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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/TheBluestHedgeroo (capes)
Civilian name Kurt Campbell
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Status NPC
Residence A grey utility van
Reddit Sheet

Minimal to the public at large, might be tied to the scene of a carjacking or mugging. Police have noted two separate crime scenes where the floor was strewn with hundreds of somewhat deformed ball bearings and nails.

Character Sheet


Male, about average height with a lean build. Has dark brown hair worn in a vague mullet, thin angled eyebrows over a set of green eyes, and has an absolute beak of a nose. Often wears black jackets and dark blue jeans, his “costume” consists of his regular jeans, a pretty nice bright blue jacket, a basic utility belt, a camo bandanna worn over the lower half of his face, and an obnoxiously large pair of sunglasses.

Equipment and Resources

Stolen gray unmarked utility van, the kind someone going over to install your cable would have. He lives out of that van, so there’s a fair amount of blankets, cigarette packs, twelve-packs of Diet Coke, and random “useful” junk strewn about the place.

Saved money from previous legitimate employment and recent muggings, totaling at about $2,000.

  • Small box of ball bearings (20 count), roughly three quarters of an inch in diameter.
  • Small box of fairly long nails (15 count), roughly three inches long.
  • Long glass stoppered test tube of gasoline, the sort one would find in a highschool chemistry room. Contains roughly 12 ounces of gasoline.
  • Two small rubber bouncy balls, each roughly three inches in diameter. One is a nice bright red and one is a light lime color.
  • Box of matches and a pack of cheap cigarettes
  • Fairly heavy crowbar, useful for breaking into places and slapping against one’s hand in an intimidating manner.
  • Flashlight
  • Bright red road flare
  • Stolen tear gas grenade

Skills and Specializations

  • Knows how to hotwire most common models of cars
  • Has a pretty solid level of experience with basic fistfighting
  • Skilled endurance runner and would be considered to be physically fit if the observer was being fairly generous.


Kurt is a sometimes clever, cruel, and manipulative person who relishes in people playing to his ego and perceived power. He believes in making money at any cost, having very little scruples for what he would do for that money save murder and shit he finds to be embarrassing. He irrationally views most even moderately wealthy people as coddled shitheads that have never actually worked a day in their lives, a sentiment sometimes shared by his disenfranchised brethren that he feels a kinship towards. Tries to be a smooth talker, not very successful at it. Powers have made him a bit of a hoarder, unwilling to part with “useful” objects.


Trigger Type: Single Trigger

Forgery is an object duplicator that quickly produces flawed copies of any object he is currently holding or touching, which must then be telekinetically launched from his other hand with variable strength in a conical spread. Duplicated objects will be formed with the same general on/off state as their progenitor (e.g. lit matches must come from a lit match, primed grenades must come from a primed grenade), and will retain the physical orientation of their progenitor (e.g. if he is holding a nail with the point facing the ground, the resulting duplicate will be launched with the point facing the ground). He must launch the duplicated objects within one minute of their creation. 48 hours after the duplicated object is created, it self-destructs into a pile of either shrapnel or dust (metal or other sturdy materials for shrapnel, plastics, organic fibers, and weak material for dust)

Stip. for Flawed: Duplicated objects often are warped, damaged, and/or deformed to a minor degree, which heavily increases dependent on how complex an object is to the point where some duplicated objects are unlikely to function. (i.e. a ball bearing or rubber ball may come out slightly deformed and no longer spherical at worst, a road flare may come out as a dud which will not light, a grenade will more than likely come out as a dud, a copied gun will almost certainly blow your hand off if you try to fire it, and a copied watch will result in little more than an inaccurate paperweight) Complexity in this case increases based on how many distinct pieces an object has and how intricate the internal mechanism(s) may be.

Stip. for Launch Speed/Power: As a general rule, the smaller an object, the quicker it is formed and the more speed it will have upon being launched. For both extremes, a ball bearing will be formed within one second and launched at a speed of 85mph, whereas a van may take up to two hours to duplicate and will be launched with a very low speed.