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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/EldritchEldrazi (capes)
Civilian name Alesha Jonson
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Wards (Ashton)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Alesha is an easygoing teenager, Black hair and a perpetual shit eating grin.

G-stars backup costume is a neon green hoodie with a galaxy pattern, with black pants. The ends of the sleeves and foot of the jeans have several multi colored cords coming from them, small detachable plastic balls on the ends of these cords.

G-star’s face is covered by a bandanna, except in green, and her brandless black sunglasses.

Equipment and Resources

  • A bag full of spherical objects. And rocks. Too many rocks.
  • A packet of nails, for when he’s up shit creek and it's time to HURT
  • A wallet full of loose change (AMMO FOR THE ORBITAL CANNON)


Name: G-star's (Gravity Star) Official Ashton Ward Uniform

Character: G-star from the Image Department

Appearance: Link

(The bandana features a night sky filled with stars.)


Type III (3) chest and head armour Type II (2) Arm and leg armour Features a number of empty tactical pouches for G-star's use. Has a PRT standard Encrypted Radio built into the Helmet. Panic Button and (hidden) GPS located in one pouch First Aid kit included in another pouch

Duration: Mundane tech (until replaced or destroyed)

Skills and Specializations

Fucking amazing at catching balls.

Very good at aiming her shots, be it throwing something or firing with her power.


G-star is a generous gal, and likes to make friends!

She seems perpetually happy, and throws out quips and one-liners in the middle of a fight like she isn’t risking her life.

Alesha is a smartass, making fun of almost everything she can.



G-star can make something orbit him, simply by launching it into the air.

G-star can only Orbit inorganic objects

G-star can have up to eighty objects orbiting him, but each object cannot weigh more than 5kg

Objects orbit G-star in ONE (Either clockwise or anticlockwise) direction, which he can switch between every time he activates his power.

Objects orbit G-star at a MAXIMUM of 20 Meters per second, and are fired at twice the speed of current orbit.

Objects gain speed at a rate of one meter per second.

The blaster part of G-star’s power is to expel any object in his orbit, sending it flying up to 20M away.

Objects orbit 2.5m from G-star.