Grand Moth

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Grand Moth
Grand Moff.png
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Gozly_Kat (capes)
Alignment Rogue
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Diana Baker F | Grand Moth D | Hunter and Prey C | Nina Banner E

There have been rumors of a monster stalking at night, leaving behind half eaten animals and some kind of silk. Just rumors though, there has yet to be confirmation of said monster.

Character Sheet


Moff’s body looks similar to that of a Luna Moth’s with smaller wings unsuitable for sustained flight. She is roughly the size of a car.

Instead of a normal moths head Moff has a humanoid head in its place about twice the size of a normal persons head, her eyes are black with off white irises and her mouth is a set of mandibles which somehow biologically can let her speak.

She has three sets of regular sized legs and finally a pair of larger ones asking as legs and another set of arms on top of the ones near her face increasing her reach to about three fourths of her body length.

She has the rune all Case-53’s have under her right eye.

Equipment and Resources

She weaves bags and nets to hold things. She lives in a nest made of silk onside of an abandoned warehouse.

Skills and Specializations

She is a remarkable weaver.


Moff is a very shy cape, generally afraid and untrusting to those she does not know especially capes. Even when she gets to know people she still doesn’t talk much and can seem antisocial at times.

She is mostly this way because she sees herself as different, as some kind of freak. Although she seems that she would rather spend time alone with a good book, she still does prefer spending time with people she knows and talk with them (or have them talk at her).


Moff has a few smaller powers, including a small regeneration factor, which gets better based severity of an injury. While a cut might heal fast by maybe an hour, she can regrow limbs within few of them getting lost.

She can also produce a silk from her wings with the strength of spider silk, but isn’t sticky. She also got unnaturally good at weaving with her bare hands(?) due to this. The natural fluff that is covering her body is also naturally lined with the silk, essentially giving her soft bullet and stab proof armor (this is equivalent to 3A grade ballistic armor and heavy duty stab vests). Her fluff is also able to absorb blunt force trauma similar to how shock absorbers work, this doesn’t mean she’s immune, it just means things hurt her less. To her a swing from a metal bace ball bat would feel like getting hit lightly by a wiffle ball bat.

She is still weak to damage on her face and legs. She also can “glide”. She’s just too big to fly compared to her wing size but she can still use them to heavily slow her fall, making a jump from any height survivable.

She is also stronger due to simply her size and would be able to over power any non brutes and even some brutes that don’t have increased strength. She can lift roughly half a ton (1000 lbs.) due to just her size. Her body isn’t build to carry things though, but she is good at dragging things.

Her healing factor can fully heal stab and bullet wounds in 1 to 3 days depending on severity, more severe wounds healing faster. Breaking her limbs will also call them to either fall off or become useless due to having an exoskeleton and not actual bones. In the same vine dismembered limbs will heal back within roughly three weeks. Internal bleeding will heal within an hour to a day.


Moff was born in Britain, she didn’t have the best life. Her mother left her with her father at a young age, while her father tried his best to take care of her they didn’t have the most money. Eventually they moved to America, blinded by promises of better work and life there. They were wrong, things got worse for them and eventually when Moff moved out she kept buying lottery tickets. As expected she never won, which only led to angered swearing.

Eventually she found the Coven, allured by their promises of power for a price she happily agreed. Power was the way out of her life, right?

Eventually when she came to get her powers she asked if she could have more then they had bargained for. Stronger brute power, maybe some mover. She just kept on wanting more and more and more. They agreed, but increased the price, she was fine with that and happily agreed.

Moff woke up in an alley, scared alone, and hungry. She had no idea where she came from, or how she existed. She was simply scared in a familiar yet somehow alien world. One thing she quickly learned to hate were doors.