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Notoriety Criminal
F / +
Author /u/BravoMike3902 (capes)
Civilian name Catherine "Cate" Wright
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationStriker
Born (2002-06-19) June 19, 2002 (age 20)
Ashtown, North Carolina
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Glass is a drifting Cape and small-time thief, using her powers to rob targets of convivence. Wanted in several states for multiple incidents of breaking-and-entering, grand theft, assault, battery, attempted murder, resisting arrest, etc. Personal identity unknown.

Character Sheet


Hair: Dirty blonde, shoulder-length

Eyes: Blue, right-side glass prosthesis

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 108 lbs.

Glass wears a blank white facemask made of glass, a deep-hooded jacket, fingerless work gloves, tattered jeans, and surplus combat boots. Cate covers her body as much as possible, keeping her hood up to hide her scarred face when not wearing her mask.

Equipment and Resources

  • Glass Knives
  • Backpack

Whatever cash and supplies she can carry on her person. Wealth Level: 2

Skills and Specializations

Lockpicking, hot-wiring, crude weapon design, basic parkour, basic first-aid, self-defense


Cate is damaged both mentally and physically. Since her parents died, Cate has become withdrawn, angry, and emotionally turbulent. She possesses a deep loathing and abhorrence for her scarred appearance, going out of her way to keep her body covered at all times. She chooses to hide behind a mask and remain distant from a society she believes has abandoned her. Always in agonizing pain from the same injuries that triggered her powers, she has developed a severe addiction to painkillers in order to cope.

A drifter and a criminal, Cate does not go out of her way to hurt others, but is certainly not above using violence to get what she wants. Cate values her own needs above all else, only concerned with staying alive and "managing" her pain. She becomes extremely volatile when cornered or pressed, using her abilities to defend herself and inflict onto others the same damage that ruined her life.


Power Type: Striker

Trigger type: Natural, first generation (Silica Manipulation)

Able to manipulate and reshape glass and similar silica-based substances by touch. Glass can be molded like clay, strengthened and weakened, hardened and sharpened, or cut apart and reassembled with ease. Possible uses include making glass knives, cutting clean holes in windows, and even fogging glass by changing its surface texture. Physical contact with bare skin is required. Larger sizes and volumes of glass require more time and concentration to modify. Upper limits or further abilities unknown due to relative lack of experimentation.


Glass traced a circle in the driver-side window with her finger, then adhered all five fingertips to the glass. The circle came away cleanly, leaving an open hole for her to reach in and unlock the door. The car alarm couldn't go off without the glass actually breaking. She rifled through the glove box and the console, stripping out everything of immediate value. Spare change, crumpled bills, a half-eaten granola bar.

"What the hell?" A man's voice said behind her, shocked and alarmed by someone breaking into his car.

Without thinking, Glass backed out of the car and picked up the circle of glass from the roof. The disk's edge hardened as it left her hand, spinning through the air like a razor-sharp frisbee. She didn't stop to see the car's unfortunate owner fall. Glass simply took her meager bounty and ran off into the night, leaving the man to bleed on the parking lot asphalt.


Cate was raised in a working-class family until the age of sixteen, when her parents were killed during a storm. An exploding window left numerous cuts and embedded shards of glass across her entire body, causing her Trigger as well as the deaths of both her mother and father. Having no surviving family and nowhere to go, Cate eventually ended up homeless, living on the street and turning to petty crime in order to afford food and drugs to manage her chronic pain. After learning to control her powers, Cate has spent the past two years drifting from town to town, living hand-to-mouth and leaving a streak of robberies in her wake.