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Notoriety Criminal
D /
Author /u/FlashyAmoeba (capes)
Civilian name Elizabeth Walters
Alignment Mercenary
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationChanger Sub Striker, Mover/Striker, Thinker, Brute
Born (1986-04-05) April 5, 1986 (age 36)
Philadelphia, PA
Status NPC
Other names Stinky Lady Fumes
Reddit Sheet
Aces High F | Lady Fisto D+ | Ventus Dracon C

Part of a team of mercenaries, all seem rather skilled despite showing up fairly recently, Freelancer is known for her zombie-like visage when she uses her Changer power and the disgusting smell of rotting flesh.

Character Sheet


178 cm tall woman with a lean runner’s build. Black hair and dark skined. Arched eyebrows, with green-brown eyes, and a thin nose. A sharp pointed chin. Usually has a neutral expression.

Equipment and Resources

  • Tactical knife,
  • Flash-bang and tear-gas grenades,
  • Taser pistol,
  • Pepper spray cannister,
  • Halligan forcible-entry tool
  • tactical radio with earpiece and throat microphone,
  • flexible cuffs,
  • Class 3 body armor,
  • knee and elbow pads,
  • gloves,
  • helmet,
  • fire-retardant balaclava,
  • tinted goggles,
  • Camelback,
  • Binoculars,
  • High-power flashlight
  • Ballistic Shield

Skills and Specializations

A basic grasp of programming can handle complicated searches and can find and interpret files that were hidden or encrypted by the average (unskilled) user.

Very good at putting details together to form a larger picture, investigative talent equal to a crime lab attendant.

Perform first aid and stabilize injured people, identify common diseases, and care for serious (but non-critical) injuries. athletic Parkour Enthusiast, could probably make a fair bit of money posting stunts on YouTube.

Working knowledge of self-defense, good situational awareness, and enough experience to get her through many violent situations.

Knows a great deal about guns, and is an excellent shot. She has shot someone in an actual fight, more than once. She can crack safes, get past high-end security systems, and gain entrance to buildings with active security, and can follow someone without tipping them off or sneak pasta sentry. Knows exactly when to bluster and when to shut up and let the silence work for her.

People back off when she is angry, and she can scare most people into doing what she wants.

Can gracefully blend into just about any social situation.

Knows her neighborhood very well, and knows who to go to get the information she needs, knows where to ditch a hot car and who might be able to handle a specific minor favor.

Excellent poker face, and rarely reveals what she is thinking.


Elizibaeth values her ability to be professional at all times. Understanding tradition and order, utilizing their understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to get ahead when doing business in mercenary world. Gives clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way through a difficult job or a fire fight. Personally she would describe her strengths as always takes the lead, hard worker, strong-willed, practical, passionate, an excellent strong woman of the team, determined, goal-oriented and thrives under criticism. But people who know her would acknowledge she can also be hot-tempered, rude, rebellious, can be cruel, stubborn, harsh, bossy, expects complete devotion, insensitive, often condescending, workaholic, and vindictive.


Changer power: When struck or damaged by another person Freelancer can enter a Changer state. Her skin becomes gaunt and peels away. This unleashes a terrible stench all around her. Anyone within 6 meters of her will start retching and reeling, from the stench and their ability to act will be hampered. Those affected can still act, just they have to do so during a coughing fit or while gagging. The smell bypasses gas masks or similar. To avoid the stench and get close to Freelancer powers are needed or a specialized suit with a self-contained oxygen supply and environmental control system. Symptoms end as soon as an afflicted gets more than 6 meters away from Freelancer. Fumes are all or nothing. Either you get the full force of them, or you are fine. No way to distinguish friend from foe Freelancer’s teeth and nails also change. All of her teeth become sharp and she gains a second row of teeth. Her nails become claw-like. If she scratches someone or bites them it infects them, causing rapid onset waves of pain, inflammation, and exhaustion like a bad case of the flu. The infection will fade after a day and the wound will heal normally.

Secondary: Rocket Jump: Can create smaller explosions of force at the bottom of her feet which allows her to jump 15 feet in the air. Can also be used offensively if the bottom of her feet of touching someone. The damage done works because of Newton’s third law, the force that moves her up also pushes down with an equal force knocking the person around. Makes a loud noise, more like a car backfiring than anything.

Secondary: Density alteration: Can make herself almost weightless to the point of not trigger pressure sensors, avoiding major damage from falls, collisions, or being thrown. Can also make herself 4 times heavier than normal, increasing her durability and striking force. She still maintains her full range of motion and but her ability to react quickly is reduced. Dodging attacks or getting out of the way is harder as she gets to body to start moving. Takes 6 seconds to make themselves heavier or lighter. Takes 12 seconds to go from light to heavy or heavy to light. When she is denser her punches and kicks are strong enough to crack ribs with a solid hit. Her skin also becomes denser, harder to penetrate, making most small blades, improvised spears, and other small stabbing, slashing implements ineffective at doing more than surface damage. Large weapons such as axes, swords, bullets are more efficient, but still less effective than on a normal person. She is also harder to knock over when denser.

Secondary: When they look at someone for five seconds they can mark the person. This lets Freelancer know their position and see an outline of them through walls. This lasts as long as the person is within 300 meters of Freelancer. No limit on the number of people as long as she looks at them for five seconds and they remain within 300 meters of Freelancer. Can only use this on living people.


Elizabeth was always a good, hardworking girl in her youth, being born in Philadelphia and working hard in school, but her father's history in the armed forces inspired her to join as well after she graduated university. She had a fairly decorated career and did well with herself. In the army, She met Darren, and quickly fell in love with the man. Soon after they left the army to raise a family together, having 3 children. During this time she joined a Private military Company and eventually left it to become a mercenary and general Fixer. And that was when the incident happened. It was a fairly normal job, though not without its quirks. Some sort of teleportation tinker needed a rival villain taken out, and was going to teleport them right to their base with their tech.

Elizabeth stepped on the teleporter and there was a flash of light, but nothing happened. She was still standing there with the rest of her team. She looked around confused, the tinker came on over the radio to say everything was okay and they would be delayed for a bit. Before long though the teams heard chatter on their radios. Their own voices playing over the radio, reporting on the assault. But they were all still in the tinker's lab, weren't they?

The team managed to force themselves into the Tinker's control room where they were overseeing the operation. That's where they all saw it. They had been transported, or at least clones of them had been. And those clones had a terrible time of it. She watched as her exact double slowly died in horrible agony, the body she had worked to maintain falling apart on her. Incapable of acting, providing any sort of aid to herself. She couldn't even look away from the horror of her own, slow, agonizing death played on the monitors. Elizabeth triggered as she saw her clone's arm rot and burst, blood spilling out.