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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/unknownmercury (capes)
Pronouns Any
Civilian name River Jennings
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute, Mover, Striker
Born (2005-06-07) June 7, 2005 (age 17)
Devilfish, Minnesota
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
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Known to have "claimed" a neighborhood northeast Midtown around the train tracks, warning that any crime would not be tolerated there.

Character Sheet


River is a teen of androgyonous appearance, with short fluffy black hair, grey eyes, and tan or light brown skin. They stand 5’9, and wear loose-fitting clothing out of costume.

In costume, they wear a handmade white costume with carefully-sewn armor plating over vital spots. When they activate their armor, it manifests as bright yellow plating over their body, able to be shaped to some degree during creation for aesthetic appeal.

Equipment and Resources

Wealth Level: 3

  • Police Scanner
  • Lives with parents in a small apartment in the bad part of town
  • Cell Phone
  • Internet Access
  • Used Car
  • Burner Phone
  • Zipcuffs
  • Pepper Spray
  • Taser
  • Basic First Aid Supplies

Skills and Specializations

  • Low-level Martial Arts training
  • Beginner HEMA training
  • Running
  • Some Parkour
  • Pretty good at spotting concealed weapons


Believing that no evil should be tolerated, Hathor is very much a crusading avenger against crime. They don’t believe in holding back against villains and criminals. Thus, they react to even minor threats with excessive force, which has caused them some trouble in the cape community.


Trigger Type: Natural Double Trigger

Hathor creates yellow light-based constructs in two different forms: armor and weapons. The armor can have differing shapes to fit aesthetic purposes. When generated, Hathor chooses one type of damage for the armor to resist, becoming essentially immune to that sort of damage. The include kinetic, electric, heat/cold, corrosive, and radiation. Other types of damage are resisted, but will break through with a hard enough single hit or a sustained assault. When broken, the armor takes some time to regenerate with a new resistance.

The weapons are melee-based in nature and can be dense blunt weapons or extremely sharp. In general, the finer of an edge the weapon has, the less abuse it can take. Something shaped like a baseball bat could last essentially forever, but a sword that can cut through steel can only be used once or twice before breaking and needing to be reformed. Weapons take a short time to regenerate. Weapons have the same immunity as the armor.

In addition, Hathor has fine telekinetic control over the constructs, but it is slow. They can use this to throw a weapon and make minute changes in the air, but the speed that the changes take place only allow for a general hit rather than something precise. They could direct it at your face, but not your eye. They can use the telekinesis on armor to fly, again at a slow speed (about 30 mph) with fine turning and control.


You lived in a bad neighborhood. Plenty of crime, gangs constantly jockeying for the territory. You knew something had to be done, but you weren’t sure what. As you lived every day, you became more and more angry as you saw people get hurt, die. The cops wouldn’t do anything because it was a “lost cause.” The Protectorate wouldn’t do anything because capes weren’t involved.

You were on your way home when it happened. A trio of thugs cornered you, demanded your wallet. You snapped, lashed out, punched one. They didn’t like that. They dragged you down the street, kicking and screaming. Nobody helped. They took you into a garage, hooked you up to a car battery. As they turned it on and the electricity started to flow, you triggered.