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Given climate and practicality, her costume usually includes a shiny leather jacket and matching boots.
Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/Shimme (capes)
Civilian name Zola Angers
Alignment Villain
Affiliation Mafia (Devilfish)
PRT ClassificationMaster, Shaker
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet
Chicane F | Shredshot B$

Reports of strange patches of frost, ice and localized areas of extreme cold are being receieved, followed by unusual damage to terrain and trees inside state and local parks have been appearing for a few months now. PRT will have been alerted to the possibility of an unknown cryokinetic living in the area.

Character Sheet



Wealth Level: 7

Trust Fund Kid whose just being thrown money to be quiet and stay the fuck away from the rest of the family.

Resources include - Their parent’s modest summer home, maybe ten miles out of town. Modest here means a 3000 sq foot ‘log cabin’ with amenities like an indoor heated swimming pool, a walk in, humidity controlled wine cellar, a gun room filled with a few dozen pieces, mostly all fancy looking bolt action rifles and over-under shotguns, all of this sitting on ten acres of woods. There’s a panic room hidden in the master bedroom that houses their cape gear.

A couple ATV’s, a Ferrari that was their graduation present. A Range Rover for the other 10 months of the year.

Several thousand dollars tossed at them every month, alongside a reserve of mutual funds, CD’s and things like that. Their actual net worth is “only” in the low millions, as opposed to the billionaire status that their lifestyle implies. Most of this money is in long term financial assets like mutual funds and CDs, as well as two pre-quasi-disownment high end vehicles.

She used the majority of their free money to buy out a junk yard filled with barely functional vehicles.


Two Big Fucking Machetes! Also likely to have things like fireman’s axes, sledgehammers, crossbows etc as the situation demands. Access to enough junker vehicles that she can get around with some degree of anonymity.

Skills and Specializations

Bachelor degree from an Ivy League school in Business Management and Accounting, with a minor in Geology.

Took self defence classes as a teen. Made the fencing team at college, without any exceptional talent in the sport.

Theoretically knows how to run a business.


Competitive, has something to prove. What does that mean? It means that she’s going to prove that she can be a harder, more cutthroat businesswoman than the family could even imagine themselves being. She isn’t actually a monster, but between her upbringing and desire for power she has the motivation to intentionally emotionally compartmentalize away from a situation and the very shitty things she's willing to do. “Sorry, it’s just business.”


Trigger Type: Single Natural


When damage is caused, in addition to a generic increase to the efficacy of the attack, wisps or fog starts to form which create an area of arctic temperatures. On reaching a threshold of this mist/fog, a semi-sentient “wolf” minion is formed that is extremely dangerous. Requires ramp up and constant attacking to keep minion up, doing so successfully makes the minion stronger. Similar in practice to a “kill streak reward” - it’s about getting and keeping forward momentum.

In depth:

Attacks have an ice based element added to them, almost any attack they do will cause scars. This includes things up to vehicles they are driving, as well as projectiles. Typically this damage is seen as a mild frostburn on superficial damage such as a slap or punch, with the frost encroaching deeper into flesh on cuts and such. Inanimate objects are more deeply affected, punching a brick wall could cause ice to dig into the mortar and start to break out bits of the wall. The ice effect’s damage is flat across different surfaces and materials, a stronger material (such as a metal door) doesn’t offer increased resistance versus her strikes than if she was punching a bounce house, both will have the ice dig in just as much.

These ice-enhanced attacks cause a dramatic amount of mist and fog to roll off of them. A few strikes to knock down a wood door would be comparable to a smallish fog machine like is used at a bar concert.

As the amount of fog and ice increases, there is a dramatic shift in temperature, and an area the size of a convenience store, or a four-way intersection can have suddenly freezing cold temperatures, with mild frostbite at the tips of your nose, fingers, ear etc occurring in the order of minutes if improperly clothed. Patches of ice will form, doors will get stuck shut, water pipes will burst and other effects appropriate for an area rapidly achieving subzero temperatures will occur.

As more and more damage is done by Fimbul, the amount of fog increases and the area of subzero temperature spreads. She must be dealing constant damage via her power to her surroundings or enemies or these and all subsequent effects will recede.

In the subzero temperatures, people may see things such as a giant pair of wolf’s eyes staring at them, distant howling and growling, fleeting images of an enormous animal hidden in the fog and mist.

Eventually, when the ice has spread enough a minion will form. It’s body roils with bubbling fog and mist, merging with it at its ends. It’s face is wolflike, but it’s muzzle is far broader and squarer, bear-like. It’s fur is jagged, spiky, and pricks you like a quill if you touch it. It’s feet are a chaotic cavalcade of hooves, paws and other, stranger forms shimmering into and out of reality.

At its base form, this beast is the size of a small sports car, with jaws strong enough to slowly rip and pry open a vehicle’s doors and roof to get inside. It’s feet are strong enough to break a bone with a kick, like a horse. It’s tough, but only as much as a very large apex predator is - all thick hide and dense muscle.

She shares an instinctual connection with this beast, moving in tandem with it like they were able to communicate intent and needs between the two. She does not truly control this creature though - while she is a rational human being, this is very much a being of violence and destruction. She can guide it, and do much to restrain and bottle it, but she isn’t it’s master.

However, if Fimbulwinter can continue her assault this beast will continue to grow in all aspects of it’s power, including but not limited to defenses, strength, size. In an extreme example where she has been allowed to somehow level a city block this is a monster that could square off against the Leviathan that hit Brockton Bay and fight it to standstill - maybe even win. Her minion’s attacks count for her own.

Minor Brute Aspect, Resistance to cold. Could stand in an ice cold river up to her neck for hours and only feel ‘chilly’. Shot by a ‘freeze ray’ they’d have some minor resistance to it and be able to keep fighting longer than a standard human. Faster and more ‘complete’ healing. Can’t regrow a limb, but they’d heal a knife wound in only a few days and have barely a scar. A concussion would heal quicker and doesn’t have the long term effects that are normal.

Notes on Power: Attacks must be 'directly' hers to count, setting up a bomb to go off later or something like a fire spreading aren't 'hers' enough to fuel her power.

Can only stop the spread of things like fire in a mundane way, won't prevent someone from setting things on fire but the cold can help prevent ignition of surrounding areas. This goes away rapidly if she starts losing momentum in a fight.

Trigger type Single Natural


Zola was going to be part of a new generation of oil magnates in the family business. Power and money were to be hers. She had prepared for it her entire life, endured the power plays and maneuvering-as-a-way-of-life that the Angers clan did against each other, because she would one day be at the throne - or at least share it.

She and her brother had been taking a chartered bush plane out to inspect oil fields deep in the backwoods of Alaska when their plane had been caught in a storm, and run into a mountain. The pilot had been killed instantly, and they’d barely gotten off the mountainside before freezing to death themselves. Since then, they had been wandering, trying to find a river that might take them to civilization - four brutal days of trudging through snow drifts, of wind bitten faces, of cold, deadly cold that would take her fingers and feet and more if she wasn’t careful. And she was hungry.

They’d been lucky, yesterday finding scraps of meat on a dead rabbit, chasing off the birds that were tearing apart the last bits of flesh - they’d been able to start a small fire with the survival kit they’d pulled from the wreckage, put a few precious scraps of meat in their stomach. But she had a secret. She had a crushed, half-eaten candy bar hidden in a pocket.

Her brother trudged into the camp when she’d been eating her secret hoard of food, and it immediately turned into a fight - shouting, screaming, he tried to take the chocolate as she scarfed it down and she’d gotten a mouthful of fingers instead. She bit down, hard, and tasted blood. In a moment she realized that she’d taken the tips of his fingers off, and that she could feel the loose bits on her tongue. The world spinned, and a lifetime of anger and resentment at her family, her brother, her asshole relatives exploded out as she attacked, using nails, teeth and a rock to do her work.

By the time she was done, she realized that the body was cracking into pieces, like shattered glass. Trees limbs were snapping and shattering, their sap frozen solid. Blood was stained down her front. And a monster was there, snarling and howling…

She was rescued two days later. When her family came to some conclusions it was decided that Zola couldn’t be trusted, not after this. Money and influence were used to cover up the killing, but she was no longer really part of the family. Given money and a “summer home” where she could be safely forgotten, she was quietly disinherited.

An ambitious, angry woman with skills, money and way too much time on her hands...