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Notoriety Criminal
E /
Author /u/JellyKobold (capes)
Alignment Villain
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Born Jonas Greenville
(1952-01-12) January 12, 1952 (age 71)
Swansea, Wales
Status NPC
Residence The Crossroads, Ashton
Nationality American, Welsh
Height 2.3 m (7 ft 7 in)
Weight 1,500 kg (3,300 lb; 236 st 3 lb)
Reddit Sheet

Faust reside at the Crossroads junkyard and consider the area its territory, taking violent offense to any trespassers that doesn’t announce themselves and respect Fausts wishes while at the premises. The owner of the Crossroads junkyard, Jonas Greenville, disappeared after Faust took residence there and is feared to be Fausts first victim. The PRT have stated that there’s no direct evidence that there have been an homicide and that they will treat it as a missing people’s case until further notice. They advise people to take caution and avoid the area at all times. The Protectorate, or PRT, have yet to make direct contact with Faust.

It is rumored that a group of trespassing teens promised to never return and bother the being, and in a post on PHO one of the teens tell of physical pain manifesting at the mere thought of doing so.

Character Sheet


Faust and his pitbull Georgie

Faust is an 1.5 ton wyvern with a withers of nearly 2 meters and measure 8 meters from nose to tail. It has roughly the frame of a Majungasaurus with wings and walks like a bat on all four. An smell of ozon oozes from it’s breath.

Equipment and Resources

A decent sized junkyard, with all that it entails, but without much means to use it and a faithful pitbull named Georgie.

Skills and Specializations

Few and far between.


Has a superiority complex royale and would have a very hard time to grasp that it might’ve been outwitted. Extremely territorial and have a deep grievance with whoever would trespass unannounced or doesn’t leave when asked to. Prone to fits of rage. Likes its life quiet and calm, with an occasional respectful guest that treats it as it thinks it deserve.

It is very superstitious and claim to know where the powers come from.


Trigger type: Case 53

Can bind a person to a promise they make. Faust need to be physically present, within 10 meters, and be able to hear what they say. Considering breaking it will afterwards cause severe physical pain and strong waves of nausea. Actually breaking it makes the distress chronic for two weeks and, if they're parahumans, cuts their connection with their Shard. This disables the use of their powers for the duration of the effect.

The oaths phrasing is secondary to the intention; if one side promises to aid the other in battle any thought of bending words will cause the distress.

The maximum duration of a pact is one year, after which it needs to be renewed to have any effects. The pact can be dissolved in a similar manner to binding it if both people are present and consent to it.

Case 53 Physiology

  • Mends flesh wounds in a couple of days and broken bones in a week or two assuming it can rest properly. Continued disturbances can increase those times threefold.
  • Can fly, though not very proficiently. It needs to break into a run before lift off and lands with an impact that risk damaging asphalted surfaces. In air it has a maximum level flight speed of 40 km/h and isn't particularly agile due to it's large frame.
  • Scaly armour that's good against knifes and other sharp objects but not in any way bulletproof.
  • Fairly strong, and even more so when it can utilise it's weight. Flipping a car, tackling down a fire door or biting a tether in two is all things within its capabilities.
  • Faust's speed is fairly hindered by its unwieldy physique and it can only reach 20 km/h sprinting short distances.