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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/eldritcheldrazi (capes)
Civilian name Joseph Francis Signal
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate
Status Deceased
Died Flamewar's deathmatches
Cause of death Shebet
Reddit Sheet

Joseph signal has been in the papers once before, and it held a description of his powers. The headline was “Man released from police custody after transmuting cell wall into bacon”

This has potentially ruined any hopes for a secret identity he may have had.

Character Sheet


Cape costume is a pork pie hat, A business suit and a bandanna, all in burgundy.

While not in costume he wears denim jeans and red shirts, with not much else.

His short black hair shows beneath his hat. His eyes are brilliant blue. He is average height and weight.

Equipment and Resources

His house in Mayview, near the pearl river

Connections to his brother Nick Signal, a wealthy burglar.

  • Revolver

Skills and Specializations

  • Decent marksmanship
  • A qualified chef (Worked at a restaurant before he triggered, however he was fired)


Joseph is out to protect his own life over the lives of others. Everything else is secondary.

Joseph tends to panic when he thinks his life could be in danger, and when he panics he loses control of his power and it triggers.

He’s also a bacon addict.


Trigger type: single natural trigger

Horizon can transmute matter.

He cannot affect living things, however he can affect dead things.

He cannot change the state of matter.

The transmuted object must remain the same size.

He can only transmute to something if it’s really simple (Like dust) or something he’s familiar with (Bacon, Dudes addicted)

The transmutation drains Horizon, Tiring him.