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Asharupal in his Lamassu Changer form.
Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Topesc (capes)
Civilian name Asharupal Ekur (born Eshai Palkha)
Alignment Mercenary
Affiliation None
PRT ClassificationChanger (Brute, Mover)
Born (1975-03-27) March 27, 1975 (age 48)
Qamishli, Syria
Status NPC
Other names The Beast from the Middle East, The Assyrian, Surbu Ekur, Bandit Lima/Mr.Lima
Reddit Sheet

Gugalanna is a veteran mercenary who's come to Ashton as a means of semi-retiring. Over his nearly thrity-year career as a cape for hire, he's fought in the Arabian Strife, North Africa, Europe, and pretty much any other hot zone you can imagine. While he's a pretty low priority threat to the Protectorate, and he's far from well-known in his newfound home, those who run in mercenary circles would certainly know his name at least in passing, and even a casual cape fan would be able to find out a decent chunk of stuff about the guy just through an hour so of solid googling.

Character Sheet


Big man. Olive-toned skin. Stands at around 6’5", weighs in at a cool 320 pounds. Think an NFL lineman or powerlifter type body. Would forgive you if you mistook him for being an Arab or Turkish, but would kindly correct you and request that he be referred to as Assyrian. Most of his body from the elbows and knees up is covered in tattoos, primarily depicting events, deities, and heroes from Mesopotamian mythology. The most prominent is an Assyrian flag, which takes up most of the space on his back. This basically Maui from Moana but with better facial hair.

Sports a very thick beard, which runs down to just below his collarbone. He takes great care to maintain his beard so that it keeps a style similar to that of Mesopotamian Kings, which probably looks a little something like this irl. For special occasions, he’ll braid it. He wears the hair on his head in a tight bun, which when let down reaches all the way down to his shoulders, once again in keeping with the style of kings of old.

Likes to wear those circular glasses that instagram models wear. Likes to wear three-piece suits. He gets them custom tailored. Owns at least 30 colored handkerchiefs. Wears a lot gold rings, and a gold chain with a gold Star of Ishtar pendant.

Speaks English with an accent that mixes qualities of both a Syrian and English [read: from England] accent.


Generally a very happy man. Charismatic, likes to laugh. Values order, structure, and sticking to one’s guns, as far as morals go. Prefers the direct approach to most problems, and tends towards action rather than inaction in most situations. Thinks himself a very diplomatic man, but Asharu’s version of diplomacy just means providing someone with more than one option.

Serial self-improver, Asharu is almost obsessed with making himself better. Whether that’s through physical improvement, learning new things, or mastering a craft or hobby.


Can transform into a Lamassu. He has the body of a lion, a humanoid head, the horns of a bull, and the wings of an eagle. His mouth is filled with sharp teeth, similar to those of a big cat, combined with the flat teeth of an ox. When he changes into his Lamassu form, all clothing and equipment merges into his form, and will be on him when changes back. He is a noctis cape.