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Notoriety Criminal
D / ?
Author /u/spider_dream23 (capes)
Pronouns he/him, they/them
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation , None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger/Stranger (Mover, Shaker, Brute)
Born (1992-02-15) February 15, 1992 (age 31)
Status Active
Other names Speculum, Mirror
Reddit Sheet
D D- | Dst D$ | F C+ | Fun D? | Refrct C | TM C* | T D+ | Trk E-

Not much is known since his first appearance a few months ago. His presence more like a rumor if it wasn't for some of his recent public sightings. A tall and creepy figure watching people from afar, the mysterious disappearance of food or items even inside locked rooms and strange behavior of peoples reflections.

After months of hiding and living in the shadows, the existence of this parahuman became known once a bunch of teenagers managed to catch him on video, as he prevented a small robbery aimed at the local kiosk. The humanoid 'creature' apparently acting friendly although shy with the group, notably displaying issues to communicate.

The Footage shows him noticing the group, followed by attempts to teach him how to 'high five' ending with Mirror Face taking an offered snickers and his face literally breaking apart to swallow.

two additional videos appeared since then, one with redirecting stuff thrown at him and another imitating a persons voice as well as their mirror image. All still available on youtube.

Character Sheet


A tall and slender case53, height up to 7,8 feet (2,4 m) with highly reflective, silvery smooth and featureless skin. Besides his human-like figure, there is a notably absence of any other features, lacking the presence of any visually perceivable eyes, hair, nose, ears nor a mouth until he attempts to eat something.

His almost glass and metal like skin literally breaking apart, shards on the edges acting like teeth as his face horizontally splits in the middle. Revealing a considerably wide mouth with insides surprisingly fleshy although grey and translucent.

In a similar way able to form a crooked smile, with cracks forming along his face.

Body proportions slightly skewed and uncanny, the head somewhat bigger than a real person of that height should have, arms long and spindly with equally long fingers ending in sharp needle-like claws. opposed to this his feet seem equally featureless to the rest of his body, lacking any toes, instead more similar to basic shoes than actual feet.

Minor shapeshifting, his face sometimes convex or flat, claws shortening or extending, occasionally more like long nails than needle-like claws and his skin breaking, forming prism related structures aiding his ability to manipulate the reflective properties of his body.

If hurt skin tends to break like glass, forming cracks, blood indistinguishable from mercury leaking out of it. Shards of skin can break of, showing grey translucent flesh.

Cracked skin or exposed flesh can still be seen in reflections and mirror copies inhabited by him, until fully healed.

Has a ᛈ rune on the left side of his neck.

Equipment and Resources

Homeless, may own a stash of 'stuff ' somewhere




Random shiny objects

Some ragged clothes(though usually not really wearing them)

Wealth Level: 1

Skills and Specializations

Considerably fast, acrobatic and much more flexible than any human, able to rotate his head and arms in a 360° fashion. Functionally there is no difference between his front or back.

Lacking any form of body language he is hard to read

Average at basic hand to hand combat

High pain tolerance

Skilled at observation, imitation and precision

Very skilled at swallowing stuff whole, animals to the size of a cat, chocolate bars inclusive wrapping, bottles of beer...


Unable to remember his past and any knowledge of socially acceptable behavior outside of what he learned since waking up in what appeared to be an unfamiliar facility, there is a noticeable innocence beneath his creepy outward appearance.

Funhouse just wants to be like everybody else, to be loved, to be human and be a hero like many other para-humans and case53 before him. Admiring those who managed to get accepted into society especially more so the ones being invited into the protectorate. He wants to do the right thing even if he doesn't know what it actually is.

People hurting other people should be stopped, but taking what one needs to survive... or what seems interesting should be totally acceptable right?... Everybody deserves food and should be able to be where they want to be...

.....i mean what the hell even is money, ownership or property?

Unable to understand those rules of society Funhouse has no issues with stealing food or entering buildings, but will refrain from doing so if told not to. Mostly just taking what he thinks others won't need.

He has a habit of watching and spying although he doe not know that it's indeed inappropriate behavior to pry via inhabiting reflections of others. Observing the neighbors, listening to music or watching TV as an inconspicuous reflection inside a nearby mirror or window.

If among 'peers' he tends to act as the classic conformist, mostly agreeing to everything especially if he does not understand what they mean, easily persuaded into doing stupid stuff just for the sake to entertain others.

Silent and shy most of the time, he can be considerably talkative and outgoing, once realizing his way of communication isn't seen as too creepy.

Funhouse enjoys inhabiting reflections and imitating others, especially if he has no idea what else to do. Be it parroting sentences, copying moves and mannerism of anyone nearby.

Additionally tends to be somewhat of a glutton, always hungry with a preference for sweets and meat, not really picky even swallowing small animals whole.


Case-53 Biology

His skin resembles a highly reflective, smooth and silvery material, simultaneously acting like flexible skin and rigid exoskeleton. To himself its actually soft and does in no way hamper any movement, even able to stretch(like his throat if he swallows big prey). Once outside forces are involved, it reacts like a solid and glass-like material. Durabel but still easily broken and cracked once confronted with sufficient force, similar to level 2 on the NIJ chart and bullet resistant glass with armor starting to crack break off .

Shards of 'skin' are noticeably sharp and surprisingly lightweight, they don't degrade (besides a tendency to break down into even smaller fragments), but are edible to him.

'Exoskeleton' hides squishy grey and slightly translucent flesh beneath, some of his organs visible through it. Head does not seem to contain a brain, still a head shot will disrupt coordination and body control for quite a while. Decapitation or completely destroying it is still deadly..

Claws and teeth have a comparable durability to reinforced steel

Does not need to breathe, but has a unusual high metabolism and regularly needs to eat.

Lacks any sense of smell, but is perfectly capable of taste and hearing.

Able to lift weights up to 300kg.

Can shed his armor on purpose to enable escape, his 'naked' body being more slippery but also much more sensitive.

In Possession of minor regeneration, able to heal cracks in his armor and missing claws in a matter of seconds, while it takes minutes up to an hour if whole patches of it are missing. Regeneration also applies for flesh wounds but more slowly(hours up to days) unable to regenerate missing limbs.

Exoskeleton resistant to most environmental toxins, low(below -90°C) and high temperatures(up to 600°C), but not for more than several minutes as its not a perfect insulator against such temperatures. Temperatures too low can make it brittle and less flexible, Resistance greatly diminishes once there is any damage in his protection, exposed flesh just as susceptible than any human one.


Reflective properties of skin not only limited to light, but projectiles and energy. Allowing him to redirect most ranged attacks, purposefully breaking and shifting shards to influence trajectory of redirected objects. Does not mitigate harm from physical projectiles or energies, impact or heat damage still possible, while allowing immediate retaliation via redirection.

Ineffective against area of effect, like attacks with a wide spread, or against something that's not necessarily a projectile (like a flamethrower or a splash of acid)

Still susceptible against crushing damage and (strong enough)punches.

Reflection manipulation and mimicry

Unable to naturally speak, Funhouse can manipulate reflections and imitate anyone currently being reflected on his body. A mirrored image but moving as he pleases and speaking in the exact same voice as his opponent. His skin almost like a screen depicting someones hijacked image, smiling, speaking, grimacing like his own face if he had one.

Coupled with a thinker ability that allows Funhouse to view his environment via his skin, with each and every available surface area just as sufficient than any eye would be. As long as his body reflects something, he would be able to see it, provided he concentrates on that specific area.

Mirror transit

Funhouse is aware of any reflection being looked at in a range of 20 m and can control/see through them(only one at a time). He can use them as portals to directly move into one and out of another. He is always somewhere in the real world.

Body and blood can act as his own mirror, able to have him or parts of himself leave through his surface area, previous body now only a hollow shell, or move/act via puddles of his own blood using the reflections on those.


Once controlling a reflection, Funhouse is able leave, posing as the exact mirror image of the reflected person.

Mirror image is perfectly capable of speech, but still only similar in appearance and even more fragile, Surface easily broken like thin glass, showing hints of his real self beneath. Mirror image can easily change into his real monstrous form, shards of his previous camouflage peeling of of him.

The mirror image being a layer on top, while the exoskeleton beneath not having full durability. More similar to an insect molting, the 'new' exoskeleton beneath being vulnerable/soft until he sheds with it hardening a few seconds after exposure. Mirror image being his second most fragile state after the naked one.

Mirror image lacks access to any of his other abilities until returning to his true form

Trigger type: Coven Case53

Example Washing his hands, the man could have noticed something odd... but he didn't and just left the bathroom not bothering to look at the reflection... that image of him...similar in every way except one symbol on its neck. Now stopping the act carefully watching...waiting...until a hand extends out of the surface, the being slowly helping itself into the real world. Leaving the bathroom and taking a look, Funhouse explores what appears to be a grocery store, immediately reaching into shelves and compartments taking as much as he could.

Unintentionally breaking his facial disguise while stuffing bags of chips and twinkies's into his mouth. With the first hero arriving, he would briefly stare at him and then continue. More and more of the facade crumbling away, the silver metallic material visible trough the cracks as he grows and extends. Still not really minding the hero who stares in disbelief, but Funhouse knows its safer to drop the disguise once there is no point in hiding anymore.

The guy increasingly annoyed at being ignored, words seemingly useless, responds by firing a few tinker arrows. Projectiles immediately repelled upon contact promptly redirected into a nearby shelf the tall case53 finally responds as he turns around towering over the hero.

Example 2 Surrounded by bunch of thugs the gunfire ricochets into random direction at first until Funhouse starts redirecting them right at them, as he continuous to approach followed by a slap breaking the helmet of the first one while sending him flying. Not anticipating the brute among them the case53 tanks a strong punch right into his torso, shards of his armor as well as silvery blood blown away, followed by a few mooks growling in pain with that stuff penetrating their skin. Founhouse suddenly gone, seemingly dropping into a puddle of his own blood, only to suddenly jump out of a nearby closed window, right into the poor guy who happens to stand in front of it.


Hillstream, known name in the fashion industry, rich, famous... always associated with some of the most well known models and actors. Yet somehow Eric was still considered the weakest link in the family. Not as if he was actually treated worse but certainly not good enough...

People knew about him... of course they do. Child actor, underwear model, Instagram, twitter,... reality shows, onlyfans yet only considered a c promi. Not good enough for the occasional headline or thirst thread.

He deserved better but somehow nobody could see his real potential. His older sister Trish...cousin Tony, Nephew Colin, Uncle..... they all get so much support... Of course that's how one gets those lead roles or high end contracts. Him being invited to parties... birthdays weddings just to be mocked treated like all the other guests, sometimes not even mentioned by the news.

If only...if he only could be like them... have anything they have.. Until one day someone reached out to him, offering just that.

A woman first dismissed as a fan, not even attractive enough for his standards,but he listened and soon became curious towards what was offered.

Be like them... no!.... even more than that... special? Sure he would trade everything away just for that.. to be above everyone.