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The Hatman.jpg
Sadly bereft of a hat currently.
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author Nashoid (capes)
Pronouns he/him
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Denver)
Status Active

Hatman has been around since at least 2006, and until 2016 was largely considered a creepypasta or urban myth. Noted for stalking his victims & causing intense paranoia from catching glimpses of him at a distance.

He is theorized to possess a stranger ability, notably the majority of photographs & video of him come from unrelated third parties, with his current stalking victim typically having less success acquiring evidence of his presence.

Physically Hatman is confirmed to be some variety of large insectoid changer, although he drapes himself in layers of loose cloth, leaving only his legs uncovered, and what arms he extends through holes in the seemingly custom shawls. In addition he has been seen in several distinct hats, hence his underwhelming name.

Hatman possesses some measure of enhanced strength and agility, as well as sharp claws and pincers.

Topic: Who is the Hatman? An Analysis
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BaphometLives666 (Original Poster) (Verified Essayist)
Posted On July 7th 2020:

Much of his early career is shrouded in mystery and unintentional misinformation.

It is believed that he has been active at least since early 2006, which is the earliest verifiable account of his presence. Hatman's victims have on numerous occasion's have attempted to document their encounters online.

The lack of photo or video evidence, but disconcerting subject matter would lead to subsets of the online horror-fiction community taking a liking to him, under the impression that the victims were writing stories or roleplaying.

While never growing to the popularity of fictional online horror characters like The Rake or Slender man, the Hatman had still inspired a large number of fictional works, having his own dedicated tags on fan-art & fanfiction sites, as well as dedicated discussion threads on horror image/discussion boards.

In 2016, The misguided belief that the Hatman is fictional would come to an end

Daniel F. Romero, Hatman's most recent stalking victim at the time, as others had, began documenting & recounting his encounters online via text, audio, video, and frequent live-streaming. Going so far as to stream many of his daily outings, eventually culminating in a phone livestream in which Mr. Romero is accosted by a mugger.

Content Warning: blood, insects. [Link]

When things get physical, Hatman makes himself seen directly on film for the first time in defense of his stalking victim, maiming Mr.Romero's assailant, then fleeing once the mugger is incapacitated. Much of the footage is rough quality but sections of it are clearer, the video would then go briefly viral. With some praising Romero for his acting & special effects, still under the impression he is running an elaborate ARG, while other prior victims found vindication at actual visual evidence.

The following day the local PRT released a press conference discussing the incident, confirming that the parahuman was very much real, and was being investigated, that they were still at large and the usual warnings to contact the PRT if he was spotted. | The reaction to this news is a mix of further vindication from former victims of his stalking and harassment, many mentioning in the coming weeks that they had been contacted by the PRT investigators to discuss their encounters with Hatman.

While many of those who had treated the villain as no more than another fictional character horrified to learn that they had drawn, written, role-played, and even cosplayed as a genuine serial-stalker & supervillain, to say nothing of the guilt at discounting the victims experiences.

On social media the hashtag #HATMANLIVES stayed trending for 38 hours before being buried by news from the Newest E3 game releases, and a US Senator being indicated in a insider trading scandal.

The existence of so many fabricated content makes research & documentation of genuine encounters extremely difficult, ironically while his popularity in the Horror-fiction circles has diminished quite a bit, his popularity in True-crime circles has only skyrocketed.

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