Galaxy Rider

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Galaxy Rider
Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/Grailsippycup (capes)
Pronouns she/her
Civilian name Palia Haas
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster,(Mover,Blaster,Brute
Born (2008-12-25) December 25, 2008 (age 14)
Devilfish, Minnesota, USA
Status Active
Reddit Sheet
Color Man C$ | Galaxy Rider D | Necroplast D-

Galaxy Rider is a newly recruited Ward with a knack for public appearance, appearing soon after an accident in one of the logging operations of the Great Lakes Lumber Company. The public is aware of her ability to control a flying disc at will, able to ride upon it and use it as a telekinetic weapon or shield.

Character Sheet


Standing at 5’1”(155 cm), Palia is an Asian American teenage girl with darker olive skin and dark brown eyes. She is rather lithe, with a decently-trained and maintained body. She generally doesn’t try very hard in her civilian appearance, often seen with scraggly hair, droopy eyes, a dragging demeanor and clothes meant more for comfort than fashion, barely better than pajamas in most cases.

In stark contrast, her caped appearance has almost too much attention paid to it. Constantly asking the Protectorate’s Public Relations team for tips and advice, she pays painful scrutiny to her costume and body before going out in-costume to ensure she is the ‘ideal kid heroine.’ Though she often is simply the epitome of ‘saturday morning cartoon’ hero.

Her costume consists of a domed white helmet, an orange visor covering her eyes and flowing up diagonally to give a pointed silhouette. The bottom half of her face is left open for ease of expression, secured with a blue strap around the chin. Galaxy Rider wears a blue bodysuit with costume pieces over it. Over the torso, she wears a white and orange tunic that has a skirt down to three inches above her knee. She wears gloves up to her elbow and boots up to her knee made of the same material as her tunic, all with the same secondary orange decoration. The white segments of her costume are speckled with star patterns the same color as her bodysuit.


Wealth Level: 4

  • Small two bedroom/two bathroom house with her family in West End.
  • One family car for civilian use(but no driver's license unless you count her parents')
  • One smartphone that Palia blew her money on soon after becoming a Ward. Most of her pay is now put into a fund for emergencies and education after a huge argument with her father.
  • Out of date family computer in her parents’ bedroom.
  • Loving parents scared for her safety, but willing to help her despite a strained relationship caused by Palia earning nearly the same money as her Father.
  • PRT-Issued Ward phone.
  • Work computer at HQ.
  • Government-assisted education and insurance.


  • PRT-Issued Radio
  • PRT-Issued Medical Kit
  • Zip-ties and Handcuffs
  • Panic Button/Tracker
  • Ward Phone
  • PRT-Issued Taser

Skills and Specializations

  • Unhealthy interest in cape culture and current events relating to such.
  • Three years experience in kids’ gymnastics.
  • Two months experience moderating PHO offshoot forum.
  • Ward Training:
  • Basic First Aid
  • High-Speed Pursuit Training
  • Minimum Forensics and Law Training
  • Basic Self-Defense Training


Generally tries to embody what she imagines an ‘upstanding hero’ to be. Mostly, though, this tends to manifest as self-righteousness and entitlement. Around peers or authority figures, Palia will try to be lawful and follow the rules and even lecturing friends or adults on ‘doing the right thing’, but would probably try to use her hero status to get things or into places she shouldn’t if she felt the impulse. These tendencies bleed into both her civilian and cape personas. She recently has developed celebrity crushes on some of the Protectorate capes.

In her civilian life, she’s mostly normal. Going to school, hanging out with friends, etc. What is less normal is the fact that she’s letting those facets of her life suffer for the sake of spending time as a hero. Palia has always been too into cape culture, her room practically filled to the brim with Protectorate paraphernalia, and this shared special interest may be the only thing saving her closest relationships. She frequents cape forums and used to assist in managing some of them before her real age was eventually revealed.

Obnoxious may be the best word for her caped demeanor. She’s very excitable, and comes off as treating cape life as a game rather than a serious job or a service. She tends to annoy fellow heroes with excessive questions about their powers and careers, as well as hanging around people she may not realize are annoyed by her actions. Palia also tends to try to steal the spotlight if given the chance, always talking herself and her teammates up… even using exaggeration at times. Despite these things, she does work quite hard, trying her best to be a hero. Her constant asking of advice and tips for hero work shows this sincerity well, though she could stand to be less childish.

Nervous around areas with machinery and lots of people unless riding on her disc.


Trigger type: Natural, Single, First-Generation

Palia is in control of a single, single-part, power-generated, indestructible object that takes the form of a levitating Disc. Palia can direct the Disc using her thoughts, acting as telekinesis in practice.

The Disc’s exact appearance changes as she can alter its size and colors at will, as long as the Disc is taking the shape of a disc despite any concave or convex alterations.At its smallest the Disc is 3 inches diameter, and at its largest is 10 feet diameter. At its thinnest the Disc is 3.5 thousandths-of-an-inch, about on par with a razorblade, and can reach a single foot in width at its thickest. Despite these extreme limits, it must remain disc-like. As such, it cannot be a cylinder or any other shape.

Palia can alter the patterns and colors that adorn the Disc at will.

The fastest speed that the Disc can go is 150 mph(about 241 km/hour). It can reach this speed instantaneously from 0-150, though it is not limited to this. Palia can control its acceleration, deceleration and speed freely despite any alterations to the Disc itself.

Palia has control over many of the Disc’s physical and material properties in practically any way she can imagine. The catch is that her Disc’s qualities cannot exceed mundane materials that are found on Earth(materials found or made/refined by humanity on Earth):

  • Color (determines visible wavelengths it gives off, but is limited to what humans can perceive)
  • Texture (self-explanatory)
  • Opacity/Transparency (self-explanatory, but cannot make it entirely invisible)
  • Refraction (determines how light is bent by passing through it)
  • Reflection (determines how light is reflected by bouncing off it)
  • Luminosity (determines how much light is given off)
  • Density (determines its density, and subsequently its mass.)
  • Magnetism (determines if it pulls, pushes, or is magnetically Inert.)
  • Electricity (determines how it absorbs, resists, and stores electrical energy)
  • Thermal (determines how it absorbs, resists, and diffuses heat)
  • Acoustic (determines how it absorbs, resists, or allows sound to pass through it)
  • Elasticity (determines how it resists distortion stress, and can return to prior shape)
  • Flexibility/Stiffness (How it responds to bending/deforming in response to force)

Palia loses control over her disc if either her or her disc are subjected to a power-null effect that can fully nullify powers. This control gradually returns once both Palia and her disc are outside of any power-null effects/


Palia overheard a conversation between her parents one night outside her door. Her mother had pointed out that a friend of her had mentioned that ‘bring your kid to work’ day would be arriving soon, and her father immediately let out a sigh, lamenting out loud how he wished he could bring Palia and show her how hard he works for the family, but it was just too dangerous. Considering it was summer break for Palia, she thought she’d secretly follow her father to his workplace and surprise him. It took a bit of doing, having to call an Uber and spend a good bit of her remaining allowance on the fare, but she got there.

Palia immediately set out to find her father, but wasn’t sure where he worked and hadn’t thought to ask what he does, exactly. Distracted by the sounds, people and machinery, she was awed by the state of affairs. Unknown to her, the chaos was due to an accident nearby. A logging truck had rolled over dropped logs, forcing people to move away. She heard someone shout, but didn’t pay attention, assuming it was some mundane thing shouted at a worker. As she turned away, she stumbled and caught sight of the logrolling downhill toward her. It was wide and long enough that she couldn’t jump or run away, and it was irrelevant with her having fallen over. She screamed out for her father as impending doom rolled on, and closed her eyes.

When she awoke, multiple workers and medical responders reported a large disc appearing and cutting the log longways in half and shunting the top half over Palia, while keeping the bottom half stationary. It remained there until Palia looked over to it, feeling as if she could control it. It then raised and moved to her. With drying tears on her face, she faced her horrified father with a beaming smile and a tool of destruction hovering near her.