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Notoriety Criminal
Author /u/Zirns (capes)
Civilian name Travis Williams
Alignment Rogue
Affiliation None (Ashton)
Status NPC
Reddit Sheet

A somewhat well-known rogue that operates a farm outside of Ashton. He is easy going and will generally accept anything he's faced with, even if it's weird cape stuff. Also grew a 500 foot Redwood tree at the city limits that he made into a lair.

Character Sheet


Travis is a tall and lean man, standing 6 feet and 3 inches. His hair is a dark brown along with matching brown eyes. Travis has skin tanned from spending much of his time outside on his farm, appropriately in the form of a farmers tan. His hands are calloused from years of farm work.

His caped alias, Farmer, is clothed in a dark green trench coat that has a multitude of pockets sewn on the inside. The trench coat is left open and unbuttoned for quick access to the pockets within. Underneath the trench coat is a normal t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, along with a utility belt that has a variety of pouches. He also wears a plain green baseball cap, and covers his eyes and face with a pair of dark sunglasses and a disposable mask, the kind one might find a sick person wearing in a hospital.

Overall Farmer’s outfit is very shabby and looks thrown-together, indicative of him being both a new cape and not a very wealthy one.

Equipment and Resources

  • Large green trench coat with many pockets
  • Utility belt filled with seeds
  • Phyllostachys bambusoides (Giant timber bamboo) shoots, pouch full
  • Toxicodendron radicans (Poison ivy) seeds, pocket full
  • Salix babylonica (Weeping willow) seeds, pouch full
  • Sequoia sempervirens (Giant redwood) seeds, x3
  • Dendrocnide moroides (Suicide plant) seeds, x5
  • Hippomane mancinella (Machineel tree) seeds, small pouch full
  • Echinocactus grusonii (Golden barrel cactus) seeds, pocket full
  • Various Liana (Wooden vine) seeds, pocket full
  • Victoria amazonica (Giant water lily) seeds, small pouch full
  • Rubus idaeus (Red raspberry) seeds, pocket full
  • Successful Farm
  • Huge (500 foot) Redwood tree near the outskirts of Ashton
  • High-tech Tinkertech elevator going up said tree

Skills and Specializations

  • Skilled farmer of ten years, very knowledgeable on agriculture and plants.
  • Physically fit from a life of labour.
  • Skilled handyman, has experience fixing many things, from vehicles to houses.
  • Home brewer, knows how to brew beer from hops.


Levelheaded and even, he accepts what comes at him and just tries to move forward. Since he started mentally relegating all weird things to 'Cape Stuff', he's become very hard to surprise.


Travis has the ability to sense the location of any ‘seeds’ (Any vessel used by a plant to reproduce, something like a bamboo shoot would still count as a seed for the purpose of his ability)within a 100m radius. Travis knows the location, health, and species of any seed within this radius. He can also receive tactile information from the seeds, being able to ‘feel’ surfaces through them, but does not receive any other senses from them (Sight, sound, taste, etc.).

Travis can influence any single seed within his range to grow at an extremely accelerated rate, and can also affect multiple seeds at once, although the growth rate is slowed the more seeds he is affecting. Travis can also place any seed in his radius in stasis, halting any further growth.

Once a plant is grown by Travis’s power and he is no longer affecting its growth, it is no longer classified as a seed, and thus is no longer detected by Travis’s seed sense and can’t be influenced by him. The plants grown by him are completely normal, except for one anomalous feature; They no longer require nutrients such as water or sunlight, and can sustain themselves perfectly even in a habitat that wouldn’t normally support them. They can still be damaged or destroyed as normal, but operate as if they were growing in ideal circumstances.


Travis Williams came to Ashton in the year of 2001, at the age of 16. He was a runaway, nothing to his name and no place to call home.

He might have stayed homeless if not for the late Earl Menningway, a local farmer who took pity on the boy and took him in at his hops farm near the outskirts of Ashton.

Travis spent the rest of his youth on that farm, working to earn his keep. He learned to details of how to run the farm, how to do things efficiently and get things done right. Travis worked on that farm with Earl for over a decade, content with the life he was leading.

Unfortunately for Travis, good times didn’t last. In late 2015 Earl passed away, and Travis’s father figure and mentor was gone. Earl didn’t have any relatives, so he left the farm and everything on it to Travis.

It was tough. Even if you’re skilled, running a farm by yourself is not an easy task, and hired help was expensive. Travis struggled to keep afloat. It was tough, trying work, but by late 2017 Travis had the farm set in a place where it was sustainable, as long as tragedy didn’t strike.

But tragedy struck.

In mid 2018, right before the harvest, Travis heard a commotion in his fields. Quickly running out to investigate, he saw what looked like a giant humanoid shark fighting against another figure, someone who was throwing around blasts of flame like a lunatic. And they were fighting in the middle of his crops.

Travis yelled. Yelled for them to stop, for them to consider what they were doing, but they seemed caught up in their own little world, the battle the only thing on their minds. Thoughts of the common folk, those who they were hurting, the consequences of their actions, didn’t seem to occur to them. Eventually Travis fell to his knees, throat raw from screaming and tears running down his face. At some point a rogue fireball had struck his shed, the shed he had built together with Earl, and decimated it.

This was it. Without this harvest he wouldn’t be able to pay all the bills for the farm. He was already so close to losing everything, this was sure to end it.

Something within him broke, and something was gained.

He didn’t even notice the new sensations at first, an increased awareness of what was around him. He simply watched as the capes fought, the shark-monster eventually getting the upper hand and escaping from the flame user, who rushed off to chase it. It didn’t matter though, his field was burned and his home was as good as gone. There was nothing he could do.

Unless, of course, some alien extra dimensional being happened to grant him a power perfectly suited for his situation. But what are the chances of that?