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Wes Bradshaw.jpeg
Wes out of costume
Notoriety Criminal
B /
Author /u/unknownmercury (capes)
Civilian name Adrian Wesley Bradshaw the Third
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker Shaker
Born (2007-01-09) January 9, 2007 (age 16)
Ponca City, Oklahoma
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
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The second cape to take the name Hedge, he seems to have powers in a similar vein to the original. He started out in Oklahoma City, but was recently transferred to Devilfish after a run-in with the villain Megahertz.

Character Sheet


Wes stands 5’7, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and brown skin . He is fairly muscular, and dresses in expensive clothing that is usually tailor-made for him.

As Hedge, he wears a green bodysuit with fingerless gloves, gold-colored armor over vital areas, a utility belt, and a gold full-face mask with eyeholes. Black lines run along the costume in geometric patterns that look like a maze. In colder climates he puts a dark green longcoat over the suit.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 6 (4 from Wards pay, additional 2 from inheritance trust fund) Utility Belt containing:

  • 2 Military-grade smoke grenades
  • 1 Military-grade flash bang grenade
  • 10 Sets of zip cuffs
  • 1 Canister of consumer-standard pepper spray
  • 1 Tinkertech hardlight pistol with 10 shots per battery
  • 2 Backup batteries for above
  • 1 Close-range taser
  • 2 Collapsable batons
  • Smelling salts

A standard Wards cellphone A cutting-edge civilian cellphone


Name: Simple hardlight pistol

Character: Hedge

Appearance: A small silver handgun with what appears to be an antenna in place of the barrel.

Abilities: The hardlight pistol is capable of shooting a beam of light from its antenna. Each shot has a kinetic force equivalent to an amateur boxer's punch.

Duration: Each battery of the pistol holds ten 'rounds.' The pistol cannot be used without a battery.

Notes: Created and given to Hedge by a senior Ward in Oklahoma City.

Skills and Specializations

  • Familiar with the ins and outs of running a business
  • Trained in boxing from age 10
  • Trained in the Filipino martial art of Arnis from age 12
  • Decently tech-savvy
  • Understands marketing and PR


Wes is carefree and fairly laid-back; he’s had a sheltered enough upbringing that he tends to believe things will work out despite all evidence to the contrary. He is very willing to go with the flow and is not afraid of failure. In fights, he likes to joke and banter with his opponents.


Trigger type: Natural Second-generation

Hedge has the ability to touch an object and see and hear through it for up to 300 feet as long as there is a piece of similar enough material touching what he touches in that range. While using his senses in this way, his body is left blind and mute until he stops using this aspect of his power.

He can touch his hands to an object and shape that object within 300 feet of himself as long as there is a contiguous piece. This ability is limited by how much of the material is in contact with the point he touches; if he wants to make a 10-foot wall that’s a foot thick, there needs to be enough contiguous material within his range. If an object he touches is made up of smaller pieces of the same material, his power still works, so he can manipulate brick, sidewalk, and wooden planks as well as materials such as glass and solid stone or metal.

He cannot manipulate non-solid or non-rigid materials like water or clothing.


Hedge pressed his hand to the ground and sent his senses out through the concrete that made up the building. Three thugs, each waiting in ambush. He grinned a bit. The ambushers were about to be the ambushed.

He exercised the second aspect of his power. The concrete rippled out from his palm towards the first target. The man didn’t even have time to scream before he was surrounded by concrete pillars that formed a makeshift cage.

The second guy started moving and Hedge focused his attention that way. Spikes erupted around him, pressing in from all angles to keep him from moving too much. He shouted, and the third man stepped out into the open. There was a rifle in his hand.

Hedge took a deep breath and shifted the ground in front of himself as the guy opened fire. A wall rose up, blocking the bullets. Another use of his power and the ground swallowed the gunman up to his neck. Hedge stood and dusted his hands. “Didn’t even break a sweat.”


Adrian Wesley Bradshaw Jr. wanted nothing more than to bring prosperity to his people. He inherited some of his father’s businesses and duties in the tribe, and worked to integrate himself into local politics so he could bring about change from inside the system. He was a spokesperson for his tribe, and everyone knew that he would protect them no matter what. So, when a hero named Hedge started showing up to crimes being committed on the reservation outside of Ponca City, people were quick to put two and two together. Nobody ever mentioned it aloud, but it wasn’t hard to figure out.

His son, Adrian Wesley Bradshaw III, was extremely proud when he found out who his dad was. He knew his father was doing good for the tribe, using a good portion of his casino profits to lobby for better rights for the tribe as well as fixing up roads and public buildings. That said, a lot of the money was also used privately, and Wes, as he liked to be called, never wanted for anything.

One day while the two were walking, they were targeted by an overzealous villain named Megahertz. Wes’ dad fought to protect him, but was unable to both attack the villain and defend Wes. Given the option, he chose to use his power to protect his son, and had one final conversation as the villain’s lasers burned through his body.

Realizing that his father was going to die and that he was the next target, Wes triggered. As he did, he was already thinking of how to use his father’s powers to stop the attack.

After the fight, he was made a ward of the state and given the option to join the Wards team down in Oklahoma City. He agreed and had a few months of training and patrols before Megahertz came after him again. For his own safety, Wes was transferred far out of the area, to the up-and-coming cape city of Devilfish.