Gray King

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Gray King
Gray King.jpg
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/SirSureal (capes)
Civilian name Joseph Palinski
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
PRT ClassificationMaster
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet

Equipment and Resources

A nice house at the edge of the city. ten acres around the house. He has about 400 grand leftover from his inheretance. Gets a steady trickle of money from the businesses that his parents' owned. Specifically two warehouses in the docks and a realistate agency.

His suit is lightly armored. He carries a combat knife on his side. A phone, lock picks, a tazer, and a small five shot revolver. Also keeps a flask of gin on him.

Skills and Specializations

Lock picking, cooking, descent at dancing, calligraphy, and some boxing. Generally well educated and going to college.


A generally nice person when out of costume. In costume he can be a vicious opponent that doesn't pull punches. He honors agreements made but doesn't have many qualms with committing atrocities. Has issues with being lied to. Hates people who break the unwritten rules. Like really hates them.


High tier! Put simply, He is incredibly menacing. He creates a presence that makes anyone who sees, hears, or feels him unnerved. The power has a max range of 120 feet. The closer someone is to him the more powerful the presence.

Within 5ft. = facing down an Endbringer alone levels of danger.

10ft.= Facing down the Hallowed alone levels of danger.

15ft.= Facing down an old canon high tier character alone levels of danger.

30ft.= Facing a B-tier threat alone.

50ft.= Gunman with a hunting rifle trained on someone levels of danger. Still actively threatening but the well armed/prepared wouldn't be overly worried.

75ft.= Gunman with a pistol but not pointed at anyone specific. Basically same as 50ft. but less severe and not as personal of a danger.

Anything past 90ft. is difficult to ignore but nothing that an average man with a knife couldn't cause. The danger doesn't really come from anywhere.

The people affected just see him as the most dangerous person/thing they have ever seen. The aura primarily makes people think of him as dangerous which will usually cause fear but could cause any number of emotions. It requires that the people affected have a current form of stimulus from the Gray King. If there isn't a current stimulus the power has no effect.

He can turn off the power at will and reactivate it with a slight delay while it expands to its full size and strength. It takes ten seconds to reach full size.

Joseph also has mild resistance to master effects that come from people affected by his power. This isn't immunity but more like the ability to hold out longer than the average person. Master effects that take time to apply take 20% longer. Master effects that are instantaneous have a delay of two seconds applied to them before they take hold.


Joseph came from a very wealthy family. He grew up with the finest education and nicest possesions. He wanted for nothing. This didn't come with out it's expectations though. His family held him to the highest standards. His father was incredibly demanding that he take up a sport and some form of art. Something about a well balanced man is a successful man. He grew up with very high standards. Luckily he met someone else to share those standards with in highschool. He started to date a girl from another wealthy family. They weren't as successful as his family but she couldn't be after his money right? Wrong. He didn't find out until some years later though.

It was two weeks until graduation when he got pulled out of class. There was a phone call for him. A car crash had left him an orphan. He looked for solace in his girlfriend. It only took a week after graduation, fifteen days after the funeral, for him to propose to her. She said yes.

Two years go by and he's about to come into the last part of his parents' money. His wife had stalled the divorce. She knew it would only take a few more month for him to come into the money. He

just wanted the nightmare to end. He couldn't do anything to stop what was going to happen. One night he threatened her. She laughed at him and let him know what she thought of him. He broke. Trigger! She was never more afraid. The divorce proceeded quickly.