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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Lakazl (capes)
Civilian name Elizabeth Powell
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born Elizabeth Wells
(2001-03-03) March 3, 2001 (age 22)
Status NPC
Residence Ashton
Nationality US citizen
  • Joshua Powell (father)
  • Katherine Powell (mother)
Reddit Sheet

A fairly new cape. She’s mostly known from news stories from Portland, following several gang members being captured after being trapped in dead-end alleys by large, thick foliage growing over the only entrances. She was caught on camera, wearing thick gardener’s gloves, a bulky brown coat and a female kabuki mask with stylised thorns on it. Very few details about her are otherwise known.

Character Sheet


Out of costume, she’s a plain, pale young girl with her brown hair tied back into a ponytail. Filled with nervous energy to the point of being twitchy, constantly drumming her fingers on something, or fiddling around with something. Usually found to be wearing light, loose plain white shirts and sweatpants. No real identifiable marks or markings, beyond light acne. In-costume, her outfit is a thick brown coat, obviously prioritising pockets and what is presumably armour over maneuverability, as it’s bulky enough to obviously restrict movement. This is combined with a stylised kabuki mask, white with thorn patterns weeping from the eyes, and thick gardener’s mitts on her hands. Her body is totally covered by this outfit, a hood covering the back of her head, attached presumably by string or elastic.

Equipment and Resources

She has roughly the resources you would expect a 17 year old working a part-time job to have. Pocket money and whatever she can scrape together, hence her fairly minimalistic super suit. Her family are very supportive of her, providing her hearth and home, transport or bus money, etc, and she may even be able to convince or ‘convince’ her school to supply her with resources, but otherwise she doesn’t have much. She worked a part time job to acquire resources for her cape work back in Portland, resulting in a starting loadout that’s fairly robust (She saved forever for that Kevlar shirt and the taser), but is currently having to focus on school and vigilantism and so will have a nightmare of a time replacing anything that gets damaged or destroyed.

Equipment: Pockets: • Pepper spray x2 • Tazer • Duct tape • Multitool • Lighter • Replacement kabuki mask • Camera (Actual, not built into phone) • Secateurs • Torch • Cheap Kevlar shirt

Backpack: • Trowel • Phone (Not her civilian one, brick) • Bandages • Painkillers • Disinfectant spray • Mirror+make-up kit • Wallet • Set of tweezers • Binoculars • Water bottle

Skills and Specializations

Physically fit, avid reader, capable photographer. Passable student. Knowledge of biology and botany beyond her education level.


Elizabeth is twitchy, high-strung, and energetic, prone to babbling and banter where it might not be necessary. Constantly thinking, moving, and doing things, even if it’s just idle fiddling or musing or humming to herself. She’s excessively friendly and happy, and whilst this isn’t a mask per sé, it is a coping mechanism. Distracting herself from her self-loathing and insecurity coming from the knowledge of her biological parents villainous histories. That insecurity is what drives her towards vigilantism and cape-work, fighting criminals and villains both as a way to over-compensate and prove she’s a good person, both to herself and to the world at large. This leaves her both vulnerable and naive, over-eager to help somebody she sees as in need without really thinking through the potential ramifications, or harm she might cause. She largely maintains the happy-go-lucky friendly attitude whilst in her cape persona as well, though it’s much more fragile and prone to slipping when she fights villains, and can even come off as forced. Despite her cheerful and even sometimes careless demeanour, she does take her cape work seriously, putting a great deal of care into preparation for her work, and going to great lengths to keep herself safe. Her own safety perhaps being the one thing she values more than proving to herself she’s good person. It’s hard to help people whilst dead, after all.


Trigger type: Single, 2nd gen (Watching an endbringer attack on TV in a US city) Can create plants of any species she wants at her fingertips or palm, growing off a surface, including surfaces plants usually cannot grow on. The plants do not in fact root down on said surface, and likely quickly die. She additionally can cause live plants (Including the unrooted and soon to die ones she has created) to grow wildly at rapid speeds, up to their natural maximum size. In the case of plants along the lines of ivy, vines, or bushes they will grow along their natural paths, potentially covering a large area. She cannot direct the course said plants grow across, nor control plants in any other