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Notoriety Criminal
F /
Author /u/Glass_paper (capes)
Civilian name Alice Hyde
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born Seattle, USA
Status NPC
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Character Sheet


Alice is a 168cm tall woman with Caucasian features, dirty blond hair, light freckles on her face, and light brown eyes. She has a slight build, with traces of athletic muscle that years of hardship have eroded. As of yet, she has no costume. her civilian clothes consist of a heavy coat and worn-out shoes, and other dirty and torn articles of clothing. Her coat has lots of shoddily added patches full of knickknacks.

Equipment and Resources

  • A few pocketfuls of knickknacks, such as a pencil, some paperclips, some marbles, a small screwdriver, a rubber, some christmas LED lights, a box of matches, some wires, a screw, a few fridge magnets, and a length of necklace chain.
  • Her trusty umbrella, which she keeps in working condition.
  • A chipped kitchen knife, just in case.
  • A blanket or two.
  • Gauze and bandages that she treats her legs with.
  • A well-leafed through copy of Star Rover by Jack London.
  • A torn and tattered backpack.

Skills and Specializations

Alice has a detailed knowledge of the streets of Ashton, particularly the best places to sleep and where it's dangerous due to gangs or bored teenagers. She also knows the best places and tricks to begging.

Alice used to be a computer wiz at school, with an eye for fixing small issues, programming simple applications, and what could be charitably called hacking, but most of her knowledge is outdated by a few years.

Alice used to be a skilled swimmer, Skier and Snowboarder when she still lived with her family.

Alice knows the piano, but gets mad at mistakes too quickly to ever finish a song.


Alice is in a constant state of emotional exhaustion. She doesn't have a clear goal of what to do with herself beyond surviving in the short and long term. However, She's recently gotten her shard, and now feels a faint glimmer of hope. Alice wants to have faith in her ability and skills, and gets very frustrated and angry when she can't solve a problem or if she has to rely on others for help. Otherwise, she's contemplative and analytical. She isn't afraid to get her hands a little dirty if it means finally getting her out of her situation, though she hasn't done anything of the sort so far.

Alice feels compelled to pick up and hoard various items she sees if she thinks that they might be useful. She won't steal just because of this (usually), but feels very unhappy if she leaves a trinket that nobody owns somewhere, or when she needs to get rid of her own.


(Shaker/Master) Alice controls an invisible "cloud", about the size of a car. She can activate it, which causes any solid non-living material to rapidly liquefy regardless of it's melting point, or if it even has one. This process takes a second or two, and becomes solid again if it leaves the area of the cloud. Alice can make the cloud smaller, or change it's shape. She cannot make any part or tendril of the cloud smaller than the diameter of a quarter. Alice can also diffuse the cloud, which slows the effects and only turns material into soft mud.

The cloud moves at a pace of 20 km/h in relation to Alice, and has a max range that varies between 50 and 100 meters. Alice always has a vague awareness of the location of the cloud in relation to herself, as well as the current shape of the cloud. She's also aware if there's an object in her cloud that cannot be melted down, such as a person or animal.

Alice can choose if the cloud is active or not. If the cloud is inactive, it has no melting effect on the surroundings.

Alice is a natural trigger.


Alice grew up in a normal, lower middle class family of three, and attended school as usual. She had a fiery temperament and frequent fights with her parents during her parents, though she really did love them deeply. She dropped out of college despite her skills, and in a particularly bad argument with her mother, she accidentally set fire to their house. The damage was confined to one room, but her parents refused to let her continue staying with them. With a heavy heart, she left and rented a place and lived for a while, living from paycheck to paycheck working at a local supermarket. One day, she got sick, missed several weeks of work, and found that she couldn't keep up with the bills. She lost the job, and soon, the rented flat. With nowhere left to go, she ended up on the streets.

She triggered during an exceptionally cold day. After the city council began installing more bike racks and supermarkets began chaining more of their dumpsters shut and piercing food packaging before throwing it away, Alice found herself starved and laying in a public park, just outside a public toilet that had been abandoned for years, stalls smashed in and walls tagged, looking for a place to stay. She had put some blankets and a little emergency supplies there beforehand, as a small project with some other vagrants in case any of them ended up in the situation she was in at the moment. However, today she saw a small notice on the wall: closed for renovations. The door was locked. The walls were still sprayed, she could see their old stuff inside through the old-fashioned keyhole, but through bureaucracy and carelessness, she was effectively stranded. She felt herself crying, and desperately tried to stop, she was thirsty enough as it is. She saw the occasional pedestrian walk past, glancing at her and then looking forward determinedly. She triggered there, on the verge of death.