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Notoriety Criminal
C / $
Author /u/stillnoname-1224 (capes)
Civilian name Seth Anise
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTinker-Thinker
Born (2008-03-10) March 10, 2008 (age 15)
Status NPC
Other names the humanest human
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet

Public information

Seth was originally known only by poor quality footage of petty convenience store robberies. However, since joining the mob and escaping jail, his cape persona Hannibal has become notorious for breaking the unwritten rules, although his allegiance to the former is not public knowledge. Tinkers hate him!


Ethnically ambiguous, with brown hair and brown eyes, the only thing not average about him is his build of 6’ 10” and 120kg sculpted into a body fit to excel at general labour and distance running.

His costume is a horned helm made of porcelain, made to look like a fusion of several herbivore skulls [cows, goats, deer etc]. He wears a priest-styled white, flowing robe, made out of boiler-suit-like material, to give it some elemental resistance. In addition, he wears elbow length black gloves, and a torso-crossing red leather belt to store tools on.

Equipment and Resources

wealth level: 4

  • His lab.
  • Mafia connections.
  • Mafia grunts [3].
  • Pieces of tinker tech; detailed below.
  • Two pistols.
  • A large Hunting knife.
  • A break-back style shotgun.

The Lab:


above is the sheet detailing the lab.

Skills and Specializations

  • Short bursts of olympic activity [~30s at a time]
  • Natural and skilled problem solver.
  • High pain tolerance.
  • Hand to hand combat.


A textbook psychopath. He mimics emotional responses to manipulate, when the only real one is his want to cause conflict; This is due to him being almost entirely a shard in mindset, with the conventionally human bits belonging to a naturally cruel person.

Contrary to these points, should he fail badly, or if something diverges from his plans enough, he is prone to throwing violent tantrums.


Trigger type:

Natural single, Tinker [Hyperspec.×Limit─Repair]

Hannibal can create tools, and not much else on his own. They can be pretty funky, and the material they’re made of can be pretty much anything, but he has dimensional limits on the size of the tools. Nothing bigger than a 1m cube, or anything heavier than 10kg.

However, should he have access to other tinkertech, he can use the special effects attached to the tools to repair and change the tinkertech. He can use up to 3 tools on any given project.


A simple project. A prism, attached to a control in the form of a handle. Like a screwdriver, with a triangle prism blade 50cm long. With the flick of a button on the handle, the blade would manifest, made of a transparent yellow hardlight. It’s function on tinkertech would be simple─ to alter lights, LED’s and such. It would be more useful by itself; to turn on, rather than taking power from a battery, it would take in all light around it, creating a sphere of darkness briefly in daylight, and shorting artificial lights for a time.

To complete the project, 2kg of iron, 33g of aluminium, and 1g silver would need to be alloyed, in such a way as to create a metamaterial that reflects light while slowing it. More silver and fine silicon would be needed to create a kyber-crystal like prism for the devices centre. Various tinkered electrics would then finish it off.

Hannibal rose from his workshop table, hands unclasping, as the fugue took over.


Seth is a Homunculus. His creator made him to assist in lab work, and to show off his abilities─ Seth is no mere homunculus like his late kin, he is a Megaproject. Made to be a theoretically perfect human. The trouble with that, of course, is that it’s filtered through a shard. Thus, you get the perfect host.

Triggering from being pushed to slave work one too many times, Seth killed his creator in the time it took for the trigger vision blackout to finish.

Tinker Tech

Stolen Tinker Tech

None, as of right now.