Fine Vibes

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Fine Vibes
Notoriety Criminal
D / -
Author /u/ALargeHairyDerp (capes)
Civilian name Bridget Acanthus
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationBrute, Changer, Master
Born (1998-03-06) March 6, 1998 (age 25)
Ashton, Washington
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Ammonite C | Cruach D- | Phix C*

Fine Vibes has been seen pursuing Bonezone on a few occasions, and has been caught on security cameras in the process of committing small robberies on gas stations, convenience stores, and similar venues. The PRT has taken some small interest in these tapes, as prior to, and even during the robberies, people seem not to take notice of Fine Vibes’ off-putting appearance, or put enough weight into her villainous actions.

Character Sheet


Before her trigger, Bridget was stick-thin and frail from the combined effects of her heart condition and the side effects of the medecine she had to take to mitigate it. However, her power has vastly improved her physical condition post trigger, though it has been a gradual process, as of now, she is still on the thin side, but looks much more healthy. Her power has other effects on her physiology, causing light mutations while active in parts which are bolstered, and longer lasting mutations, specifically in the heart, muscles, and some patches of skin where places have been replaced with tendrils. The tendrils present throughout her systems and especially within her musculature mean that her proportions and movements seem slightly off to others, in an uncanny valley like effect.

Their costume consists of a long coat, fully covering clothing, and a mask which covers the upper part of their face, leaving everything below the bottom of the nose exposed, along with the ears and hair.

While in civvies, they typically wear baggy or covering clothing, though they have begun to branch into more revealing options with the improvement to their physique granted by their power.

Equipment and Resources

  • A small apartment in a bad part of town
  • A Computer used for gaming and for work (web design)
  • Various life necessities, including a few more sets of recently purchased clothes, both to act as costumes and to fit her new physique
  • A bike
  • Single burner phone
  • Mask
  • Many Large Pockets


Skills and Specializations

  • Technologically adept (good at programming)
  • Fast reader
  • New awareness of body coupled with improvements and some personal training means that they are beginning to work out how to fight ,and are strong enough to hold up against normal untrained people pretty well
  • Theft


Previously severely hampered in what she could do because of her heart condition, Bridget revels in her newfound freedom, encouraged somewhat by the effects her power has had on her psyche, she has taken to living life to the fullest, going wherever she wants and doing whatever she pleases, engaging in various high jinks with her newfound freedom.


Brute: Tendrils weave throughout your body, reinforcing systems and bolstering your physical capabilities, they provide a small boost to strength (this would place them at an increment above standard, able lift a fridge with moderate effort/strain (this increases over time as they become more healthy)), but mostly more evenly distribute load over you musculoskeletal system, making injury and damage far tougher to incur( if they suffer an impact, or try to lift something really heavy, they're less likely to take focused injury, and will just be more moderately hurt, or fine, depending on severity) . If injury occurs to an organ, tendrils will seek to fill in, taking on it's function over the span of about 2 minutes. This is not like typical regeneration, and acts more like receiving a transplant, with a recovery period of a couple days for full integration, during this time the organ will be less effective, have moderate pain, and if strained can cause health issues, they have to eat and rest more than normal, but the end result is about 1.5x better than the original. Breaks to the skin will be brought together via tendrils, which act sort of like stitches, and allowed to naturally heal, the same goes for muscular injuries, in the case of a broken bone tendrils will move to set it similar to how they bring skin and muscle together, but otherwise it will be left to heal naturally unless she bolsters multiple systems responsible for healing, it will still probably take a few days even if she maintains this in the case of a serious break. Once an organ is replaced, it stays that way (made out of tendrils and slightly improved over the original).

Changer: The cape can choose up to 4 organs/body systems to "bolster" increasing their natural abilities by about 4x, this usually comes with some visual indicator, and the cape cannot effect their own brain, though they can bolster their control over hormone production ( bolster adrenal glands for longer time and greater effects with less downsides of adrenaline, supress hunger, supress pain, curb inflamation, bolster immune system, stimulate growth/bone density, etc ), they have some control over what way a chosen part/system is bolstered, but the more specific they are, the longer the change takes. (ex: boost heart, lungs, and muscles for amazing endurance and an increase in strength, boost salivary glands, muscles, and eyes for long range caustic spit, etc). Basic change (just making the organ or system better at what it does all around) would take around 6 seconds for each system/organ; more focused change (optimizing a system for a specifc task (night vision, extremely hardened skin, hearing a very specific range of sound, boosting just the blood output of bones, just bolstering the ability of the nose to detect certain scents) takes around 2 minutes, and focuses the 4x benefit on that specific thing as opposed to the whole of the system/organ; extreme precision changes, such as most hormonal changes and more in depth changes to an organ or system (producing more growth hormone, boosting effectivness of adrenal glands, making highly caustic spit, etc) take about 45 minutes, though it varries with complexity.

Master: The cape exudes pheromones, which, upon inhalation, cause a state of apathy/forgetfulness in regards to the cape's appearance. These pheromones have a range of around fifty feet, though it can be more if they stay in one location for a long time and let them accumulate and spread. For example, walking through a crowd with obvious mutations, someone looking with binoculars would be very confused why none was reacting strangely, but those around the cape wouldn’t care/notice. This does not apply to recordings, only to living beings which breath in the pheremones. If someone has breathing protection they will be unaffected, if they are breathing the pheremones, but watching her thruogh other means such as live recording, they will experience cognitive dissonance, recognizing something is wrong with what they are seeing, but not able to quite place what it is. This ability also provides some small resistance to other master effects, about a 25% reduction in effectiveness, or if effectiveness is absolute, the same reduction in duration or ease of control, this only applies to mental based master effects, it has no effect on actual, physical puppeteering.

Cluster Mechanics: Any member from the cluster can ping for the other members whenever they like. After pinging, the person who did so knows the exact location of the other two cluster mates for 10 minutes, the rest of the cluster is aware that they've been pinged when it happens but cannot tell where the person who pinged is. The cool-down of this ability is 7 days. Additionally, cluster members can invade one another's dreams, showing up in a sort of shared mind space that can be entered upon sleeping. The dream world can be manipulated by any member of the cluster in the dream space at will, and cluster members can interact, touch, and use their powers on other cluster mates in the dream. However, no real damage can be done and cluster members will simply wake up as if they had a completely normal night's sleep.

Trigger type: Natural Multi


Bridget had a severe heart condition from birth, which required her to take medication all her life, nad prevented her from engaging in the majority of physical activities, she found other ways to entertain herself, nad got into computers throughout her youth, even turning that into a career, and despite her challenges made good friends with Walter and Chloro in high school. Now, with the quarantine, and the return of Walter, who was working as a security guard at the border, her supply of medicine began to run out. Knowing that she would likely die otherwise, she contacted her two friends and devised a plan to sneak out of the quarantine, however, their timing was bad, and Walter was forced to take warning shots at her and Chloro, hitting her right in the chest. At this point, they all triggered, and she’s been alternating between maintaining her job, living it up with the benefits of her new power, and chasing down Walter to get revenge since.