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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Darqueben (capes)
Pronouns He/Him
Civilian name Richard Hall
Alignment Hero
Affiliation Protectorate (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationTrump (Striker)
Born Devilfish
Status NPC
Other names N/A For now.
Reddit Sheet

Character Sheet


Light tan skin, brown hair cut short and grey eyes, Looks to have a five-o-clock shadow so is not that young even if they are a bit short (Standing 5'2") wearing ragged clothing due to recent homelessness makes them look rather lackluster. Their 'Costume' is nothing more than another ragged hoodie with a face mask and some old looking fingerless gloves

Equipment and Resources

-Wealth Level 6- Due to recently joining the Protectorate they have gained some resources as well as lodging in the building itself.

-Work Laptop & Phone- Self Explanatory, Given by the Protectorate for work.

~Handcuffs & Zipties (For Capturing criminals)

~PRT Radio communicator. (For Obvious)

~Standard First Aid Kit

~Police Baton and stungun (For when Powers just aren't Viable)

Skills and Specializations

-Basic 'Repair' (Frankenstein-ing stuff together to work.) -Basic Sewing (Had to learn fast in order to make sure his clothing does not fall off) -Basic cooking (Can make a little more than an average college student, A.K.A. Not much at all.)


At first he is not in a good way mentally. Literally losing everything and gaining somewhat 'lackluster' powers makes him think he is a screw up. And is using vigilantism to fill in that empty void.


Single, Natural Trigger [Trump] His power is high risk high reward. Having a simple power he can grab a single 'Aspect' From another cape at a whim. (Doing it more than once a day can cause massive headaches to migraines) but then MUST replace a single aspect of his power with it at semi random. This comes with a compulsion to take aspects and try out as many different 'Powers' as possible.

(When he grabs a 'Aspect' it comes in one of 3 pieces. [Range: Element 1: Element 2]

Starts with 2 powers (His limit unless something odd happens),

A protective Barrier. [Armor, Hard light, Transparent] and a simple damaging striker power [Touch, Burst, Kinetic] that creates bursts of kinetic energy on touch.

He is limited to touch when collecting aspects or defeating the opponent whether mentally or physically (Opponent feels defeated.)

While he can copy aspects from them, his powers cannot manifest as tinker powers, master powers, or as a power granting variety of trump.

This is due to power wanting HIM To do the fighting and not liking masters as a whole in Principal (Screws up data points) Read: Queen Administrator

Current Power Set:

1.Reactive Protective Armor [Touch: Hard Light: Intelligence]

1.1 !Intelligence! Gained from Phalanx

-Armor that is almost always moving a little. Thousands of hard light plates shifting ready to move to more protect their host.

2. Distributed Powered Mark [Touch: Distribute: Share]

2.1. !Distribute! Gained from Refraction.

2.2 !Share! Gained from Voitarus.

-Striker Power that leaves a mark on a person (Up to Three) Which allows Fragment to share either injuries or powered effects with the marked person. This is distributed equally between all marked. A mark can be removed at any time upon Fragments will. And also disappears depending on how many people are marked.

One: 1 Mile. Two: 500 Yards. Three: 200 Yards. Any person leaving this range is unmarked and the range increases to fit the lower marks.

[Rolls 1d3 to see what aspect he collects, If Range? Roll 1d2 to see which power it effects. If element? Roll 2d2 to see which power it effects THEN Which aspect is Replaced.]

(Any roll that would cause no changes to the power is Rerolled.)


He had finally built it. His shop. He was going to have to pay off rent as well as make back the money he loaned to pay for it. But he already had some people he helped out ready. All he had to do was send the name of the place and he would be making the money back fast.

He worked with stuff, tinkered a bit (Not like that.). And was able to fix things by finding similar parts and getting them to work. Sure it was not a permanent fix but hey? He got them to work and was able to make a living with 'Frankenstein Mechanic'

Until the cape fight.

His new business was destroyed as a Alexandria package and some weird blaster rams through his shop and traps him under the rubble, Under his VERY Sturdy desk. Thankfully he was able to be saved but when he saw the shop? He nearly broke down. There was nothing left. And with the loans? He would likely need to bankrupt himself and start over. All of his work was going down the drain and he passed out. A vigilante nearby being PRAISED For capturing the villain and ruining your livelihood. Just another mess he would have to cobble together. (His Base Powers come from these two idiots.)