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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/TheBluestHedgeroo (capes)
Civilian name N/A
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Status NPC
Residence Wherever's available
Reddit Sheet

Fume has managed to evade most of the public eye during her time in Ashton, leaving little more than confirmed and unconfirmed sightings of her freaky monster bod in places homeless persons usually congregate (scrapyards, dumps, alleys, generally shittier neighborhoods)

The citizenry of the outlying small town Martecanto (just large enough to warrant a PRT office) would know of her resident spooky monster deeds such as squatting in an abandoned home, inadvertently injuring people that broke in, and accidentally killing an asthmatic teenager.

Law enforcement would be advised not to carry open flame or things that could spark near her, as she has been documented to indirectly produce an incredibly volatile gas via respiration. Would additionally be aware of her physical appearance and accidental murder. Noted to have broken into, booby-trapped, and occupied a fairly upper-class home a couple months ago, before being driven out by Hyperion's efforts.

Character Sheet


Fume is quite visibly a C53, much to her chagrin. Somewhat humanoid, somewhat insect-like quadruped with all four limbs being long, somewhat skinny, flexible due to having many joints, and ending in sharp points. Complexion is an ashy grey except for the pores and mushroom-like growths on her back, which glow faintly with the color of what gas she is currently leeching into the environment. Head, ears, and torso are those of a visibly sexless human being, which additionally lacks any hair. If one were to dissect her, they would find that she has three large organs connected to the pores and growths on her back, which she uses to both breathe and expel her namesake fumes. Coven rune is branded into her cheek.

After a surgical procedure from Fiber, she gained a pair of human arms grafted to an added joint by each shoulder, which often hang down limply when she climbs or walks with her more insectoid appendages.


Fume is quite suspicious of and slow to trust others, although she is quite kind towards people she trusts. Dislikes having to harm others, preferring grand displays of intimidation or fleeing over initiating combat. Willing to work with unscrupulous persons out of necessity, often able to stomach her associates harming or killing others so long as she is not expected to contribute. On a more personal level, Fume is primarily motivated by protecting herself, wishing to have a place of her own that she can properly fortify. She also incredibly dislikes her mutated form, both for its grotesque appearance and the fact that without fingers, it is quite difficult to interact with the world at large.

Equipment and Resources

Pretty much nil beyond ~60 dollars and a few large blankets and tarps. Possesses a few lighters, as well as some homemade "flashbangs" (consist of a mason jar which contains some of her orange gas with a fuse wound around the lid).

Skills and Specializations

Self-taught climber of things, is good enough to generally know what acceptable footholds are and how to rest her weight on them but is not a particularly fast climber.

Is mildly experienced in using her forelimbs as a bludgeoning weapon, as they are generally strong and long enough to knock people over if she gets a good windup.


(Coven Trigger)

Abilities from Mutated Form: Due to her unique breathing apparatus, Fume is almost impossible to strangle or asphyxiate, although she will intake and process airborne toxins at a much quicker rate. Fume’s limbs allow her to hang on walls and crawl on them, as long as they are made of a soft enough material for her legs to penetrate (would be unable to climb concrete or steel walls for example, although could climb brick walls). Due to remarkably flexible limbs, can compress herself to fit into small spaces (around the size of a typical basement crawlspace) and can stretch to about nine feet tall. Has many reinforced membranes around her eyes, allowing her to see through the gases she leeches perfectly and makes it almost impossible to blind her via particulates.

Power: Leeches her choice of one of three gases into her environment constantly via simply breathing, can control the rate and concentration of the gases she expels by holding her breath or breathing more heavily. (More conc. means that gas has a greater effect and is harder to disperse in exchange for taking up a smaller space). Gases she can leech are as follows:

-A highly volatile bright orange and odorless gas, which detonates when exposed to open flame or spark. Flashbang-esque detonations (less concussive force in exchange for more produced sound and color). Possible to induce permanent blindness and deafness in especially large concentrations. Tends to result in little structural damage. Fume is resistant to but not wholly immune to the effects of this gas.

-A dark blue gas which induces high amounts of irritation to one’s skin and respiratory system, and results in dark-colored blisters to the affected areas if exposed to a high concentration or over too long of a time (roughly ten minutes). Not quite fatal, but will likely impede one’s ability to breathe similar to a mild allergic reaction. Effect is applied on skin contact or inhalation.

-A clear gas that causes colors to appear to blend together into an indistinct haze from the perspective of both those immersed in the gas and outside observers (instead of objects having a discrete color, every object immersed in the gas has their colors stolen and mixed together into one muddy color that is uniformly applied to every object in the gas). Other senses are not impeded.