her durability as a brute. This also, looks really cool
  • Extra Limbs: Couple extra arms. They can grab things. They can claw. They can do everything regular arms can do! With the added bonus of super strength attached to them.
  • Adrenaline Fueled: Hits harder, moves faster. This brings the creature to it's peak physical condition.
  • Mr. Smash's Gift: This grants a creature enhanced durability and strength. This grants the creature the ability to lift 500lbs and shrug off bullets and most melee weaponry. Cannot be combined with Adrenaline Fueled.
  • Sharpened Talons: This allows the creature to sprout long sharpened claws with the strength of steel. This also allows a creature to scale a walls
  • Predator Eyes: After doing some research and field testing. Zoe developed a way to adjust cones in her eyeballs with finite precision. This enables her to switch over to the same night vision found in nocturnal predator animals at the cost of seeing colors


Zoe Rodriguez was only six when in a psychotic breakdown her father murdered her and her precious teddy bear by hanging them in the kitchen. As she struggled against the bonds, she felt her life slipping. The betrayal. The pain. The fear... The drive to survive. The hunger. The rage. She doesn't remember breaking free from the bonds. But Ciudad Jaurez does, the small town was where Mexico's Second Day of the Dead started.

Her life from then became a game of hide & seek. Running from those who would harm her, she kept to the streets and moved from place to place. She couldn't eat food anymore, it didn't taste right. Eventually after too many times of going hungry and berserk, she resigned to her fate. At first she could get by with rats... but they weren't enough. Cats. Dogs. Eventually she had to go higher. Humans. She scrounged for scraps in graveyards, morgues, and funeral parlors. It was when a group of heroes in LA had caught wind of the little monster did things get worse. A Protectorate Hero named Scorch, one who saw a chance at making a big name for himself, cornered her in a shipping warehouse. Zoe's survival instinct kicked in, and took over. She killed him and escaped but the mark was left on LA. Zombies had attacked.

She found her way to Ashton, hearing rumors of someone who was like her. Someone who also raised the dead. The local heroes, Stellar and Sundown were the ones who brought her in, having convinced her to do so. The Protectorate Captain at the time, Raindrop, made her an offer she couldn't refuse. Food and a new life...but she had to behave. The deal was struck and Zombi became Zoe. Now she attends school, and has turned a new leaf as the hero Crowe.

Spending months as Crowe, as Zoe... It made her feel human again. But in gaining her humanity back, she regained her guilt, her shame. She went to Mexico to resolve the issues plaguing her and was meat with riots, and outright hostility by some, mercy by others... it all came full circle when she found out it was her own grandmother who had orchestrated much of the chaos and that left a scar that will never heal. She's better now though, she has a few extra rules to her probation but it's a step. She's finally home though.