Galacterian Knight

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Galacterian Knight
June's Galacterian Art.png
Notoriety Criminal
Author the4bestgame (capes)
Pronouns She/Her
Civilian name Alice Ikari
Alignment Hero
Affiliation None (Denver)
Age 24
Status Active
Nationality American
Approver unknownmercury
Trigger Type Single Standard Trigger

Publicly Available Information

PRT / Government Information

Costume Appearance

Galacterian wears a modular suit of armour that gets swapped out with different pieces depending on what she needs. The specific look of each armour piece is notated on their tinker tech sheet, but in general it is a pitch black set of armour with purple ascents and stars dotted around it, sporting a gem or emblem of either Orange, Silver or Gold depending on the series

Civilian Appearance

With long straight ginger hair and blank green eyes, Alice lost her right arm up to the elbow in a car crash and she carries a walking cane for damages sustained to her legs. Her normal outfit is a short sleeved blue cotton tea and a pair of black jogging bottoms.


Alice is prone to fits and bursts of extreme emotion, but normally resting as a basic dull drone going through the motions. The only exception to this is her cape activities, as she enjoys putting on a show for the public.

The Galacterian Knight is a kind hero, doing her best to live up to the example set by comic books, always jumping into fights and trying to talk down villains so they don't hurt anyone. This leaves her vulnerable to having her trust abused, but she currently considers that a worthwhile trade off to help more people."

Skills & Training

  • Javelin throwing (Near Olympic Level)
  • Driving (Beginner Level)
  • First aid (Beginner Level)
  • Contract negotiations (Intermediate Level)
  • General knowledge (High school level)

Resources & Wealth

Alice is surprisingly rich, having been an athlete poised to become Olympic level in just a year or so more training. Since her accident she hasn't spent any of that money, wallowing in despair whilst it accrues interest. In more recent times she has joined Hydros, getting a tidy sum of cash for selling her likeness and working with them.

Equipment & Gear

Tinker Tech & Major Equipment

  • Phone
  • Hydros Radio
  • First Aid Kit

Parahuman Power

Trigger type: single standard - Tinker-Changer

Alice is a tinker able to create tinker tech prosthetics, arms, legs, even heads and chests. These parts can be used as regular prosthetics if attached safely. (head and chest excluded) and act as vehicles for her tinker tech effects. Currently all these body parts are made of a lightweight steel alloy, that whilst minimally conductive, will still shock anyone touching them

Their true purpose however, is in Alice’s changer effect. Alice can swap out any part of her body at will for one of her tinker tech body parts via teleporting them in place of the limbs, the changer effect; however, changing a prosthetic back to flesh gives a few second cooldown for the flesh to reset before it can be used for another prosthetic which is necessary as the metal prosthetics don't truly count as her body, so they can't be swapped for other prosthetics. This delay grows longer the more she rapidly swaps out gear with her body undergoing painful stress. Damage sustained to the tinker tech part isn’t carried over to her real body, unless its broken or the battery starts to cannibalize her flesh to keep charge.

If a prosthetic is broken while attached, then its instantly returned to where it was teleported from, and the body part in question will tank the attack, likely causing massive damage without Alice being prepared.

Background & Trigger

Alice knew who she was. A good daughter, a good friend. She liked helping people, and spending time with her family. More than anything though, she knew she was skilled.

It wasn’t a boast or anything so vain. She might not be Olympic level yet, but she was dammed good at the javelin toss. She worked hard for it, sacrificed and toiled day after day, and she was rewarded for it.

Then came the crash.

There was nothing that could be done for it, a one in a million chance they said, no-one was at fault. For all the excuses they gave, it meant one thing. She was broken.

Her arm gone, legs too weak to stand on. Pain shot through her body at random. Those dreams of people screaming her name where crushed in an instant.

Then her friends left, some where just there for her limited fame. But after they left she was ashamed to admit that she lashed out at the rest, called them jealous, she spat vicious venom until there was no-one left to call a friend.

Then her parents grew distant. She was a disappointment, a failure. Their attention was focused on her younger brother, eventually she logged online to see that time had slipped her by, locked in her room, no-one cared about her anymore. Alice wasn’t even alive anymore, there was nothing left of her, just a broken husk going through the motions. Trigger.

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